Theres more options than youve ever had before, but heres my hot take.. The best smart watch for you guys is The Samsung Galaxy Watch5.. This is the best smart watch for Android users, because its got the perfect mix of smart features and fitness capabilities.. We all know that the Watch5 is absolute Trash. Theres, no, comparing it to the Pixel Watch. Theres, even no point in bringing up The MVP, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5. All hail the Greatest of all time. The Google Pixel Watch. Lets get into it.. I mean at least its not a Pixel Watch., I guess were doing this. Welcome to Versus.. There has been a lot of exciting Wear OS news this year and if youve been wondering which smart watch is the best Ive got you.. The Pixel Watch has arrived. Thats it.. We can just legit and this video right now and go back to our lives.. Oh my God., Please you just got here., Take a seat, enjoy a slice of humble pie and pay some respect to the Samsung Galaxy Watch5.. You know an actually smart Wear OS smart watch., The Pixel Watch wouldnt even be here. If Samsung and Fitbit werent there to save Googles butt. For the record, I am already sitting but fair enough. You should pay respect to ancient gadgets for paving the way for a better, newer, ones. Anywho were not here to dwell on the old Wear. Os. Were here to talk about the best Wear OS 3 smart watch and thats the Pixel Watch.

, The Samsung Galaxy Watch5.. Really You started it. As far as Wear OS 3 goes. You really cant beat the Pixel Watch. Its fast. The UI is intuitive and Googles, getting developers to reinvest in an Android wearable platform.. That means you get so many more third party apps now like Spotify, Calm and Strava., And on top of that, all the convenient Google service that a ton of people use like Google Maps, Google Wallet, Google, Home and YouTube music.. Yes, yes, the Play Store is a huge improvement but thats not unique to the Pixel Watch., Its a strength for all Wear OS 3 watches, including this one., And by the way the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 runs, Wear Os powered by Samsung.. It runs One UI Watch 4.5, which is like a skin that runs on top of Wear OS., Its a slicker interface with way cooler, animated watch faces.. I mean look at this app grid.. It actually makes use of the circular face.. The Pixel Watch just keeps going back to that same tired list menu with pill shaped cards.. It really brings out the thick bezels there. Bud., Oh, are we doing this? Are we really going in on bezels right now, Galaxy Watch5, All Im saying is its 2022.. Those are bezels from 2018.. Okay, I need everyone to chill about the bezels.. Its really not a thing. Youll only see the bezels like 2 of the time and freaking out about them is silly.

. I only ever see them. If I use the Pixel Watches photo watch face or the Google camera app and I dont have to use those if I dont like them., Also its not like the Galaxy Watch5 doesnt have bezels. Yeah, but they at least serve a function., Its a touch bezel.. You can swipe through widgets or tiles, as you insist on calling them. Four words: no physical rotating bezel.. You know the touch bezel just isnt as good. Dont play it off like its a strength.. First of all, thats 21 words and agree to disagree.. You know whats undeniably a strength, though The Galaxy Watch5s components are way more advanced.. The Pixel Watch uses a Samsung processor from the Galaxy Watch3. Thats, so old. Plus the Watch5, has a three in one biosensor that enables EKGs continuous heart rate, monitoring and body composition analysis. By the way that last one, no one else can do that natively in a Smart watch., Just because the Pixel Watch has a slightly older processor doesnt mean performance, is bad. Googles, also added a coprocessor for better battery, and this thing has more ramp., Two gigabytes baby. Its also not running an additional skin for aesthetics. And while Ill give you that Samsungs health features arent bad theyre, not on the same level as Fitbit, which you know has a ton of users and integrates natively with the Pixel Watch. Fitbit also has the best ballistic health and wellness features around and recovery.

Metrics. Yall dont got that yet and your new sleep tracking features are eh. Plus the Pixel Watch can take EKGs without requiring a whole separate app that only works on a Samsung phone.. The Pixel Watch doesnt discriminate. What features you get based on the phone you have. Look. Most Android users in the US are on a Samsung phone and EKGs arent useful to anyone who isnt at risk of AFib. Thats, not as huge of an issue as youre making it out to be.. Oh did I mention that the Galaxy Watch5 has a temperature sensor. You guys dont even do anything with that yet. Weak flex.! Well, you dont have to pay a 70 yearly subscription to get all the health features in the Samsung Health. App, like you do with Fitbit Premium., All Pixel Watches come with a free six months trial and its optional.. If you dont, opt in you still get a good number of health. Features. Yeah, but didnt Google nerf, some staple Fitbit health features like automatic workouts. Irregular heart rate alerts and Sp02 percentages for no obvious reason., Listen, its not perfect. Googles got ta, give the Fitbit sense to and versa for a reason to exist, but its still good enough for the type of people whod be interested in a flagship, smart watch., The Real fitness heads are gon na go for Garmin anyway., Oh its okay.. It comes with being a first gen device and all growing paints and such.

Im. Sure Google will figure it out when its a got a lot more experience like Samsung.. That is if Google doesnt prematurely kill the Pixel Watch, like it did. Well, for a first gen device, the Pixel Watches design looks way, better. Yeah, I said it.. I guess. If you want to be an Apple Watch copycat then sure.. The Pixel Watch band mechanism is whack, while the Galaxy Watch works with standard straps., And I like that, the Galaxy Watch5 has a flat screen because Im not going to end up cracking it when it knocks against something.. I dont know about that dumb screen., Its not sapphire crystal and didnt yall crack one of your Pixel Watches in like the first week, coughing, Oh and whats, with having only one size option. You know people come in all different shapes and sizes right, Yeah. Well, this size will work well for a wide range of people and smaller wristed people have gotten the short end of the stick. More often than not.. Google never said it. Wouldnt offer a bigger size in the future. Plus its nice to see a company pick a size that doesnt leave women and smaller framed people out.. Well, a bigger watch means bigger battery and at least you can get the Watch5 in a bigger 44 millimeter size. With a slightly better battery too., Listen can we both agree to not go into battery life Thats, not the best look for either watch.

Its basically daily charging for both and people are gon na start mentioning how their Garmins last a week and stuff. Fair. Samsung is Still slightly better though., You know these watches are a lot more alike than they are different. Theyre. Both health cellular handle notifications well, theyre, not the best at fitness tracking, but theyre good enough for the average person. They both have smart home support and Google Assistant.. We got Bixby too.. Nobody cares about Bixby., Stop trying to make Bixby happen.. I still care about Bixby., As I was saying its going to boil down to a matter of aesthetics and what you want out of a smart, watch. And price.. You forgot to mention price. For the record: Google charges 350 for the base model and 400 for the cellular.. The Watch5 starts at 280 for Bluetooth only and 330 for cellular. Look see this case Stainless steel.. That case Aluminum. 350 is fairly standard for this category, but were getting off track. Here. Yeah yeah. I know. Ill. Give you that the Pixel Watch is a solid first gen device and most of its issues are fixable.. It did a decent job for a newbie.. The Pixel Watch is probably a better fit for casual users who already have Fitbit accounts and use a lot of Google services. Aw thanks.. I guess youre right that there are several areas where the Pixel Watch could improve.. It is Googles first watch and I suppose you get a more polished overall experience on the Watch5, but the Pixel Watch will get there.

Hopefully. Well, somebodys got ta, stick it to Apple. Truce, Truce., Hey guys what you talking about The Apple Watch, everyone laughing! Do you want me to do that whole paragraph again with the like most Android users, Staff Yeah.