Here it is absolutely here the reviews ready and I held off until I could negotiate a really good discount for you guys and if you want to pick this ring up and use this link. 50 bucks you'll get 50 off your purchase, that's right or a ring. Comm slash partners, slash mr. tix. All lowercase enter the horror ring world using that link and when you're ready to purchase and put it in your cart and hit, go you're gon na get 50 discount off of any of the horror rings. You choose you ready. Are you ready here we go once again or a ring comm slash partners, slash mr. tix 50 bucks here we go today today is today. Is the day greetings and welcome to SmartWatch ticks were a youtube channel on the web? At smart watch ticks calm, dedicated to smart watches. Oh, I know it's, not a watch and everything wearable technology wise how you like that? Okay, this is it you've seen it on mr. ticks. Fingers it's been there so long that it's embossed in my finger, we'll talk about sizing and what that all means in just a moment Wow I feel naked with it off it's really strange. This has been with me for, like four months, you've seen it in just about every video I've done since I've had it, and it is incredible, it is a technology node. It collects profound data from my body and transfers it over to an app and from there.

I can get it into a computer. I can do deep analysis of what's going on look at this thing. Can you see all the the sensors and there there's thing that shoot infrared light in my body, there's there's microchips, there's, thermometer, there's other type of I mean it just goes on and on from a fitness perspective, you see there's kind of three bumps on the inside It'S, more or less smooth on the outside, you see right up here: there's kind of a little flat area, that's one of their top designs and then there's. Another design just comes to one point, so you have like either two points or one point you're decide which one you like having had this one for a while and having a challenge in rotating it to get it just right. I think if I did it again, I'd go with the one that just has one little fold on it, so it's really easy to tell where that is and position it on my finger, the right way. So all of these little goodies are pointed on the downside. On the inside side right here, but it works no matter which way you put it. It just would be nice to be able to put it that way. Let me talk a little bit about this. We'Ve got on these different sensors and what they've been talking about – and it seems to be true – is that on your finger, when it's really close in here, watch this now I'm going to push it over it's a tight fit on me when they're the sensors are Right up here, next to the blood flow going through my finger, it doesn't move around as much, and it actually is a better fit for getting the data than it is.

When you wear a band that slides around a watch on your on your wrist that's. Trying to deal with light coming in the sides – and goodness knows what movement this holds in here, really nicely now: you've seen it in so many videos, but I haven't like really just shown it off so tada there. It is. This is the aura band. Oh, you are a the aura band. This is the Box, not the box that the ring came in, but this is the box. You start with let's go through the process. First thing you got to do is decide. You'Re gon na relax and you're gon na be patient and you're gon na do things right and the right thing to do is first to figure out what size you need now. You may know your size, nine, ten, ten and a half, something like that. Maybe you're. Five: five and a half six, if you're a lady, you got to decide what finger you're ultimately gon na wear it on yeah yeah. I got to be careful on video. What fingers I point there! We go! How about those, or maybe that one well for me, it's the ring finger on the other side, because mrs. sticks has that one reserved. So this is where I decided to put mine. You need to know the ring finger size of the finger you're going to use. You could do that with a standard sizing thing at a store, a jeweler or something or maybe you already have a ring that fits that finger well, that's, all fine and good.

But remember I showed you, those bumps that are on the inside and when you look at it, it's kind of a little thick it's, not like super thick, but it's got a bit of thickness to it. So you're gon na want to make sure your size is right. So when you close, your fingers you're not going to crush your hand if it's too big and it flops all around. Also you don't want it so tight that you can't, take it off mister tics! May be a little small but I've heard it's best to air a little on the small side so that it's gon na fit nicely on here. You certainly don't want to fling this one off and let it go shattering, not when you're paying good money for it. So the first thing you're gon na, do when you set up and you decide you're gon na buy one of these – is you order it? And you say I don't know my size. I want the kit, the kit. This is the kit. They will mail. You yeah. I know it's gon na set you back a couple of weeks for doing all this, but it's the right way to do it. They'Re gon na mail, you this box haha, I always love doing unboxings it's the horror sizing kit and when you open this thing up put it the right way, you find inside a whole bunch of rings. These are exactly the same as what we're looking at in real life, only they are miniaturized and then they're set to the different ring sizes.

So, for example, I am and 11 that is – and it says right here – 11 and it's made out of plastic and it's got the three bumps in it and you can pop it on and align it and twist it and feel what it feels like. How does it look, how does it feel it's gon na feel awkward at first, I guarantee you that it's a little bit strange but wear it, wear it for a day or two try it with a different one yeah. This is 10 right. Well, that's gon na be like I mean I can get it on, but I'll need soap and water to get it off. Here'S a 12 and it's loose I'm, not gon na fling it off. I can get it off pretty easily and 12 is the biggest they make it by the way and I'm a guy with average hands so well, maybe they've grown for all the things I do on video. The the 12 could have been right for me on this side. I don't know, but then again it might have been hard for my fingers to have closed. They might have only gone to like there, so you got ta test it out and see. Yes looks real easily on the ring finger. This finger is smaller than this one because I'm right handed so I could have gone with an 11 or a 12 I'm. Really happy, though I did go with 11 because I, like it really tight on there.

I do need to put soap and water to wiggle it off when I do take it off, which is just to charge it in the morning. But you start with a kit. You get this thing and then you work with it to decide which size is yours. Now they'll already have your order in the computer and everything's good to go. The only thing you got to do is log in and go to your order page and specify what you decided to get you notice, there's, no half sizes. It makes it a little bit. Tough, if you're right in between two of them, but go with your best judgment, because you really don't want to have to send it back and exchange it it's a big pain, they're custom made for each size to fit. You know that particular ring in all of the placement of all of the little goodies inside get something white to shine it against, as you can see, they're much closer together on the smaller ring than they are on the bigger ring. So yeah there's a lot going into this and we did have something in here here here you go. This is their recommendation to watch the video. They have a sizing. Video choose your size step on it. No sleep on it, it's normal for your finger size to change over the course of a day when you're sizing it for 24 hours to ensure that it's comfortable both day and night, because you do want to sleep with this thing.

Believe me, and then you confirm your size by going to their ordering page and and and then it's done, then you just wait for them to custom, build your ring and send it to you. Now you get it okay. This is gon na, be a really quick review. Let me boot it up, for you, sorry, no buttons. Let me turn it on uh! Sorry, no display! Let me let me make a sound with it. Hello. Ah sorry, there's, no speaker, okay review over well. That was quick. The review is of the app and it's coming up in just a second. I will talk a little bit about things, though this has Wi Fi, built into it, that's how it sends its signal over to your your phone right. Well, these guys are so smart that they don't want you worrying about having Wi Fi wrapped around your finger on 24 hours a day freaking you out, so they have built in a airplane mode. If you want to call it that from the app you can go in and press a little button to say, put it in airplane mode and it disables, the Wi Fi it's still active to collect all the data and there's no radio waves with collecting the data. As just diodes and sensors and stuff thermometers, that kind of stuff, so it's collecting your data, your movement, whatever all that's collected in a chip inside of here, but there's, no transmission of it.

If you have it in airplane mode, when you take it off and you place it on the charger which you'll do within say five days, it's got like about a five day life then, and only then does it turn on the Wi Fi connect to your phone And transmit all of the data its collected to your phone once you got it in your phone. If you just go back up there tap airplane mode turn it off and it's no longer doing Wi Fi anymore. So you could you don't have to run it with Wi Fi and you don't have it interfering with any other Wi Fi things that you have, although I've never seen that happen with it. But it is a unique feature of this that you don't you don't really need to work with Wi Fi on when it's on your finger at all, okay there's, some different colors. You can get them fancy with diamonds. You can look at the website for all of the specifics on it. This is the one that I got. I really love it. It looks nice on me. It works. I shower with it. I swim with it. Yeah it's, just always on it's, really really a nice ring. Okay that's. All I can tell you about the ring I feel so inadequate, like I really should be doing something with my band or watch but that's. All. I could tell you what I can show. You, though, is the app and from here magic happens, you ready here we go now the app for this ring.

It'S called aura after the company from aura health limited and we have it installed. I'Ve set up an account and it's ready to go. This is from the Google Play Store. This is what it looks like. This is what you hunt down to download and you absolutely have to have the ring before you can even get into it to look at any of this stuff so I'm, going to show it to you now as you're, not gon na be able to mess around With it on your own believe me, I tried before I got the ring when you go into it boom and you're all set up. It goes in. It shows you your today information with a readiness reading there's yesterday and the day before when you tap on that you get the whole calendar. I got it the 9th 29th in the afternoon I had a morning and evening and a morning and evening so far we've got going on. I can go back to yesterday had a readiness of 65 and oh it's updating right now, it's syncing from the ring directly to the app, and you might see some numbers change. I guess it already did it when I go back even further in the afternoon of the 29th it it gave me this kind of which is this the very beginning. Okay, let's bring it back over to today. Here'S today's information, now you're, not when you first get it you're, not gon na see any of this.

You literally have to sleep with it overnight and in the next morning a lot of the data gets transferred. Starting with your sleep information, I have had a couple of really restless nights, which is great because I've got some good feedback from the app other than your normal I've got uh sleep information here that says: I've got difficulty, staying asleep and so forth, and so on A little bit of information it's, showing you a circle with about six hours, total time and of that four hours: 14 minutes we're sleeping there's, sunrise there's. When I went to bed Tintin woke up at almost 500 in the morning. You touch here, you get into another chart that shows you a different kind of a representation of your awake rim, light and deep sleep with a breakdown of that and asleep efficiency, 62 resting heart rate of 55. This is just the overall total data. As you scroll down you get more information, I've got 40 for the score. These are the contributors to that total score and the red ones mean not a good thing. Okay here's my overall sleep stages and it shows you you're awake rim and light sleep. I hardly had it and I didn't I don't, remember dreaming last night and only had five minutes of REM. Sleep, Anna resting heart rate. This is unusual, but this is what it was. It was a high high heart rate to begin with and as the night progressed other than some peaks, for whatever reason, maybe that's.

When I got up and went to the bathroom or something it normalized out at an average in here 62 with what they call a minimum 55 right there and the overall resting heart rate calculated from that as 55, the low rate. Okay, so remember that one now so this was just yesterday right, gon na come home gon na go back to yesterday and let's. Look at that night. Here I went to bed almost mid. I got up at six eleven still bad sleep lots of white in here that's, what a night and so forth. It actually gives you a synopsis of the night itself tap on that I'm. Now, back into here, higher sleep efficiency resting heart rate of fifty seven things have changed here: pay attention to restful restlessness, restfulness there's, my sleep stages, a little bit more REM, thirty thirty minutes worth, and my resting heart rate looked like that: okay, so we're, getting a Little bit of data from a couple of days so far come back here at a home check in here sleepless nights and yeah it's. The overall readiness information from that computation, which is showing you my resting heart rate. This is night before last now fifty seven beats per minute with a heart rate variability of forty milliseconds. What does it mean? We got to figure it all out this. I love my body. Temperature deviation. Now is a minus 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit off of my basal or no normal temperature.

I guess it decreased point two and I have a respiration rate asleep of 15 breaths per minute readiness. 65. These are the contributors to that reddit readiness factor and there is my actual heart rate variability between midnight and 600 in the morning, and there again is my heart rate: resting heart rate: okay, no restful periods, so I was Restless all night, so let's go back. Okay, we're still right here, I can just tap in here. Oh look at that. I got a readiness score and there it is 52 on a Bell chart that was Wednesday and Thursday. A ha interesting see. I'Ve only got a couple of pieces of information and you got that on each of these, so I want to actually get to today first and show you today there was the readiness 52 we go into here and it shows yesterday's activity and today and the score Shift I go over here to my overall readiness. Now you notice that I had almost a full degree in body temperature shift still about 15 breaths per minute and 41 milliseconds there's the chart that has some interrupts in it for heart rate variability, not sure why and my resting heart rate, remember that chart declining like That, okay, now we come back to these things, here's the resting heart rate, a tap here and it's starting to build a graph, which is why you need a lot of days of this data which, in a minute I'm, going to show you a much more detailed Thing because this is just the first couple of days – you're not gon na see this until I've accumulated a lot of data here's some writing about it.

If you can read all of that, so I need to dim that down just a little bit so it's easier to see yeah, I love display brightness what an app okay there you go that's a little bit easier. I think for the camera to work with. Then I can go in here to my heart rate. Variability and I've got also a chart that's growing on here, showing of the Delta on heart rate variability versus days. This is daily once you do it. You can get weekly and monthly graphs on this, and it explains what that's all about you got the same thing on your temperature difference: there's zero I've been below zero for two nights now on body temperature. What does it mean? How does it work it's all described right here? You can't see this because you can't get it into the app unless you own a ring, so you're really lucky right now, you're getting to see what I couldn't see from before and then here's your breath rate. Fourteen point: nine: it was fifteen yesterday you can see a chart starting on that it's showing you a change here. You know that will automatically adjust if this gets bigger and it's talking about an average adult rest rate of breathing rate is 12 to 20. So you got a lot of interesting data to play with to monitor your overall health, especially acquired, while sleeping way way way beyond just your resting heart rate information.

You you've got, and you know and and what your sleep was like: okay, that's all coming to us in this readiness section. Now I go into the sleep. Well, let's get back home, we looked at. Actually, we looked at the sleep and here and then you can add notes and you can add activities when you go over actually to the activity. Section. We'Ve got three different things going on low, medium and high think those are three different days of activity here's, how it breaks out in terms of meeting the different goals, training, frequency volume and so forth. Here'S the actual activity i've validated this today, because at lunchtime I took a half hour walk and I produced quite a bit of daily movement right in that little window. This is today's schedule from 400 a.m. to 1200 a.m. of movement. When I have the ring on there's when I took it off and took a shower and forgot to put it back on here, I head it back on again I mean it really tracks everything it's, showing you high medium and low activity, and then I manually added An activity of walking for 30 minutes and it calculated I burned 101 calories based on my data that's, been put in here so that's, a quick snapshot of the app it's updating again now it sends spurts of updates to change any data if I've been doing anything. So I can look at it regularly to see what's changed in here.

I have overall trends on all of this stuff: resting heart rate, REM, sleep, sleep stages, time in bed, total sleep time, we'll, look at this when I've got a lot more data and we've got other things like overall settings. You can go into where you can set your parameters, tell a friend send them a message and just get some overall help for the app itself. Okay, now let's take a look at a much more robust presentation of lots of data now you're about to learn. Why you never see mr. ticks in a video without this ring on anymore? In fact, if there was a daily driver, this is it this ring. I got a bunch of data for you. You just saw the introductory part with the couple of days of data. I'Ve had it for a couple of months now, so we are gon na dive. Deep in here, as we went through here before and showed you readiness sleep time activity goal progress. We gave you a hint of what could be let's start indeed, first of all up here in the circle. That is the ring right and it's connected right now, battery level, a hundred percent there's a possibility of putting this in airplane mode. I didn't mention that when you do this, it's no longer gon na broadcast anything out of the ring case, you're worried about having it on all the time and Bluetooth signals it makes it Dharma. The only time bluetooth happens is when you take it off and drop it on the charger, so it charges the ring and it transfers all of the data that you've accumulated over to the app after it's updated.

You can simply go in here turn on Bluetooth. Put the ring back on and go about your day or two days or five days before connecting and syncing again really nice well thought out, process readiness here we are now you get to see, because I have a lot of data, some cards that appear practically everyday. Addressing one or more of the situations which can improve your life here, we're talking about it in the readiness section about the heart rate being above average and that particular kind of chart there's a whole article out that talks about. If your heart rate starts high and goes low, what it means, if it's does other things what it means, if I could find all that stuff for you, I'll show it to you otherwise check the show, notes and I'll have a link that you can go over And read that article yourself, so that little card is there and didn't want to touch it. Obviously, I jump into the overall readiness chart now before you saw. I only had a couple of these. I got a ton. Oh I've got some bar charts on top and I've got circles going on. The circle represents the actual readiness score and again as before, you've got these contributing factors. You'Re looking for blew across the board and the red means it's. Not quite there. You need to pay attention to it. Okay, my previous night's sleep score was only 60 and that took into consideration the generation of today's readiness score.

You got the heart rate: variability whoa. Okay, I do need to pay attention. Well, let me tell you guys. Last yesterday, nine hours in the yard, nine hours cutting trees mowing grass raking in hot sunshine. I was pitiful last night and I told to help that my numbers look bad and I'm glad they do, because I like to show you some of the deviations we have all this stuff. We talked about already your resting heart rate, heart rate, variability right, temperature and respiratory rate and I'm gon na come back and go into that, but I want to just kind of play up here with you for a second there. We go it just touch it. We get into the whole chart of the chart of the readiness score around a perceived average. Now that I have enough numbers in here. Sixty seven is the overall average and look at this. This is uncle tics readiness really bad back here on Monday July 29th, right after a pretty good day on Sunday. Here is a gap I didn't wear it hmm I'm disappointed I didn't. I lost that whole day and that's. What will happen when you do but check it out and any day you want to go into any day. You can just, I believe, tap right there go into it. Well, maybe not well! You can look at him that's daily. Then, if I go into weekly check this out now, each dot represents a different week.

You get the weekly average and monthly. Yes, since may have been wearing this puppy here's, my overall monthly readiness, which is falling, which is not good because I got this ring. It should be helping me out. Well, maybe if I paid attention to the data instead of just collecting it who know there's your overall readiness core capability, now resting heart rate, same situation, I've got this copious chart of all of my different resting heart rates, getting down as low as 50 and peaking Up here, like 58 and a discussion of course about heart, your resting heart rate, information, daily, weekly and monthly, you see it was way high and now it's getting lower. And now, with the the fitness band that I showed you guys that has the meditation routine in it that measures your heart rate variability. Then you do a meditation section, then it marries the it measures the HRV again and gives you an overall score on how well your meditation is working. You saw that one it's, the i7e fitness band. You combine that, with this ring with these results and with a practice, I think you might see some significant improvement in your life. That'S resting heart rate, here's heart rate variability, and that would also show up, I believe in here too so HRV jumping all the way around different milliseconds it's gotten down here as low as 28, but, of course, it's been really high and on average it's all over The place there's that same day, I missed okay, weekly looking like this, so I have a lot of room for improvement in my lifestyle to try and normalize that, but look on a monthly basis.

My HRV is going up. I think high HRV is a good thing. Remember and the whole story on that that the more variable your heart rate is the more overall relaxed you are, I hope so that's that's, where I'm going okay daily. You may not see that but monthly you do so. I really appreciate these these ways of looking at the data when you have enough data body temp it oh it's hot right now, but this is at night and I have different Peaks. Look at that I'm up seven degrees and then I'm down point three. I go above my normal way more often than I go below, and I don't know why but here's the trend, the trend shows well at one point I was high. Maybe you had an infection or something different ones through different times anyway. It explains it all down. Here and how it measures the body temperature variation, that's all covered, and then your respiratory rate, breathing and I'm averaging in the 15 points something see, the range is only 14 to 17 from my overall breathing so I'm, pretty consistent in my breathing rate. Probably because I talk so much to you guys, I'm, actually getting a higher breathing rate rather than lower aus was down around for under 15 and now I'm over fifteen point three, why I'm not sure, but as I continue to accumulate data there's gon na, be some Information there to work with now, overall heart rate variability for this day, look like that and that's what the resting heart rate looked like and as I go back to different days, there's yesterday and just show you these different charts gon na stay there.

Yes, good good check it out how my heart rate, variability and resting heart rate looks differently it Peaks and it, and it goes in different directions, check that out. Yeah yeah and I mentioned there's an article that talks about that and what it all really means here. My HRV is going up and so forth, so you got you've got tons of data here to work with that's, just in the readiness section itself, I'm back home now and I'm way over on Thursday. So I'm gon na click up in here and bring us back to today, which is the 30th and we'll look at sleep time. Well, one thing I really like is they're always giving me positive things. It'S gon na be okay, not like what the heck did. You do last night, you must have partied your brains out final exam and one day you no no, no it's, nice it's. That looks like you woke up several times. Last night, don't ya, I was so sore from yesterday's yard work. It happens to all of us, fresh air and a ten to fifteen minute power. Nap in the afternoon can help now I've had other cards that say you didn't sleep much last night, maybe it's best if you don't nap, okay, but it's, because I woke up during the night that it's recommending a nap and it's seeing that in the efficiency the Cards are great here's. My overall information and again up here we've got that which you have to touch into to get into and it's, showing you the chart of your awake time and sleep time and REM time for all the days that you've accumulated data on a daily basis.

When you look at it weekly, you can see some trends and monthly. You can see some changes to see how the the bottom blue is kidding a little bit higher and the white, maybe a little bit shorter in the overall scheme of things. Rem is the bright, blue and that's pretty consistent. Now that I'm settled down and it's showing you the time frames across here, so you've got a nice portrayal up here and again, we've got a total and so forth, and these can show you how your total sleep time is looking as well as your time in Bed, okay, I'm spending, seven nine three hours, I'm, all over the place, but that's my life. Yours may be more consistent and maybe you need to be in bed less to sleep better. You could work on that weekly and monthly mm. Hmm you've got sleep efficiency and I hope you guys are reading this, while I'm scrolling through here with its weekly and monthly information as well, and then we've got this one. Your resting heart rate, which you've already basically seen that before weekly, right and monthly, so I'm dropping here in my resting heart rate and in the giving you reference articles for all of these with clickable links which, unfortunately, since you can't, get into the app because you Don'T have the ring you can't actually get here to click it, but if you go to the aura website, I'm, pretty sure you can drill into all of these different articles because they provide that for you as well.

Okay got the sleep stages. We went over that. We went over the talking about this, the gaps now they've added this. Why the gaps and it could be all kinds of different reasons, and they go into detail on that and I won't bore you with it and, of course yeah we can. We can go back at any of these and look at your sleep stuff directly on the charts, just simply by changing it there's a nice one where I have a bit of rim and light and deep and whatnot, and it Peaks right there. Okay – and that is the sleep and now activity progress. We didn't talk a lot about this before because I didn't have any month thing really to show you, but it says, looks like you've been hitting your activity goal. Lately. I got a nice 87 on this score and that is live information that's my actual stuff on that card. That shows up at the beginning, to give me advice, then, when you touch it, you go deeper into the overall score itself and of course today is always going to be low, and this is Wow. This is today, so these are the app of the hours of today when I go deeper and get into it. We start to see Friday, Thursday. This is Friday. I wonder why it's so low on Thursday huh um, 23. 25. 201. You know I'm, not sure cuz. I had the ring on and I was really working out yesterday, but here you go.

This is a activity goal. Some number here's this a percentage of my overall goal: 109. Something like that, weakly how I am doing with respect to my goal on each week and thought the dot is the average for that week. I guess and monthly here's the months, so I was doing better back in July then August. It is almost the end of August, so I don't think I'm gon na be much higher, but I think these kind of grow over time. So you want to look at completed months. That'S my daily golf stuff. The daily movement is down here now and there's. The different charts for Tuesday and can I go to Wednesday yeah, so you see here's the exact time that I was doing the level of movement that it's computed on any specific day. He really got everything you need about your lifestyle to play with and, of course, any activities down here. You add manually to it, that's the activity tab, so we've covered readiness, sleep and activity and down here further you've got information on your actual sleep and rest times. So if you take a little rest, you've got that in here as well. What your heart rate was and if it's long enough to calculate it, it's got your whatchamacallit ha, not heart rate, heart rate, variability, no yeah, yeah and then bedtime. When you went to bed and so forth, there tons and tons of data now I've actually captured some of the cards.

That I've read from different days in here, and I want to show you some of that. These are all showing basically this stuff but here's, something that it gives something there and then something there, but the ones when we actually go in there check this out so in no particular order other than the order that I received them. I just did a screenshot that's, so cool about this one plus 60. By the way three fingers down swipe gives you a nice screenshot, sleep stages, here's, one card that I got. This was my actual information, and this is what it had to say about it. Tapping it would have taken me then, into the sleep information here's, something about a readiness score that's, telling you the the brackets so you're getting an education, the more you use it as you get these different cards. They call a just in time, training right just in time, meaning it's just what you may need right at the moment and it's a little bit of training, so you're not overwhelmed tracking activity. Okay, how to improve your health with your activity profile for that particular day. The ring status gives you information when it turns red it's time to charge. It didn't know that. Did you sleep score, introducing the device itself? You get some of those kind of cards overall, the nether page of that one. This is the second page, it's a scrollable one, your activity score again, sedentary time calorie calculations, didn't even talk about that.

Look at this and you've got graphs, and this was my past five days at that point in time. Deep sleep talks about and shows you the characteristics, their deep sleep trends are sleeping trims and then REM, sleep and sleep efficiency. So they had a wave of education on sleep and now heart rate, variability now I'm kind of stealing their thunder. Because when you get your ring and you get your app and you start using it daily, you're gon na be pushed these little hints all the time and I'm giving them to you all in one right now. But just you know so, you know it's gon na be alright yeah. I really good positive reinforcement from these guys. Your ideal bedtime interesting. You can start to study and find out what is your ideal bedtime and recovery time? Okay, I think that's. All of them are you overwhelmed yet no good, because we could also look at trends whoa. We showed you just the headlines of this and that's kind of what led into this more data in terms of bedtime. Here are some trends that you can look at in terms of deep sleep. We'Ve got that so in essence, all those little things you see up at the top and in each of the different characteristics there you can go in and drill in to look at overall trends with the daily weekly or monthly accessible right there without having to hunt For it, sleep score there you go weekly here you go.

This is such a well thought out out such a well thought out product in such a well thought out: process I'm. Not taking this thing off ever well about now, you're, probably saying wrap it up. Mister tix that's great I've, seen the ring I've seen the sizing kit I've, even seen all of the aspects of the app. What more could there be wow there's a lot more. Actually, if you have a browser on any platform, a phone, a tablet, your computer, anything that can bring up a browser and you go to this website – well, you're gon na get a whole bunch of more stuff check it out. You ready! Oh, it just gets better folks browsers. I have you guys used Hermit, yet, if you're on an Android type platform, computer, whatever tablet Hermit is a browser, but you can make an actual web page of specific pages, a separate launch, a bowl item and get rid of borders and menus and all that stuff And that's what I've done I went to the address you just saw on the screen. I logged into my account in hermit, and I created this little scream thing and when I launched it it's bringing me up into the aura cloud in my account now these little bars you see across the top they're special things. I'Ve installed this one changes volume and this wood changes brightness, and they have nothing to do with the app okay that's.

Just me I like to have upfront control on that, but this app now you you've got all sorts of stuff on the side and you've got your current data in here and it's. Look it's set up for Saturday and it's, showing you a bar or a chart across the top. Oh I just touched it went back to the six that can touch it again over here. I can go back further and you can see I can go anywhere. I can get my sleep score activity and readiness values. We saw all that from the app you remember and as you scroll down you get the makeup of all of that. The total sleep time, the lowest resting heart rate, it's a bigger picture of everything we just saw on the app there's, my sleep stages now, while I'm, looking through this with you, imagine that you're getting this ring not just for you, but perhaps for your grandpa somebody. Elderly that you'd like to keep tabs on their health without like really having them, have to do anything except wear it and take it off occasionally and set it on a little charger. I'Ll show you that in a minute, we haven't even looked at the charger. Well, when you do that, and you get the account all set up password, protected and whatnot, you could be anywhere in the world and as long as the data is synced to the phone, which is just as simple as launching the app on the phone right, then The data will be updated to the current day and you can look at all of the different stratifications of information in here.

Your temperature deviation respiration rate overall heart rate variability, all the stuff you collected that night see I just pulled it down. This is part of the app now the browser, and I just got it refreshed back here and again. I can go back up to the the most recent date and and if I launch the app and now we're updated to today – and all I have to do right up to here – is just update the browser app and again. This could be in Chrome or Firefox or Safari or edge or whatever you like, and there are the newest pieces of data. You can touch the bottom date. You can hardly see them down there they're grayed out, but here we go here's. My last night's results and they're all displayed in here, so you really don't even need the phone app. You can do this independently on a browser, but wait there's more. You see the trends button here, I'm gon na tap on that, and I got a nice little graph. It says sleep score, okay and that's. The only thing here, but it also says select. So here is my sleep score by day from June 16th. Up to present jumping all over the place running from 40s to 70, so I have erratic sleeping it's irregular. If I wanted to see well what could be causing that is. Is it related to time in bed? I can place the time in bed over the sleep score on the same chart and see yeah there's, a correlation here with the time in bed and the sleep all right.

What about a wake time in trying to get up a lot during the night? Well know here I got up quite a bit, but it didn't really affect things there. I didn't so there's not that much of a correlation between my awake time and my sleep score. I mean all of these different parameters. Sleep efficiency, bed, time, wake up time. Your midpoint time average resting heart rate. How does that correlate with sleep score, not very much if you're having any kind of concerns, issues or just curiosity, you can dive into all of this stuff and look and compare any two variables together. I can change that one over here as well and look at sleep latency versus average resting heart rate. Amazing huh, you can add another chart: okay, here's another one, a respiratory rate, I've added a couple in here with only one variable so far, but check this out. While I have respiratory rate, I could measure against any of my sleep stuff or I could switch to activity here's my activity for the whole day or my readiness let's go with average heart rate variability compared against respiratory rate. You get in the picture here. The trend analysis lets you compare not just any two variables related to sleep, but you also have the different categories as well as we saw on the app when we went into the different categories. All of this gets mapped over here. In a way it can be integrated together and if that isn't enough, you can export all that data as well to anything anywhere any any way you want to download it date levels and the categories that are being compared.

Amazing, absolutely amazing. This is the or a cloud aspect of it now and again available on any browser for your ring. Your grandma's ring your mother in law's ring whatever ring you've got now. We'Ve got the complete package. You'Ve got access to all you need to know about. The aura ring at aura, ring calm and the ability to order it there. If you choose to – and you found this video helpful and if I have an active coupon for you to use to get a discount. Just pop in mr. ticks, you might try that anyway, just to notify them that hey, I saw this over on. Smart watch ticks when you place your order and again you can go to cloud aura ring calm to get into the dashboard. Once you have your ring set up and as they say, the more data you collect that's, why you don't see me taking this thing off the more data you collect, the more you're going to be able to get meaningful information out of all of this jump around Between days and dates, and categories and learn everything there is about your sleep life, almost everything I bet you haven't seen your scatterplot yet have you, I didn't think so well, you're at Smart Watch and it wouldn't be appropriate. If I didn't talk about OAuth, or in this case a fitness ban, we have brand new technology 2019 it's September. This stuff is just hitting the market and you've heard about the Apple watch, doing e C G's and atrial fibrillation right well now, we've got something that does even more it's called a Lorentz scatterplot, and it looks like this.

This happens to be the actual plot. From last night from this band that I wore to bed at midnight, it started using red diodes in here, not the green ones, but red ones to work with my blood oxygen and the green ones and stuff to work with heart rate variability and putting this whole Thing together on what's called a scattered plot or scattered diagram that changes day to day I get a visual representation of my overall heart health when I'm fast, asleep and resting. What does it mean? Well, they include something here. You have normal sinus rhythm. If it looks like this and there's all these potential conditions that you may have or may be experiencing, or definitely at least want to bring to the attention of your health provider, your doctor, that could be something that you want to check into so with the ring. You'Ve got all of these kinds of information available to you on your sleep, your activity and your readiness. How healthy are you? How, where are you are how how efficient are you for going about your day business and with things like advanced health bands that include Lorenz scatterplots in them, you can assess your atrial fibrillation situation as well as a bunch of other different conditions. Every night night after night, simply by wearing the band and syncing it to the device but which one is this it's called the i7e. I know very creative there's, the i7e and there's also a v19, and if you are new to our channel, all you got to do is go to smart watch, ticks comm, that's our main page and look at the most recent reviews, because I did a beautifully full Overview of both of those bands and a comparison between them focused highly on the health aspects and what they report to you.

So you got your aura ring you get yourself, the fitness band, you go to sleep and your life is gon na, be different. All right! You'Ve been watching, Smart Watch sticks really appreciate your subscription and your likes on a particularly this video, so more people will be able to find it and find out about the aura ring, and now those of you who've been wondering now you know we'll see you again Soon, good night, everybody I'll see you after I'm charged still want to learn more we'll head on over to the aura ring website and learn all about it and when you're ready to buy you can pick it up with a 50 discount that's right. I got that negotiated for you as long as you go into aura, ring with aura ring, calm, slash partners, slash mr. tix, when you're ready to check out any of the aura rings.