. So i was able to spend some time with the smartwatch and today we’re going to go through all the quirks and features that the smartwatch offers kicking things off with the price you’ll be surprised that it only costs 20 us dollars so that’s, roughly somewhere around 80. Malaysian ringgit for a smartwatch with such a price. It packs a lot more features than it should have so let’s talk about the exterior of the smartwatch. It weighs around 38 grams, so that’s fairly, very light. It has a 1.4 inch lcd display and it runs on bluetooth 5.0. The strap that is provided in the smartwatch is removable, so you’re able to swap with another strap that probably is of the same size. The one that is provided is a breathable silicone strap but, in my opinion, it’s slightly cheap in terms of quality and materials. The overall interface of the watch exterior is very premium and, of course, i really enjoy the gunmetal gray, color so being ip68. Rated means that you can have a ease of mind when you go swimming showering or you know, being under the rain. The smartwatch 2 can handle almost all the sports activities. As for the battery it’s, a pretty small one but it’s able to last you up to 20 days and if you’re, not an active user, it can last up to 30 days on standby. It has a proprietary connector to usb. So if you lose this, then there is no other possible way to charge the watch on the back of the smartwatch 2.

It comes with an optical heart rate sensor. There is an option to monitor your heart rate 24, 7 throughout the day, but there’s also. You can also turn that off and to choose to monitor your heart rate whenever you want to so i guess the main reason you would use the smartwatch 2 is to monitor your sports and activities to see how your overall performance is. So there are 12 different sports modes so that it’s able to track each activity. More specifically, it will show you, the duration, that you have been working out, your heart rate and also the amount of calories that you have burned so far. So everything from indoor running to integrated training, weight, training, all the different kind of sports – they are all supported. The watch itself also acts as a pedometer, so it is able to track the amount of steps that you walk in a day. Not only that, and just like any other watch, it can also act as a stopwatch now, besides sports, the smartwatch 2 is also able to monitor your sleep. It can identify whether you had a peaceful sleep throughout the entire night, whereby it records the different intervals of your deep sleep, and it helps you understand your sleep status better. I know a lot of people out. There are really concerned with their sleep quality, but, to be honest, a cup of coffee will solve everything now, just when you think that the smartwatch 2 has finished, there are more functions to it.

It supports push notifications, so it’s able to identify incoming calls messages and even line notifications from let’s, say, whatsapp telegram and so on so say. For example, if you have schedule a meeting and if you have a notification from that, it will also prompt you on the smart watch. It has a sedentary reminder. So if you’re sitting too long, it will prompt, you to you, know, take a walk and i think that’s really useful at a time where everyone is working from home. Now, just like some of the premium smart watches in the market, the gyrometer in the smartwatch 2 is able to identify when you race the watch to your face. Therefore, it only lights up when you’re looking at your phone, and it also saves battery. In this sense, you can also use the smartwatch 2 as a device to look for your smartphone if you do misplace it. So, in conclusion, i think this is an amazing watch for an amazing price. So, of course, it supports both platforms, ios and android, and the amount of features that is packed in this smartwatch 2 is honestly way worth for the amount of price that you’re paying. So that is my take on halo’s smart watch. 2. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Please be sure you leave a comment in the comment section box below. Let me know what you think of this smart watch. Are you going to get it? Thank you everyone.

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