I unboxed a while ago the oremo smart, uh accessories products, this one’s commonly known as two by buy headphones, but they’re really called the three parts ii, and this is the temple w 2 smart watch. They both promise to give you great value, uh excellent quality, but i will tell you if that’s true or not roll the intro Music first up let’s talk about smartwatch before to get into that. Let me do a quick reminder, so oremo orimo or whatever it is, is not a yoruba or a local company. That makes you know smart accessories, no it’s. Actually chinese it’s part of the transient group i’ve said that in another video, but the transient group is it’s. A big company in china that makes uh phones like techno and itel, so i guess that that just brings it home for you. So this isn’t a you know some backwater company making cheap products. This is actually a big conglomerate, so they’ve decided to design it. This way – and i guess the confusion would come from seeing too faced, who is the brand ambassador on most of their products, because they’re just trying to localize the content so that you don’t worry that this is just a random product i shouldn’t pay for. But let me tell you my experience with the tempo w 2 smartwatch. Okay, yeah let’s start with the pros. Why not let’s start with the good stuff stuff? I like battery life is awesome right, it’s, 20 days.

It says 20 days on the box. It probably did more in real life. I swear to god, so i ran the watch. I just kept running it for a whole month and i was using the watch kept testing the features um, which leads me to the second feature. It says ip67 water resistant, but i swam with the watch for four hours. My kid wouldn’t get out the pool and i forgot i had to watch on so i was just soaked uh. When i came out. I thought it was dead for sure because the screen wouldn’t come on, but after about an hour or so it came back on so that waterproofing is there not don’t, take my word for it to say: go, throw your stuff in the water for four hours, but At least it did save the watch from dying, so that’s that’s, another positive in terms of design, it’s, modern design, it’s circular um, you know, and it can work as a workout watch or or if you’re going for a casual wear that works too. They do have versions with squirkle like the apple design, if that’s, what you’re into but i’m more of a circular design guy. In this end, this works for me watch faces it. Has a few watch faces here and there, but nothing too fantastic, but i guess we’re talking about positives and it does fitness tracking ish. It does fit in striking they say ish, the future is there, it does work to some degree.

Heart rate monitor is in there as well, especially for the price you’re paying. For this thing, i think that’s a lot that’s a lot of good things. Some of the cons, the build quality, the minute you hold it. You know it’s not as premium as your samsung galaxy or your or your apple watch right. The plastic feels really plasticky. The screen is not as bright when compared, i think it’s. The lcd screen on an amoled screen the watch faces are not that many in the app store and speaking of the app store there’s an app called the joyware 2, which you have to download to run this thing, it is buggy as hell, i’m. Sorry, at least when i tried it and i updated it, it’s still buggy and i mean buggy. You have dropped bluetooth connections, for example. Sometimes the messages don’t come across when you try to when you pair them with your smart device. Sometimes it sends you the message. Late, even if it does come across and a host of other weird bugs that come through, but all in all the fundamentals do work. You can’t, you can’t, make a call on the watch. You can’t it doesn’t doesn’t, have a microphone or anything like that, but it does work at the basics again for the price you’re getting this, for, i think it’s a decent bargain, especially if you don’t have 160 or 200 dollars to go blue on a smart watch.

You can spend that 15k less than 30 bucks dollars on this watch and it has a cradle charger. I got to show you this charger for you to understand what i mean by build, so the cradle is again. It feels backus right, but it’s practical. You literally clamp the watch in here it’s, not going anywhere, you lock it in there and then you, you know, it’s a usb, a port, and that way they don’t need to waste money on magnets, and that brings down the cost of the watch. But it is functional and once you charge it again, you don’t have to worry about charging it for at least a month, or so, at least in my experience, but the design um from a distance. No one can say you are wearing a cheap watch. They can’t tell you just can’t tell except except you’re, just a cheap guy like me, and then they’ll double check you, but if you’re decently dressed, then you wear this watch with the right watch face. This will pass. This will do the job so that’s. My general. Take i recommend it if you’re looking for a cheap, smart watch, it does work. Okay, if you want more premium something that works well in terms of functionality, heart rate monitoring, if you’re in for the full fitness tracking don’t, buy it because it’ll fill you in some instances. But if you just want a smart watch to get your messages every now and then just for the fancy, then this is your go to not much of a recommendation but that’s that’s.

My word and i’m sticking with it and that’s that for the watch. Moving on to tuba buzz headphones or the three parts too, as they’re, officially known, okay, let’s jump into the other part of the arena accessory review. These are the three parts too, or, as most people call them two of us earpods again, they’re, not two by buzz. Earpods he’s, the brand ambassador would be great if you didn’t own them, though no beef, but you just got ta pay attention. We’Ll tell you how these sounds last. Let me tell you how i feel about everything else from the outside of the box. This box is well packaged, i mean it looks better than some some international packs. The presentation is just nice right. It makes you feel like you’re, paying for something premium and then you’ve got the pot out and all the accessories in the house and the little box on the side. I just think it makes sense all right um. Yes, that is the case yeah. It looks familiar. Hey got ta, look like something i guess uh, but it’s, not wireless doesn’t have wireless charging straight off the boxes. You’Ve got to plug it in and with a little micro, usb micro, not usb c so it’s still a bit detailed in terms of that technology. When you open them, they do have well there’s an indicator here. That shows you how much power you have when you’re charging it and but there are no indicators on inside there and then in terms of design.

They carry the original earpods design, really awful ones. I’M. Sorry, if i might add, i didn’t like the original design, because i got it in here. It didn’t seem like the wire got chopped off it’s just hanging right there. I was never a fan of that which is which is unminus for me in terms of the design, but they are comfortable, no doubt so i’m thinking aesthetically here, but in terms of comfort they are comfortable. I was gon na get to that. So, while they’re comfortable not exactly well secure, i managed to flip them out every now and then, but i guess, it’s, just the design of my ear, because again these designs don’t come with ear tips. So if you’re in the right position, they could fall out if you’re looking so just in case you’re, trying to use them to work out. Keep that in mind that if your ear canal is as wide as mine chances are, they will fall out if you’re running that’s not going to happen with me i’m, not running anywhere. It says it’s ready to pair right here that’s why it’s flashing the way it is and when it does pair, you hear two faces voice on the inside. It goes uh connected like he’s about to open a song. You know, but it’s two faces voiced the first time. I heard it really jarred me like it’s, not nope. He says a lot of other things. So if you wan na hear you’re gon na have to buy these to go through the emotions with him um in terms, i think that’s it generally for build quality when it comes to audio yeah.

So it has a 13 millimeter driver which delivers decent sound, especially in the mid stage area when you’re playing highs and you go too deep. Uh, when you’re having a really strong base, they start to shutter a bit and they can thin out very quickly if you’re, not if you’re, not careful, you try to max out the volume right so it’s not going to give you fantastic, sound, no way, but it’ll Give you good sound, it’s, decent all right. You can hear it shrilling again at some of the eyes and you will lose a lot of the bass. They try to give you some fake, deep bass but it’s. Okay, it’s, not sony it’s, not samsung, but it’s. Okay about battery life, this thing will last three and a half hours on a full charge right, uh, not very long in comparison to the flagship versions out there, but the case does let you charge it six times over so that’s fairly decent. If you’re going on a long journey, i think that’s more than enough in terms of the ergonomics and comfort like i said before, it affects the controls. So the case does tell you these things work independently, which is true to a limit, but to take volume up and down. You need them both because they control the different so like, for instance, to go up. You got ta tap three times on the right to go down. You got ta tap three times on the left.

Uh uh skip tracks is like a tap and a half and play and pause double tap, so there’s there’s a tiny learning curve in there and it’s a little wonky that your volume controls on different ears with taps for that no less, instead of holding it down, Which a bit a bit more natural, but again you get what you pay for. So in general. I think the case feels premium, even though it is cheap, ish, i’m, not saying 10k that’s in case it’s cheap, but it if you just put on the table alongside your other earpods that you bought for way more. It will stand the look test, the aesthetic test. I think it passes it very well and the fact that he has two face on it. I think he’s thought it through that just looks good enough to have my face on this brand. If you can live with the one controls battery life, i think the price is worth it. I think it’s a decent, a recommendation. In my opinion, the the base driver is not great, but it will give you decent sound, so yeah it’s a go for. If you get, if you’re not looking to spend too much money, definitely recommend it and that’s it. Let me know what your experience has been uh with the oremo arrival. I don’t know what the pronunciation is in the comments below don’t forget to like and subscribe.