This is a data collection, node filled with a copious amount of sensors inside that can collect data from your body, while you sleep and while you're awake, it puts all that data by transfer to an app on your phone that's where the magic lies here's. A quick look at the app you have an overall score that's. All you really need it's your readiness. It also will tell you if it's not high enough, where you may have some issues that you need to look at, and you have a whole bunch of different places that you can go, for example, sleeping wasn't that great last night, but it says it's gon na, Be okay Chaz hears that my efficiency was a little low when you actually get into this. You get way more detail, including all your different sleep stages, resting heart rate and more all of these total time time in bed, sleep efficiency and resting heart rate are selectable and you can go in and look at a chart. That shows you how you've done in the past, if you didn't do it on a day it skips that day you have daily weekly and monthly information on any of these factors and a lot more when you order it, you first get a sizing kit. This is how you determine which one fits your finger when you take it out, try it on and adjust it to get just the one that you want, then, when you're ready to buy you use this link here for a 50 discount or a ring.

com slash Partners. Slash mr. ticks, that's our Channel and we'll get you a 50 discount on any of the ORA rings that you're interested in it's a wonderful thing. It hugs right to your body. It charges up, you can put it in airplane mode, so it's not transmitting on bluetooth, and when you need to sync it, you just drop it in the charger boom. It connects to your phone. All that data that you saw here day after day after day is transferred directly to your phone mazing product.