This watch right here in fact, which ive had strapped to my arm for just over a week now the simply titled poco watch boasts some premium specs and features, including a punchy amoled screen all the usual fitness tracking tools, including built in gps support, and some please And battery life all packed into this weeny wrist size device, so is the pocket watch a smarter, cheaper alternative to the samsung watch apple watch, yada yada, well, heres, my full in depth, poker watch review and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first ive got to say that i really love how the poker watch sports a decidedly asexual design. Oh hang on where thats not the right term at all, because that would suggest that this watch doesnt and let me tell you the poker watch. Definitely it pretty hard. What i meant was its not really gender specific, because that compact lightweight finish will suit more feminine wrists, like my own, as well as big old burly man arms. This is easily one of the skinniest smartwatches ive reviewed in recent times, measuring just under a centimeter at its thickest point. While the 31 gram weight, including the strap means you wont, even feel it when its stuck to you 24 hours a day, theres only a small number of color options available at launch for the poco watch and, if youre not too tempted by this standard black model.

Your other choices are basically blue or ivory. Swirl on earth is the bright yellow version like bright, yellow being the color that everyone immediately associates with poco i mean look even the box for the poker watch is incredibly yellow. Who knows maybe thatll come later, and certainly the poker watch seems rugged enough so far, ive bashed that matte chassis and that display off plenty of work surfaces on the edge of my desk a good few times this past week. As you can see, there, theres subtle, sticky out bezels to actually protect the display and touchwood. So far, still perfectly scratch free and the poker watch is blissfully comfortable to wear all day long every day as well. Helped, along by the extremely lightweight design, thankfully seems to be a good quality. Silicon style strap as well. Ive had absolutely no rashes or skanky skin issues after a full week of having it slapped on my wrist and the buckle watch like many small watches these days. Even the more budget friendly ones is water resistant down to a depth of five atmospheres. So, in other words, if you want to go snorkeling – or you know just leave it on when youre in the swimming pool, it does a full swim tracking as well, but more on that in a bit now, setting up the poco watch was so simple that even A jordy could do it with minimal help from his mates. All you need to do is download the me fitness app onto your smartphone, its available on the google play store and also the apple app store and then in just a minute or two you can get your small watch paired to your smartphone using bluetooth.

5.0. The me fitness app is pretty comprehensive, so youve got all kinds of different settings and features that you can play around with here via the app. So, for instance, you can change up the watch face again more on that in a bit. You can set up your app notifications, so every time one of these apps receives a notification, your watch will buzz and give you a brief preview, and you can switch this on or off for basically every app on your smartphone comprehensive coverage. You also have access to all of your health monitoring features via the app as well. So, for instance, you can see whether you want that 24 hour a day heart rate monitoring by default itll take a reading every half an hour so which i think is perfectly fine, but you can, if you want to have a reading taken every single minute of The day the old spo2 measurements, the blood oxygen levels, it doesnt, take automatic readings throughout the day, only while youre asleep, if you want to per usual stress, tracking sleep tracking and then, if you want to you, can have your pocket watch, occasionally annoy you by buzzing. Your wrist and telling you to get off your arse and stop eating pork, scratchings and watching homes under the hammer. You can also select your favorite workout spin here as well, so just get rid of any stuff youre highly unlikely to do which, for in my case, is basically all of this stuff theres plenty of other sense you can play around with and from within.

Here you can also update the poker watch now. The poker watchers 1.6 inch amoled display is an absolute view to easily rivaling the screens that youll find on most other premium price. Small watches the 360 by 320 pixel resolution means those visuals are supremely crisp, so you can easily read all of the tiny text as long as your peepers are up to it, of course, and of course, youve got all the other advantages of oled displays, including sharp Contrast, youve got some really nice vivid poppy colors there and super wide viewing angles as well. So you can just surreptitiously glance at your watch from an angle and still clearly see what the time is etc and the poker watch does support an auto brightness feature as well. So it gets reasonably dim in the evenings and then, when you skip your way merrily down the high street on a sunny day, it does boost that brightness all the way up. I got no complaints with the peak brightness. Everything was perfectly legible. Even when the sun did decide to shine and of course, because it is an amoled display, that also means you get the always on display option if you dont want to be constantly raising your wrist in a dramatically over exaggerated manner. In order to see what the time is, etc and while that display isnt quite edge to edge exactly the bezels surrounding it, arent exactly super chunky. So not too much to complain about and like xiaomis, smart watches.

Youve got a respectable selection of watch faces to choose between not a massive number pre installed. As you can see there, you can easily jump online grab some new ones, including some poco specific efforts. So, even if you cant have a bright, yellow, smart watch, at least you can turn the screen bright, yellow. So there you go: poco, passionate, powerful cool, fast young, fun, im, not entirely sure about young fun. That does sound a little bit. Jimmy savalesque, as always, youve got a choice of mechanical ones, digital analog and a variety of cartoony style ones as well, if youre more into that, they are undeniably cute. Unfortunately, you cant customize a lot of the elements on most of these uh watch faces. So, for instance, you cant see it. I dont want a battery meter. I just want todays actual date, please now its no massive shock that the ui here on the uh, the poco watch is very similar to the one youll find on the xiaomi watches like the watch s1, which i recently reviewed because, of course, the bonds between xiaomi And poko are clearly still very strong. Indeed, as usual, you can turn on your watch with just a quick tap of this little button here. Otherwise there is a reason to wake feature as well. This takes you into your main watch face if you flick, left and right thats how you access all of your pockel watch widgets – and these are the standard affairs likes of your heart rate.

Monitoring youve got your spo2 levels, exercise tracking and, of course, a brief overview of how many steps youve taken, how many active hours youve had, etc. Media controls in there as well, if theres any you dont like you, can just dive into the widgets section on the me fitness settings and get rid of them. You can also add in sleep and stress tracking, and just as with the xiaomi watch, the ui is slightly reversed here on the pocket watch compared with a lot of competitors where os watches etc. Because you have to swipe up in order to access your settings and toggles and then swipe down to access notifications, the notification support is pretty basic. Unfortunately, here on the poco watch, like a lot of watches that arent an apple watch or aware os watch, all you can do is get a brief preview of whats ticked through and unfortunately thats it. You cant delete the message you cant respond to it uh. Unfortunately, sod all so yeah the notification sport may be pretty basic on the poco watch, but i had no issues with the sync in between my smartwatch and my smartphone, the s22. Every time i got a notification on that phone. My wrist would immediately buzz about half a second later, if that, even likewise, not a huge selection of toggles here on the poker watch either youve got your usual, do not disturb mode torch mode. You can set an alarm and you can also dive into the main smartwatch settings.

This replicates a lot of the settings that youll find in the me. Fitness app, including the ability to switch watch faces youve, got, do not disturb more youve got your workouts turn on the always on display. So exactly how long the screen wakes up for you can also set the vibration intensity via the pocket watch settings. And let me tell you even on the default settings that was certainly strong enough to attract my attention, its a very eager, little buzz. It is and then back at the main watch face, you can tap that side button again to access your apps menu and, yes, it is a small selection of apps here on the pocket. Watch not really expandable at all. You dont have a proper, dedicated app store, but you do have all the basics covered, often including stopwatches timers got a compass, etc and, of course, yes, breathing exercises. We do love a good breathing exercise complete with again some serious rumble support. Unfortunately, when it comes to performance, not exactly super smooth here on the poker watch, this is clearly one of the areas where poko is going to scale things back a bit in order to reach a lower asking price. Occasionally, when the watch first wakes up, it can take a moment, or so after you swipe the screen before something actually happens like its just had one too many whiskey sours and needs that extra bit of thinking time before actually taking action in particular scrolling through your Notifications list feels very lethargic.

Indeed, it just takes a lot of swiping to actually get through there and everythings a bit sort of stuttery. I did notice the occasional little quirk as well so, for instance, sometimes when i was flicking through the widgets, it would just quickly for a split second flash back to the main watch face before actually cutting to the widget that i was trying to swipe to. But you know the time im shooting this video, the poker watch is still pre launched, let alone pre release. So hopefully these little bugs will be squashed before it actually hits stores. And while i am griping about stuff theres, also no built in mic or speaker here on the poco watch, so no assistant support no ability to take calls via the watch etc and also, if you happen to be into your fitness shes well as long as youre. Not expecting hardcore support here, just more casual exercise tracking, then you and the poker watch should get on absolutely fine. The likes of the whole ear tracking seems perfectly accurate, certainly compared with any other smartwatch that ive tested recently and then, if you want to actually track an exercise, you can either swipe to the widget and begin it that way. Otherwise, you can also do it via the apps menu and yes, the pocket watch does support a hundred plus fitness modes covering most of the usual on flapping ass jiggling ways that people try and burn off all of that saggy flabby waste stuff weve got some pretty Obscure stuff in here some very niche things like artistic swimming, for instance, and good old paddle boarding, which seems quite popular these days, although i still maintain that you cant do that without looking like an utter knob and so just finished a boxing training session.

This is so you can see the fitness tracking in full swing. As you can see, you can see exactly how long youve been going for your current heart rate calories burned as well, if youre interested in a bit of that, if you swipe this way, you can pause or end your workout and if you swipe the other way, You can play around with whatever podcast or music youre listening to to really get you going. Video controls work absolutely flawlessly and then, when you are finished, as i say, you can also just hold down the side button. If your fingers are a bit too sweaty to actually operate the screen and then youre, given an overview of exactly uh, what you managed to accomplish, including a reasonably accurate killer, calorie count, your heart rate throughout and also at the end of you leave it once you Can see your recovery rate, you can see exactly uh what categories you fit into aerobic respiration, anaerobic, etc, and then the information is immediately synced with the me fitness app. So you can uh check out your workout in retrospective as well, and the bokeh watch also boasts built in gps support as well for three systems: glonass, galileo and then beardow baydu, however youre supposed to pronounce that one and it seems to do the job absolutely fine For you know just tracking a bit of a wonder down the street bit of a hike or whatever, but if you are using it to track, run and cant vouch for it on that front.

Unfortunately, because do i look like i run for anything i mean if this house was burning down around me right now. The best i could muster up is probably a half hearted jog to the exit, the sleep tracking as usual, a little bit wishy washy. To be perfectly honest, it didnt quite recognize all the numerous times. I was awake during the night last night, for instance, because i got some really solid sleep, but to be fair, its no worse than any other small watch out there. You can also get a readout of your average heart rate as you had your bit of kip and then last step. Poco range youll get up to 14 days of battery life on a single charge of the poco watch, but, as always of course, do take. That estimate with a massive dose of salt, because i personally found that, once i turned on the always on display the 24 hour heart rate tracking and most of the other decent features, notifications support, of course, as well. I actually got closer to three to four days of use from a single charge of this bad boy, especially if i actually made use of the exercise tracking once a day some of the apps. You know the timer and the stopwatch and such forth. So you know the poker watch isnt as good as some rivals from likes of huawei and xiaomi, but look at the size of this thing, its absolutely teeny and the fact that it lasts.

I thought three to four days on a single charge. That means you can charge it up before a long weekend away somewhere and not even have to worry about it. Taking the you know, the dinky little magnetic dock and its still a damp side better than most premium rivals like the apple watch, the samsung watch, which tend to last a day, maybe two, if youre, really really strict with how you use it. Sorry there. In a nutshell, is my review of the poco watch after using its my full time smartwatch for a week, and i do like quite a lot about it. You know its a very nice slender lightweight small watch if youre looking for something like that, youve got quite dnt wrists, like myself, will certainly do the job there battery life in bad at all, gorgeous display on this thing, and it has most of the sort of Standard small watch features, including dedicated fitness tracking youve got a good selection of watch faces on there, some decent customization, but, of course, if you do want the option to download fresh apps and really expand the functionality of your smartwatch, you also want that really. Smart notification support: you will have to bump up your budget and go for something like a samsung watch and apple watch instead, so thats. What i think anyway, born about you, guys be great to your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves a bloody, lovely.

The rest of the week cheers everyone love.