So i have the oneplus watch here which received a lot of negative reviews and it was quite surprising for me because i was expecting oneplus watch to be fantastic and i started using the watch. The watch did not have always on display and when a watch costing more than 10 000 rupees does not have always on display it’s, not a watch for me. It’S, just ram processor storage on my hand, and not really watched. So i was like i will wait for a software update because oneplus promise to give an always on display option with a software update and it’s already here. I use the watch after receiving that software update for a couple of days, and here are my final thoughts without wasting any time. Let’S get started. Music. First of all, uh let’s talk about the build quality. The watch feels premium to hold in hand. The watch strap is also made of really good quality. When you wear the watch uh, it feels like you are wearing a premium watch the touch and feel to the skin is get definitely gets a thumbs up from my side, the bezels on the watch a little bit bigger for my liking, but at this particular price Point i will complain. Actually i will complain. The bezel should have been slightly smaller, considering this watch will cost you 15 000 rupees in the indian market, but overall build quality and looks wise. The watch does look good.

There is nothing special or out of the world in the watches design. This is similar to any other circular shaped watch that you get in the market. Next up, we are going to talk about the software, and this is where things are interesting, because the device does not come with watchos. It comes with real time os, which is supposed to be less resource heavy and it does not uh consume lot of resources because of which it gives you a lot of battery life, but it will not allow you to add third party applications. It does not have a lot of features which watch os has, and that was one of the biggest gripes when it comes to all these negative reviews, because there is no watches and i have to agree with them not having watch os means you cannot install any Third party application from play store. You cannot reply to notifications with your uh specific reply that you want to do. Maybe you can do that with real time os, but that’s not present on the oneplus watch. As of shooting this video, there are bunch of uh pre applied replies that you can select from, but that’s applicable only for few applications such as whatsapp or telegram, and couple of more applications that’s pretty much it that you can do with the notification, not just that. You cannot swipe away a single notification. This notifications do not sync with your phone meaning. If you delete all the notifications from your watch, they will not go away from the phone and, if you swipe all the notifications from your phone, they will not go away from the watch now when it comes to watch os uh.

That thing does happen and that’s always a plus point, because if i do not want to watch a single notification twice on my watch and on my phone as well so that’s, something which oneplus needs to figure out how to do on rtos that’s, the real time Os and i hope they figure that out pretty soon, but when it comes to receiving notifications, i can quickly check who has texted me, but it will also show me the other 20 30 messages that are there, which i have not cleared from the watch uh, but It will show me the latest one as well when it comes to calls. This is where things are extremely good. I can pick up the call from my watch talk on my watch reply from my watch when it comes to a call. I can call someone from my watch speak with them on my watch without picking up the phone, not just that, but i can also dial a number and call someone with my watch now. This is not lte watch, so your phone needs to be connected to the watch all the time in order to call someone receive calls or uh do anything on calls basically, but that’s all for a lot of people. This is going to be a huge plus point that you can call or receive calls on the watch itself. So if you are planning to buy the watch for that particular purpose, then the watch becomes sufficiently loud to be used in the indoors condition.

If you go on the road, then it’s very difficult to hear what the person is saying. I did not try that by going on road, but i can definitely tell you that, because in the in those conditions, i know what the maximum loudness of the speaker is, but the microphone quality is pretty good. My friends were not able to differentiate between my phone and the microphone from the oneplus watch itself. So call quality definitely gets a huge thumbs up. Next up. We are going to talk about the always on display, which was enabled after a software update, and after that i was like yeah now. This is a proper watch because i want to have always on display, because it’s a watch watch should show time first and then do everything else, and now it shows me time, no matter if i lift the watch or not or whether the watch is sitting on The table now always on display means that it will also consume a lot of battery. A lot of people were happy about the battery life. Like seven days 10 days, battery life can be achieved on this watch. With always on display turned on. You can expect to drain about 25 to 30 percent of battery in one single day, meaning you can get about four days of battery life let’s go with. If you are very heavy on your watch users, then you may get about three days, but you can go up to five days of battery life with always on display and that’s a huge plus point.

In my opinion, if you are someone who wants always on display, like literally always and uses the watch at the maximum brightness possible, so three days of battery life, that’s minimum five days of battery life that’s maximum with always on display. The watch also comes with steps counter. There are multiple sports mode that you can enjoy. The watch also has spo2 sensor. Gps plus sp, auto sensor and sp2 sensor, will measure your blood oxygen level, which is really important right now, so don’t go out to how the gps is but use sp02 to measure your oxygen levels. Continuous. The watch comes with oled display and that’s. Always a plus point, because you can have always on display feature and when it comes to maximum brightness possible minimum brightness possible no complaints over here i used the watch as a flashlight when i did not have my phone on me at the nighttime, and i was Able to figure out which thing is where so that i can move around in my house, and that says a lot about the display quality and the viewing angles are amazing, no complaints whatsoever – and i guess that brings me to the price point – fifteen thousand rupees. Now there are watches by amis feed, which i have personally used, such as amaze speak gtr 2e, which is about 12 13 000 rupees watch and couple of other misfit watches at the 10 000 rupees price point. Some of these watches also support call functionality.

So, basically, all the things which are present in the oneplus watch. You can get those same things in a cheaper price tag and, with slightly better looks, i would say, because of the thinner bezels than oneplus watch and if that’s, something which is your priority, then those watches are definitely a great choice. But one thing which i noticed about the oneplus watch is the performance. Oneplus said that this will be a fast watch and surprisingly, the watch is fast, no matter what i do going through multiple applications. There are not a lot of applications as such, but while using the misfit gtr 2e, i was able to see a slight lag. I mean i won’t that’s not deal breaker as such, but oneplus watch was noticeably fast in my opinion and uh that’s. Always a plus point – and i guess that’s pretty much it for this particular video. What do i think about this? What should you buy this, or should you not? If you have one plus uh phone in your uh household – and you want one plus watch, then obviously this is a good one. The watch should have been priced at 12 to 13 000 rupees. Then it would have been an instant recommendation from my side, but the watch is at 15 000 rupees, which makes it a little bit difficult in my opinion. But the watch did become better and oneplus did add features with a software update, but that’s not really a good sign.

Considering you have to wait for software updates to get the features on your watch. Those features should be present while you buy the watch and while you unbox the watch, and even if you buy it in the first cell itself – and i guess that’s pretty much it for this particular video. Overall i would say i was happy with the watch. The price should have been little bit lesser, though, if you enjoyed this video, give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and press the bell icon so that you get notified next time. I upload a video like this one, so yeah.