This is from the same company that i tested my last smart watch, which is called zhingji. This is their g2 model. Now this model is not very different to the one that i tested earlier. The specifications are slightly different. The price is also a bit different, but this product also claims to have all those amazing features that you find in any fancy watch like samsung or apple. So so lets do the unboxing first and then we will do the same kind of a test that we did last time to test all the different features and functions of this smartwatch Music. Music. All right guys so lets do the unboxing of this uh g2 watch from jinji. Now this comes in a white box um, a very nice image of the watch on top and right at the back. Youve got some of the main features mentioned and the color of the watch lets open it. It is comes on a sleeve, so we remove the sleeve. Then we will be able to see the box lets open the box as well, and then it comes with the cover and just remove the cover and there you go. This is the watch now well come to the watch in a bit. Lets open the box to see what else do we get? We have the instructions manual instructions manual is in english, spanish and arabic and then, finally, we have the charging cable. This is the magnetic charging cable, and this is slightly different to the ones that we often see with samsung or apple watches, and we ill show you how to connect this with the watch in a bit.

So this is all we get in the box. Now lets open the watch now. As i said, the watch comes with this magnetic charging cable. Now this is a slightly different model. Uh, you usually see a round charging cable for smart watches. You know, let me pull out the samsung one. This is the samsung one. Very similar to the apple watch charger, but for this watch it it comes with a very nice unique magnetic charger, and what you need to do is at the back. You see these two dots and you just need to connect this with these two dots. There you go and then you can plug this into power and the watch will start charging Music, so lets switch it on now there you go all right, so thats, uh thats, quite nice. It took about less than five seconds to switch on now. Lets look at the dial now the dial probably is not very uh clear for the video, so lets change the dial. You click on the screen and hold it for a second, and then it takes us to this page where we can actually change the dial of the watch. So lets go with this one uh. This is uh. Probably the best looking dial for for this watch lets. Go and see if what else do we have in terms of the different faces? This is a simple one, and then this is uh. Probably the health tracker phase a nice rosy face.

Then this is the original one. So probably lets go with this one. Then it looks quite nice, i must say the screen is very nice. Its 1.2 inch hdmi led screen, looks quite nice Music. Now, if we compare this with some of the other watches in the market, then lets do a side by side comparison. So this is the latest samsung active, 4 watch, and then this is, if you look at the size, i think the size of the screen is very similar in terms of the look and feel is also very similar. I must say all right so lets compare it with my older samsung 2 watch. So again the size probably is a bit smaller for the samsung active 2 watch. But overall, if you compare the quality and the clarity of the screen, uh, not a lot uh different and then finally lets compare it with my apple watch. So if you look at this now, obviously the style of the dial is different. One is round and the other one is kind of a rectangular space uh, but you know overall not very different. Honestly, i dont know why, but i find this screen much clearer and brighter, so that was a comparison with some of the other famous mainstream watches in the market. Music. All right so lets have a look at different features of this watch. Now what happens is there are some shortcuts? So if you swipe up you get to see any notification, these are the messages.

If you swipe down you get to this shortcut menu, where you have the settings, brightness vibration, timer, theater mode and the battery and some other information, and then you go back to the main home page. If you swipe left, you get to see some more of these indicators like this is for exercise and then youve got the heart rate, the weather information, the shutter for the camera, music and so on. Now coming back to the main homepage, this is the main face. If you move it to the right, you get to this main main information area now this is where you have all the different applications laid out so now, what we will do in this video is actually uh. Take you through each of these options available within the main menu starting off with this one, which is settings now within settings. You see stopwatch youve got alarm timer, you have the screen log. This screen lock is very interesting. This is the always on display. So basically, what you can do is uh. You can actually have a digital clock on or an analog clock now these clocks will remain on, even if the watch goes to sleep like the one that we have now, so this timer will stay on all the time. Now go back, we can look at an analog clock as well. This is a very interesting feature. I must say im. I really like this one. I was missing this in my other watch, so so we select an analog watch and in a few seconds we see the analog watch appearing here.

If you want to shut this down, just close it – and you know, you wont – be able to see any clocks when the the screen goes to sleep all right. So next one is the menu view. This is the menu style that i was referring to earlier. You have two views: the grid view, which is the dial kind of view, the other one is list. So if you click on the list and go back to your main home page – and these are the settings that you see – these are in the list kind of format, so let us go back to main menu. I, like the smart view, which is kind of the grid view select that come back. You can also select the brightness ive selected maximum brightness for this video. Then you have vibration, you can switch it on and off. Theater mode is, when you know the light or the bat the brightness goes down, and the vibration is also switched off. We can go back and switch it on, then you have the reset power off about information of the device and then finally, the app download this app download is actually a qr code that allows you to go to the app store and download the application for the Smartwatch now coming back to this main homepage, you have the next. One is a game. So if you want, you can also play a game on this watch. I dont know how many people would do that, but you know if you want to you, can always play that.

I dont really know how to play this game. So lets see all right. Thats, a nice feature says, switch it off go back, then the next one is uh very easy. These are the steps um, you know the steps and calories burned and the distance covered the next one is the sleep monitor mode there you go, then youve got heart rate. This is a common feature in all the smart watches. These days, then, youve got different exercises, and these are about 14 exercises that we have in this watch now. What this does is it tracks your activities within that sport, while you are engaged in it? So, if youre playing badminton, you click on badminton, then after this countdown the timer for badminton starts now. This would eventually tell you how long you played that game and what was your heart rate and, finally, how many calories you burnt? Okay lets stop this come back! The next one is information. Now this is also the same information that we saw earlier tells you about the device. Then the next one is oxygen levels. Then youve got the weather. So if your watch is connected with your mobile, then youll be able to see the weather as well. Then you can also operate the shutter of your mobiles camera. The next one is music again. If youve connected the watch with your mobile youll be able to play music and then youve got a breathing exercise, reminder and then back to the settings.

So these are all the different options available in this smartwatch Music. Now lets uh check out the the application for this smartwatch. Now you can go to apple store or google play, store and download this application called onware, and once you download it, you need to create a new account and then you can open the app. This is how the app looks like the front home page is showing you all the health and fitness fitness, kpis and, and then the next one here right at the bottom, youll see four options. The second page actually is for exercise this. This will track all the exercises by day and the third one is. This is all these are all the settings on the device and the mobile. So, for example, if you want to set up notification reminders to appear on the watch like messages or calls, or you know other things, then you can switch it on and then youll start seeing so, for example, whatsapp ticktalk insta. All those messages will start appearing on your watch. Similarly, you know you can put drinking reminder and other things and then the this last one here is on the profile. So you have to you can set up your profile. You can set up a target steps, language and all sort of things, so, as you can see its a very user friendly mobile application, so lets lets. Do one thing now lets go to the dial gallery and download one of the dials just to show you how you know this actually works um, as you can see theres.

So many nice uh dials here lets select lets select this one here and hopefully we can get this new dial onto the mobile really fast. So you can see the synchronizing is has started. It will take maybe about a minute a minute or two for the new dial to upload into this smartwatch. So, as you can see, the uploading has been completed and this dial is now appearing on the watch very simple, very easy user, friendly application. Music. All right guys, so this is a 3 atm, waterproof watch thats. The claim now lets do this test to check. If it is really waterproof there, you go still working all good with waterproofing. So this is a really nice watch. I must say its uh, its very durable um. If you look at the strap, this is a silicon, strap its a t, pink, strap that comes with this watch. It has a very nice tile the face. This is about 1.2 inch. Hd emulate display very nice. Very nice zinc, alloy frame. This is golden at the moment and then, if you look at the back, weve got the sensor and then youve got the dots for the battery charger. All in all, i think its, a very very nice watch im quite impressed with this watch in terms of the software in terms of the the feel its not heavy its about 30 grams or less so yeah. Overall, you know i really like it now.

Finally, if you compare this smart watch with some of the mainstream smart watches in the market, this definitely stands out on two fronts. One is the battery this battery can last up to 20 days on saver mode, and the other piece is on the price. You know it is such a nice and durable watch at this affordable price. Definitely a big plus point. If you really like this watch and youre interested to buy just go to the links that i have provided in the description of this video. It will take you directly to the website of the manufacturer where you can make a purchase if you have any questions about this device. Just drop me a whatsapp message: ive provided a direct whatsapp message link in the description of this video. Finally, please do subscribe to the channel like this video and share it with your friends.