. Today we have with us one more clone watch of Apple watch Ultra and its the Pebble cosmos Engage., And in this video we will do the unboxing and will show you the features of this clone watch.. So here is the box. In the front we have the pebble branding along with the model name, cosmos Engage, and this watch has a 1.95inch Display., And here we have the picture, watch, itself. And guys. This is really surprising that this smartwatch is exactly like. The clone watch, which we have reviewed earlier. But pebble, which is an indian brand launching this kind of product, is really surprising.. The companion for this watch is m2 wear, which is available on both android and ios., And here at the back, we have few key features. And you get a 1 year replacement guarantee. With this watch.. The MRP on the box is Rs. 7499. However, you purchase one from flipkart for around 4000 Rupees. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So on the top we have the smartwatch itself. And guys. The watch is a complete copy of the apple watch ultra and i am not able to still understand how a brand can launch a clone watch under its name.. We will look at the watch in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box.. So here we have the documentation, and here you also get a free, strap offer, and for this you need to leave a review to get it.

Now. You know why there are a lot of positive reviews of this product on flipkart.. Apart from that, in the box we get the wipes, and here we have a screen guard., And then we get this charging dock, which is a wireless charger for this watch., So thats, all we have in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Pebble Cosmos Engage is, without a doubt another chinese clone watch of Apple watch. Ultra. Pebble also used the same creatives on their website, which was clearly showing the apple watch ultra branding at the back. Now lets see what this clone watch has to offer.. So here we get the metal body in this watch and looks are the same and you get the crown button on the right side, along with the bottom button, and here also we have one more button on the left, along with the speaker grill.. The display of this watch is a 1.95 inch, which is again a big display for a smartwatch. At the back. We have the sensors and overall, the body of this watch is metal, which gives you a sturdy look and feel.. The straps are also similar, but you have slight change in this and you get the pin hole, strap option.. The quality of the straps are again decent., and here in this watch, you dont get the locking mechanism in this watch.. So in terms of the design, its just a copy paste of apple watch ultra, but for the pricing the build quality is decent.

Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So here it is on and for pairing it is a third party app., And it took a lot of effort and time to pair this watch with our phone, and there is definitely some issue with this model.. Now let me show you the watch features., So here we are on the watch face which you can change by swiping, left or right on the watch face or you can use the crown button to switch between different watch. Faces. And again even the watch faces are copied from watch ultra., But guys here. I noticed something that the display of this watch is slightly better. Then the clone watch we have reviewed earlier and its also quite bright. Now about the features swiping down from the top. Will show you, the notifications and swiping up, will show you the quick settings.. You can access the main menu by single pressing the button.. The bottom button is to turn off and on the display.. The side button is configurable, which I am setting here to turn on. The torch. And about the menu first of all, the touch is quite responsive and there is no lag which i was kinda expecting from this watch. And the menu style can be changed by double pressing the crown button. About the menu. First, we have the calling features and about the performance. I will talk in a moment., Then we have the messages which is the notification history.

And after that we have few sports modes, and here at the bottom we have the sports, records. And guys. The sensors of this watch are all fake and showing data which does not make any sense.. So the step count heart rate, blood pressure and spo2 is all fake., So you can see. I have the finger here at the back and even if I remove it, the watch still shows some random data. So for fitness tracking its a big. No, no for this watch., The sleep tracking is also poor and it wasnt able to track the sleep properly.. After that. We have other options such as sedentary reminder: music control which works fine and then the find phone option.. Then you have weather which has basic details and the drink water reminder.. After that we have a stopwatch calculator, calendar alarm and then the settings., And here you have the settings for the display and vibration.. You also get an always on display option, but this is just changing. The watch face to a simple black analog watch face. And we have tested this feature, but it drained the whole battery under 10 hours.. Apart from that, you also get a few more features such as the AI voice assistant and some games. The only thing which i like about this watch so far is the display of this watch and also the touch response. And its just a dummy watch when it comes to the features and accuracy.

. The app of this watch is also basic, and here you have the fitness data, which is again not very useful., And then we have the profile page, and here you can see the connected device and also checkout the available watch faces, and you can also use a Custom watch face here., And then we have the contact sharing settings by which you can sync. The contacts with the watch. And about the notification and alert here is how you get the call alert and you can only accept or reject the call and performance wise. The speaker is way too loud and due to that the sound was getting distorted and the mic clarity of this watch is also below average.. And yes, we faced a lot of issues pairing this watch with our phone for bluetooth, calling., So overall, Pebble Cosmos, Engage is a clone watch and the looks are copied from the Apple watch. Ultra.. The build quality is decent and it doesnt look cheap at all. On the wrist., But I personally feel that you guys should stay away from this watch. It has a lot of issues such as the sensors are unreliable, battery, backup is poor and the app connectivity is very bad and the watch keeps disconnecting from the phone.. Just for the looks you can go for it and experience the Apple watch, ultra style at a budget price. But, as i said, i earlier just dont buy this smart watch and i highly recommend you to check out other smartwatches, which offers a lot of features in this price.

Segment. Such as even the firebolt Gladiator, is much better than this clone watch., So thats it guys. This was a quick video on the Pebble Cosmos engage.. Let us know if you would still buy this watch and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.