So if you don’t already know about oneplus, you should, as they are trying to enter the higher flagship market, with the light for the samsung galaxy s7 on ultra and the iphone 12.. Recently, though, they have – and this is with the oneplus 9 pro under 5g variant – which you can also watch my review down below in the description so it’s – definitely not a surprise that this is their first smartwatch, which we should have high expectations for right. Well, that’s. Just on the hardware, as you’ll see all right first off just to get this out of the way the price of the oneplus watch is 179 pounds. So this is nearly half the price of the apple watch series 6 and the galaxy watch free, which should have been its competitors but really isn’t. The oneplus watch comes in just one size, a 46 millimeter watch face but can fit around the arm with different fans. Comes with one gigabyte of ram and four gigabytes of storage for music and absolutely ever bring the app store to the oneplus watch. The hardware is solid, though the touchscreen is 1.’ inches. Oled display covered with sapphire glass, which, according to j rig everything sci fi, should only start scratching at level 8 and normal glass at level 6.. So this should be a tough display. You can also check out his channel down below in the description as well. The screen is plenty bright, but there is no always on display, which is drawback to my expectations and there’s, not even a tap to wake, even though every other smartwatch has the option to but it’s also nice to see the little oneplus logo on one of the Two buttons on the side, the raised away, feature doesn’t work as well, but on the other side, the internals, the heart rate and the blood oxygen sensor, work well, there’s, also a few other sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyroscopes and gps, to help track activities such as Swimming as there is an ip68 waterproof rating for workouts and almost 110 plus workout type, there is no rotating bezel like the clamps and galaxy watch 3 or digital crown, like the apple watch series, 1 to 5 and no wireless charging.

I mean why isn’t that just a basic feature, but to make up for it with their warp charging technology the watch charges up in just 20 minutes and gives you up to 14 days of battery life, which is impressive for the 402 million power battery which powers The watch with not that much features. Finally, the one plus watch comes in three different colors four styles, such as classic midnight, black moonlight silver and a special cobalt limited edition now onto the features which you’ll see is a disappointment. So, first off the waffle swatch runs on the oneplus watch operating system which isn’t as open source like the google’s watch os, but it’s, pretty bold for them to make their own operating system. There are some times where you might not see or can do much with notification. You can’t view emojis on the watch directly and it doesn’t even provide you with a lot of response and they aren’t, even customizable updates, do take way too long to install and there’s. No digital voice assistant on board as a result of what feels like unfinished or brushed firmware, but to give it to them, they are planning to improve with features and fix bugs and glitches. With the latest update at the time of recording the oneplus watch b, .48 update, which adds a lot of functions, the oneplus watch would have a lot to offer with firmware but lactose software, which actually is a disappointment. But i can’t provide a review on the basis that these missing features would have been added during a software update but hey if you still want to go out and buy the watch go ahead.

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