Today i have with me the brand new oneplus watch. This is the first watch from oneplus and well. The package is typical: oneplus, so let’s go ahead and box this device and take a first look at it Music. This is the first smartwatch from oneplus, and the packaging is typical of what you can expect from oneplus, where red box is what you get now. The box does mention the pricing at the back, so it mentions 16 999 rupees, but we know that currently uh. There is an introductory offer price of 14 999 rupees, so let’s go ahead and box the oneplus watch and take our first look Music. As you can see, this is plus watch Music. It’S got a circular dial here. You’Ve also got a couple of accessories: a quick start guide, warranty, information, red cable club card and that’s. All that you get in this, so let’s put that aside, let’s check what else do we get in the box, the tiny flap here, and that is the charger. So, as you can see, this charging brick has got two pins and you’ve got a full size, usb type, a port one plus branding on the charge as well. Two pogo pins there full size usb i’m gon na keep the charger aside. Well, there’s. Nothing else in the box, so i’m gon na keep that aside and let’s take a look at the watch. The one at the bottom is the power button, let’s power it on.

So, as you can see, one plus this is the boot animation that you see on it and let’s dive straight into setup Music. So now that the watch is paired, let’s talk about the watch right up front. You’Ve got a 1.’ inch. Amoled display and you’ve got fluoro elastomer straps, which feel really soft to the touch. You also have a tiny loop at the top, which kind of reminds me of the apple watch, it’s quite easy to use so let’s go ahead and see how it feels Music it’s. Very easy to strap the watch on the wrist, not too big. Now, if you have big hands like mine, it’s, almost a good size. Now there are two versions of the watch: there’s the oneplus watch classic and a special cobalt limited edition Music. The classic has got two color options. The one that i have here is midnight black and there’s another one called moonlight silver. Now, in terms of hardware that you get on the watch, it’s got heart rate, sensors, blood, oxygen level, it’s got, can also measure stress and it has got pogo connectors at the back, which should help charging the battery on this watch very quickly. Now, given the size of the watch, the battery capacity does seem decent. The oneplus says that the watch has a 402 milliamp hour battery now oneplus claims that the watch is capable of about a day worth of use by charging it just for five minutes, or you can charge it for 20 minutes and get a week worth of usage Out of it now that is what the specs of it looks like, but i will be testing out it in the full review now, there’s, also gps in built on the watch, which is something nice, which means that you can take the watch with you when you’re Out for a walk without taking the phone and use the gps on the phone to measure distance accurately on it in terms of the inbuilt storage, the oneplus watch has 4gb of internal storage, out of which you get about 2gb of storage for your use.

So you should be able to store a couple of songs and you can use bluetooth headphones because it has bluetooth 5 connectivity, so you can use a pair of wireless headphones and listen to music directly from the watch Music. Now it doesn’t feel very bulky wearing it. Music, the oneplus watch is ip68 rated for dust and water resistance, it’s, also water resistant up to 5 atm of pressure it’s a good thing now. The watch uses 22 mm straps, so these are replaceable. As you can see, it’s got release clips at the back, which you can remove without using any particular tools in terms of button placements. You’Ve got two buttons on the right Music. The one is the power button and the other one will pull up the menu and on the left. It seems bare, but right at the bottom, you’ve got the speaker Music. So there is a speaker on board and you should be able to take calls on the watch directly. The speakers on the left of the device, so that was a quick unboxing and your first look at the oneplus watch now i’m gon na cover the watch in detail in the full review. But i am gon na answer a few of the questions that you might have. First, what is powering the oneplus watch now? It does not have one processor, it has three and what software is it running on now, if you’re wondering where os you’re wrong, it is running rtos.

Now, how do i know that? Well, a oneplus product manager actually posted this on the oneplus forum, so this information is pretty legit. The third question well the pricing, and that is something that oneplus has already given to us, and that is 14999 rupees.