This is normal here and in this video we will be talking about a new smartwatch from oppo. This is called the oppo watch free, so this was announced in india for a price of five triple and that six thousand rupees and it comes with host of features so in this video well be uh. Checking out the features how good the performance is uh. It has a lot of features, including advanced sleep, tracking, uh, spo, to measurement heart rate tracking, then uh 14 day battery life, so its a well liked watch and the pricing is around 6000 rupees, so lets see how it performs so before getting started. If this is your first time on, this channel do hit the red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So this is the box package and you can see here, oppo watch free is mentioned and you can see the image of the watch and uh the back of the box. That doesnt have much of the specification you can see here: uh 5 atm water resistant and 5 volt 500 milliamp uh charging and uh. We get a 230 mah battery uh inclusive or strap its around 20. nine grams uh. I mean exclusive straps. So together it might be slightly higher and um thats thats, all in the box package, so its black color so lets open this, and i will show you the watch.

So this is the watch, so lets just take this out and there you go and inside the box you can see. There is a charger and uh. You can see here charger and then you also get a manual and warranty information. So this is the two pin charger its a magnetic charger which you can latch on to the watch and you can charge using your laptop or any power bank as well. So lets now talk about the watch, so this is the watch uh the oppo watch free uh. We get a 1.64 in just a display, its a long display – and you can see here its a slightly curved display on the top so thats. The 2.5 d curve display now the strap quality, looks good, its its a kind of different strap. Actually, the material finishing looks good its a matte finish and feels really nice, especially the design, looks good. The material quality, especially the plastic quality, looks good its made of silica material, and that looks really good. Actually here also, you can see that it does provide a grip now. The back has all the sensors for heart rate monitoring and i also get the charging port here. So this is the charging. Now you can remove the straps as well. You can go for interchangeable straps, so you can easily remove the strap as well so thats uh. The options at the back so the material quality and the watch quality definitely looks really nice, its a solid finish out there and if you look at that, display now lets talk about the display.

So this is a 1.64 inches amoled display it has a dci, p3 color gamut of 100 percentage and 326 pixels per inch, and you can see that it has a 2.5 d curve glass, so overall display quality is definitely good. The touch response is good. Its a vibrant display, because its an emulate panel, its a very vibrant and crisp display, the touch response feels very smooth and even the overall software response looks really good. So display quality is one of the best in this price segment, so its an emulated display giving a good, deep, blacks and colors are also really vivid so thats. The display aspect now talking about the build quality, as i said before, its a really strong build quality, and it feels really a solid. Actually, it does give a good feel altogether to the strap and overall material quality if youre satisfied with whatever oppo has offered on this watch now lets talk about the software experience so its a custom software, unlike the oppo watch, launch couple of years back, which is An android wear watch: this is not a android wear its a custom software. So this is the home screen. You can change the watch face now from the top side. We have these uh cube, toggles, so theres a touch. We have different colors for torch. You can see here black white red options. Are there then you get that do not disturb mode. Then you can increase the screen.

Brightness there is automatic screen brightness. Then you also get the option to go to settings so that will come back in a while. Then, if you swipe from the right side, you can see here the activity, tracker, the staley steps tracking and you can see the details. You have the option to see the calories burned, exercise time. Then you can see the details here. All the details are available in the watch itself, its very good and detailed reports. Then you can see the sleep tracking. This is one of the important aspect, because sleep tracking is very accurate. Well again, talk about that in depth. Then now you can see the heart rate. Continuous heart rate, monitoring blood oxygen level also is a continuous monitoring. Then, if you swipe from the left, you can see the different modes, the exercise mode. There are 100 plus workout modes available, then exercise log, sleep, tracking blood, oxygen level, heart rate, daily activity, weather timer, alarm, stopwatch drink water notification is there which is very important and then camera control, flashlight and settings. Then, if you swipe from the bottom, you can see all the notifications so thats how the watch looks like now lets talk about the features once again, so sleep tracking. So this is one of the important aspects, because sleep tracking is really important and adequate sleep for any person is very important, and this allows you to get more detailed about your sleep, the light sleep, the deep sleep and awake.

How many? How much hours you are awake, then? There is also uh if you are snoring during sleep. That is also measured using the phone and combined using the app and the watch. It also can record your snoring activity, which you can actually disable. If you dont want, then, in terms of sleep tracking uh, it provides a good information about whether your sleep was good and you can actually see sleep cycle. Then sleep time. All those details are there and it actually, once you connected with the app it actually provides you details about how good the sleep was, whether you need to improve if youre comfortable with the sleep uh, whether you want to change it. So all those things you can actually uh measure using this watch – and this is very good – actually sleep tracking is very accurate. Actually, we found that we actually tested this uh with our sleep patterns and it was very accurate, now blood, oxygen level. Once again, this is one of the features which is gaining importance, uh in our day to day life because uh after the covet pandemic. This is one important aspect, and this measures are pretty good, actually uh, although i wouldnt suggest you to use this because this is not a medical equipment. So if you want to completely and accurately measure it venture to get uh, uh uh, the uh spo2 measurement device uh, but uh, if you want to get an indicative idea, this is good.

This actually accurate, more or less accurate. We tested with uh the medical equipment, and it found it to be pretty good heart rate. Monitor is something which is really important again. You get really accurate results on this as well again, we compared it with uh the pulse oximeter and it was giving me almost accurate results here as well. So heart rate monitoring is also really good. Now, apart from that, you also get uh the different exercise mode. There is also four five accessories which out it automatically detects. If youre doing, then there are plenty of workout modes. Almost a hundred plus workout modes are there, so you can uh, you can choose your workout modes based on whatever workout you do uh. You can see here marathon is a walking uh jumping cycling, a swimming uh, elliptical rowing machine, so uh cricket yoga lot of exercises. Are there, so you can plan it accordingly, then another feature is uh, which you call the drink water feature. This is very important, especially for people who forget drinking water, because drinking water is one of the important things a person should do, because water is very important for the body and seldom in our life. We forget about drinking water because our hectic life schedules, so this is one important aspect because you can see here. You can set your goal for the day, how much liters you want or milliliters you want, and for each time it remember reminds you of drinking water.

You can actually set how much ml you have drunk so 50 ml 100 ml, and you can see here, others you can set, and it will remind you that you can see here how much of how much percentage of the gold you have been set. This is very important because personally, this very important feature for me because uh i often forget that drinking water and after i started using this watch, it was reminding me often not to drink water and, as a result, i was uh making it happy to drink water. So thats one important aspect that this drink water feature is not available in a lot of watches and oppo watch. Has this feature so thats very useful? Then now you have the camera control and the flashlight option. So in settings you can actually see that there is a screen display. If you want to raise to lit up double tap to lit up, then auto screen option is there auto brightness is also available. Then other options like do not disturb mode, also included, so the interface is quite uh good and works pretty well so thats the uh features available now steps tracking. So this is one of the important thing which most of us, uh keep tracking of, and steps counting is very accurate, actually uh. We actually counted our steps along with this and found this to be very, very accurate. One of the really good watches where the step stacking was really accurate.

So if you want a uh, a smart watch which has pretty good accurate tracking, this is one of those uh in this price segment. Now, apart from that, you can also customize the watch face. Just press and hold you can change the watch face. There are a few of them available here itself now. This watch also comes with an app called heytab health, its a watch or rather app from oppo, and you can see here once connected. You can see the heart rate monitoring, so it plots the details you can see for a week month year. So all the detailed information is there, so sleep tracking, very important. Actually, so you can see here uh overall assessment. Quality 93 is the assessment quality. Your sleep was sound if youre satisfied with the sleep, please continue following the sleeping, so it actually measures the sleep, and that gives you a score right now. My score is around 93 uh. So this is the assessment based on the sleep tracking and this patterns. You can also set sleep schedules and also access breathing problems if any uh based on your sleep pattern. So this is very important aspect. Then you can also measure the uh, spo2 and workouts also can be set here. So these are the options. Then you have the watch faces here. So if you go here, you can see, there are plenty of watch faces available, custom ones and you can also use your own uh photos or ai outfit to actually match the watch faces according to your outfit.

So just upload a photo of your outfit and then it will customize your watch faces based on that outfit. Then you we have plenty of options to download. So you can see here. There are plenty of watch faces to download and sing with your app so thats. The app notifica watch faces then now you can see here. Notifications can be set for messages. We chat a lot of applications. Are there whatsapp? Is there facebook? So you can get uh notifications for calls messages and uh other options are there? Then we have the other details like updates and feedback, so thats the app and it performs pretty well so lets now wear the watch and show you so now ive owned the watch and you can see here it fits perfectly and overall quality of the watch is Again, a really good thats, one area where we actually like the watch the fit and finish the comfort aspect, looks really good and if youre looking for a watch which doesnt compromise on any feature or uh, you want a really accurate measurement. Then oppo watch free is a really good investment. Now the battery life is around 14 a day, so thats two weeks of battery life on this watch. Now, if you are a casual user light usage, then you get somewhere around 12 to 14 days. But if you are a moderate user, you can still get 10 days of battery life, which is really good.

And if you are a heavy user uh, if you do a lot of workouts and if you have a lot of notifications uh, you can still get around the five days of battery life, which is pretty good. So battery life is something which is pretty good on this device. So overall, if youre looking for a good watch which doesnt have any major compromises in the 5000 to 6000 price segment uh, this is something which is really good. Probably only downside i felt was like there is no gps inbuilt gps on this watch, but even otherwise it is pretty good in terms of features whatever features, it is being offered a couple of things which are we really like the tracking the sleep tracking? Then the values which it returns is more or less accurate, thats more important than having a truckload of features with no accuracy level. So this is one way arch which impressed us on multiple counts, especially in terms of tracking and accuracy it offered. So that is our experience with the oppo watch free at fighter 9. It does offer great value and if youre looking for a watch in the 5 to 6k segment, we recommend the oppo watch free, so thats it for this video.