Now you can pick this one up from AliExpress. I am not going to throw the link up in the description if you want to buy this, go to AliExpress type in Apple watch Ultra and look for the cheapest one that you could find now this one. The price is 25 bucks. Okay, I repeat: 25 bucks. Now this is going to be a quick video. This is not going to be an in depth review. This is actually a special request, video from one of my close friends, whose name Im not going to mention Rich all right. His name is Rich. Who asked me to review this watch all right, so lets check it out. First, things: first shout out to White Shoes back in the building Music: calm down; okay, now Im gon na try not to laugh too much during this video, but yall know when I do the real versus fake videos. For some reason I tend to have the giggles. So Im gon na try to hold it in now. This is from a company called zordai Id zordai. Like I said, 25 bucks on this one grab a little unboxing knife lets go ahead and pop this one open eye. Shoes fall back: okay, the zordai, fake Apple watch, Ultra 25. Bucks now keep in mind the real Apple watch, Ultra 800 bucks all right so lets leave that right there! Okay! Here we go okay. Now, as far as the presentation lets see, it says, watch Ultra okay.

This is not the Apple watch Ultra its just the watch: Ultra 49 millimeters. Okay – this is the zordai zordai zordai, Z8 Ultra. Okay, all right so lets see what you get inside. Okay, now it does come with lets, see usual books and well plug them and follow them. It comes with the ocean ban now lets see. As far as the quality on this Ocean band lets see. Now I got ta, keep it 100 real with yall. The quality is pretty great on this Ocean band. Now, just for fun, I bought my real Apple watch. Ocean band and lets see now, if you put them side by side, lets see the the knockoff one is a tiny bit longer lets see. Now the Apple watch Ocean band, it does feel a little thicker and more rubbery up, but this one actually doesnt feel too bad at all. Now lets see if I close my eyes lets see if I can turn Im, not even looking. Let me see Im not looking. This is definitely the Apple watch. One yep! You see its a lot thicker now, yall cant see me behind the camera, but I really had my eyes closed. This one feels a little bit thicker lets see you got a charging cable. Now this is going to be your wireless charger, USB a to wireless um head on the top and lets see the the ultra okay. This is the zordai Apple watch. Ultra lets see okay little sticker struggles, angle levels increasing shoes is trolling.

Okay: okay, now lets see a little plastic on the front. Okay uh I got ta give yall my honest opinions lets see as far as look wise wow, they kind of nailed it with the actual look wise lets see, lets look them side by side. Okay, now heres the real Apple watch is the replica shoes lets see on the other side. Look wise matter of fact. Let me take the band off all right. Shoes lets see, lets put them side by side, okay, so heres the real Apple watch. If you look closely the Apple watch, Ultra is a tiny bit heavier, but I would say they did a. They did a good job of this knockoff, though wow. If you just go and buy, looks they pretty much. Look the same. So this answers the first question: why would anybody buy a fake Apple watch Ultra for 25 bucks? The look? Maybe you just want the Apple watch, Ultra look without spending 800 bucks. You know, maybe just to take your Instagram photos in the gym. You know your your cap photos if you want to be capping on Instagram. This is a good capping instrument right here, not bad at all. Lets go ahead and power. This up lets see which one Powers it up lets see. It lets try the buttons right here. Okay lets try this button. Okay, let me figure this out real quick Ill put the bands on and then well try to walk through the OS real quick Talk Amongst yourselves all right yall.

So we back in now heres a quick size comparison on the table again. Heres, the Apple watch, Ultra heres, the zordai, okay, basically the same exact size and the same look now. The watch did come completely with the uh dead battery, so Im charging it up, but in the meantime, lets take a look at the interface. So if you swipe over once, you got your notifications, some other settings, you swipe down, heres your quick, toggles. Okay, you can take it to my settings. You got language vibration, power, saving mode. Actually, a very robust amount of selections lets see. Lets swipe down. Lets go watch out, lets see um SOS battery saving got your water repellent night mode. A lot of different uh little features right. There now lets lets. Take a look at the actual clocks. Let me see how did I just do that now? I dont want to unplug it because the battery is pretty low lets see if I can do that with the screen off. Okay here it goes. Okay, now check this out. You got a bunch of different clocks, you can choose from, and some of them are actually all right. Look at this. This is actually the Apple watch. Ultra watch face kind of looks like it actually a bunch of different watches. Now some of them are interactable. Oh look at this one. This one is nice. This is the one that I would probably use if I purchased this for daily use.

Okay lets see now when you go to the app theres a lot more watch faces that you can download, but these are the ones that come pre installed this ones cool too. Look at that okay, so thats pretty much it with the pre installed ones. Now I want to show you something thats funny all right, so lets hit the main button lets swipe up. These are going to be all of your apps okay. Now, if you swipe over this is this is the part thats funny? Okay, got your daily routines check. This out blood pressure now watch this Im going to take the blood pressure. I dont even have it on my wrist. Okay see its not on my wrist, and this is going to tell you all that you need to know about this watch. Okay lets just watch this all right, so the blood pressure I mean, the heart rate of the charger is 77 beats per minute. So this already tells you that all of the medical features on this watch are 100 trash. Okay, I would not even now, personally, even with my real Apple watch ulters and my real Apple watches, I dont like testing um the medical stuff, because this is kind of gimmicky, but this is even more gimmicky. Okay, do not buy this and then look at your heart rate and like oh Im in good shape, 77 beats per minute. No, no youre, not youre, still a fat all right, so thats the thats, the heart rate sensor.

If you want to call it that you got the weather and you can add more okay, so you got music, you got sleep, you got your female assistant, okay, for your menstrual cycle, monitoring you got breathing and you got ECGs, hey whats up all right lets. Take a quick, ECG, real, quick without wearing the watch and see what happens. This is exactly what Im talking about, though you know what, but look when youre buying this kind of stuff youre not buying it for the features and all that youre buying it. For the look, basically, I mean this should be look look at it. Look at the ECG bro come on. Look like like I was saying, youre buying this kind of stuff for the novelty. Maybe you got a little kid in your life, who wants an Apple Watch? Ultra but youre not buying no little kid, an 800 watch for them to be running around on the playground and end up breaking. This is a nice alternative. Okay, this is a nice alternative. Now they do have an app that you can connect and it does kind of work. But again everything is just extra gimmicky. Okay, dont waste, your time, pairing it up with the app and trying to figure everything out its just really gimmicky. Everything is kind of gimmicky. Again, this watch is really just about the look so heres. What Im gon na do Im gon na actually put it on and lets see how this looks on the wrist.

Okay, heres, how it looks on my wrist and honestly. If nobody told you, you would not know that this is not a real Apple watch. Ultra look at that lets see. Okay touch screen does actually work. Its actually kind of responsive all right lets. Try to uh lets. Try to lets try to um your heart rate. Monitor, while Im actually right now, look now that Im actually wearing it now it doesnt want to work yeah, you kidding me, you see thats what Im talking about, but anyway, nevertheless, all right, rich, I dont know if you planning on buying this for buying this, for One of your little gags that youll be pulling at the car meets I dont know, but for 25 bucks, all right for 25 bucks, Im gon na keep it real job. This is pretty cool all right. This is actually pretty cool its a nice looking replica watch as far as the functionality, not the best in the world, but just for looks it looks like an Apple Watch Ultra. It really does anyway, like I said, Im gon na keep. This short and sweet lets see was anything else we need to check out lets see if you swipe up. Oh look yeah, you got a calculator lets see if the calculator actually works. Okay, you do have a working calculator, I mean the actually works on it. Some of the stuff is a little its a little laggy here. It is sometimes, but the basic stuff does work basic stuff, SOS okay, that was SOS.

Lets try to SOS oh okay, lets, see okay press and hold the button to emergency call. Okay. Well, I mean look you can play with all of this stuff at your leisure. Okay anyway, like I said, Im gon na make this short and sweet. This is the zordai 25 Apple watch Ultra, like I said, if youre buying this just for photos in the gym or photos on Instagram. This is a win, but for everyday usage, the uh, the Biometrics I mean not the Biometrics, all of the uh medical centers are pretty gimmicky, but the look. The Look is right on par with the Apple watch. Ultra 800 bucks versus 25 bucks. Do the math yourself anyway hit me up. Think about this one and one more side. Note a lot of people have been asking me about my top 10 phones of 2022 video. I am doing that live on my stream for New Years. Okay, Im going to be streaming New Years night, Im going to start at 10, oclock, okay, again app action with notifications, Im going to start at 10 oclock New Years night and were gon na bring in the New Years Live on YouTube. Now, in the space of that two hours, while we waiting for the ball to drop Im gon na, do my top 10 phones Im gon na take some live calls. You know if yall want to join the stream Ill, send the link out were gon na.

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