I got this for christmas. What is it? It is the open source watch the pine time and as somebody most people dont realize i am an avid person who works out every day. Almost i run ive done. Half marathons, i run 5k races and i do a lot of biking and weightlifting and other types of exercise. Anyhow, i love this. This is my first smart watch. I wanted to introduce this to everyone, because it is one of the only open source smart watches out there. Does it run linux? No, but you can actually sync it up with your iphone, your android or even your linux phone, your pine phone or otherwise, and the great thing is: it counts, my steps. It has things i didnt even realize it had to be honest with you. I hadnt even been keeping up with the pine time because i didnt have one, but now that i have one im really excited to have one. It can also check my heart rate. So if i hit that button ill be able to keep an eye on my heart rate, so if im trying to stay in a fat burning zone or say a cardio beneficia zone, i would simply hit the heart rate. Monitor and id be able to make sure. My heart rate stayed up between 65 percent and 85 percent of the max heart rate, so really cool there. It counts my steps so im able to keep track of how far i run and how far i walk when im walking so really great stuff.

Here really look forward to exploring more of it and what i didnt realize is it has more than that it actually has. You can even use this little pad here and actually draw on it, which is really cool. As i mentioned, ive never had a smart watch before so. To me, this stuffs amazing, and it even has a couple games here, not really sure what this one is, but it looks like obviously its something to do with numbers on little square board. Now, theres another game heres a common one, its kind of like a pong game. So you move that around and you try to bounce that ball back. You get a score for every time, youre able to do that as you notice here so stuff. I didnt even know came on this with the infinity time, so definitely want to give a shout out to the developers there. I know you and lee and jf have done an excellent job and im sure many others that im not aware of are working on this. So thanks a lot for your hard work, really appreciate this. I love this watch im going to be wearing it a lot im going to be looking more into the details inside and see what i can do with it so ill have future videos on basically what im able to do with it. So, of course, ill be sharing that in future videos, but if youre looking for an open source, smart watch, you know this is a really cool option and whats better is its only twenty seven dollars.

So i mean really. Can you even get a watch for twenty? Seven dollars anymore, not that likely, especially one that does all this. As you can see, it has my steps today down there at the bottom and just really excited about this, its rechargeable. You know when you take it off and you it has a magnetic back that you simply lay on the charger. I dont have the charger next to me, but its pretty easy to charge you just plug it up to one of your usb bricks, and then you simply attach it to the magnetic case that it actually has its own little platform there. So really cool watch love the pine time great work from everyone who worked on it im going to explore some of the other operating systems. Um. Of course you got stopwatch. You got a lot of other things you can do for you know different things if youre working out, if youre somebody who wants to sync it to your phone, you can do all those things and setting the time was really easy. I used a script or a program called siglo and i can leave some links to that and what it did was it took the time from my pine phone and it automatically synced that up. For me, it even has things like a flashlight where you can light up the watch and make it especially bright. Something like that. So if you need to see in the dark, you could turn that into a quick little mini flashlight.

So thats another really cool feature. There really great work everyone who worked on this im really excited to have my very first smart watch, of course, ill be covering some more of the aspects that you might want to know about in future videos, and, as i explore this watch more so great stuff, One here i really love it and i look forward to doing more videos on it, but i really wanted to introduce all my followers to the pine time as a great option. If youre looking for an open source, smart smartwatch comes from pine64, they develop the hardware and the community does the software so really great stuff? Here this is what came with the watch. This is the operating system that came with the watch. Of course, youre able to explore several other options out there, so this is my video for the day. I just wanted to share what i got for christmas this year as a present and uh. I think its a really great option if youre looking for a smart watch, thats, not spying on you, thats, not sending your data to some of those big tech companies that are just looking to harvest your heart rates, your traveling, your you know your navigation. All of that stuff, you have to worry about that when you have proprietary and overpriced hardware such as you know, the apple watch and whatnot so just wanted to put that out there as a great open source option for anyone interested in a smart watch and anybody Who does the kind of exercising i do so thats? What i got today guys hope you like this video and check out the pine time its over at pine64.

com. That is the website for this pine 64 store. So if you want to check out some of the hardware that i play with here, make sure to check out the store over there, so thats. What i got today guys hope you, like this video, make sure to leave a comment.