We will be seeing what we have in the box, the design, what materials it is made of what options we have in the software. We will run some tests and try some of the measurements and see if this watch is worth buying in the next video well see how to connect with android in ios, which app does it use. And what option do we have in these apps Music? Before we start dont forget to like share and subscribe so lets begin here immediately with the new halo gst. Here we have the box so lets unwrap it and have a look at whats inside. As you can see in the box, we have the watch and you can see its a really beautiful watch. Simplicity is the essence. It is what halo describes the gst. It is light design having 42 grams with a simple lightweight design. The wearable has a rectangular body with a single physical button on the side. It is a compact, smart watch that has an ip68 dust proof body as well as waterproof. The sleek display is accompanied by a skin friendly silicone strap that is comfortable to wear underneath we have the manual that shows us how to use it. Where you can see all the information you want for the watch. Next is the magnetic charging cable to charge. Our watch, which can take about two hours to fully charge and the battery which has a capacity of 220 milliamp hours, can last up to nine days for normal use or 20 days on standby.

Now here is the watch and, as you can see, it has the tpu black straps, which are really great with adjustable length from 150 to 215 millimeters, and you can get it in different colors like it is 245 millimeters in length 45.1 millimeters width, 11.5, millimeters thickness With a very durable glass and it weighs at around 50 grams, including the strap, the halo gst smartwatch – has a full color screen with full touch support. It has a 1.69 inch inch tft lcd screen with a 240x 280 pixel resolution, and on top of that is a 2.5 d tempered glass screen. It runs the rtl 8762c processor, with g sensor, heart rate monitoring, as well as blood oxygen monitor. The smart watch has bluetooth 5.0 that is compatible with android 6.0 and above ios, 11.0 and above platform. So now lets go inside and see what options and apps we have here. If you swipe down, we have options like brightness date, do not disturb and settings. If you swipe left or right, we can see some of the widgets. We have set up like steps which monitors your steps, calories burnt in distance, traveled, heart rate, where you can monitor and see your statistics on your heart rate and also measure it. If you want spo2 sleep to look at our sleep statistics and breathe to look at our breathing statistics, if you swipe up, it will show you the home screen with all the apps inside which right now are on a list view like steps, heart rate and spo2, Where you can monitor your statistics and also measure it if you want next up, weve got sport, which this watch supports: 12 sport modes like outdoor running cycling, walking football, basketball, yoga and many more.

Next, we got an exercise record where it tracks all our exercises done. Calories burnt and distance traveled, then we have weather where you can program your city with gps. We also have sleep which helps you establish a regular bedtime routine and keeps track of your sleep trends night after night. Next weve got notice. That shows our notifications, which, for the moment we dont have any then music control to play anything. You want from your phone. After that, we have more where we have more apps like stopwatch countdown find phone and breath training, then on the bottom, weve got settings where we have options like watch face which will show us all of the faces. You can choose from to change it and you can change it in an instant by choosing it and, as you can see, weve got a large number of them to choose from weve got brightness to leave whatever brightness we see fit on five different levels: the about Option shutdown and reset option now what were going to do is put on the watch and test some of the measurement options for ourselves. First, up lets go to the heart rate, monitor which constantly will measure your heart rate and can show you your previous and average heart rate. It will take a bit, then it will show us our heart rate next lets try the spo2 measurement and measure ro2 levels. This also takes some time, and it shows your current state of o2 levels and also shows your previous and average o2 levels.

It will also show you your heart, bpm or beats per minute, so this is pretty much it for the watch. I really enjoyed reviewing this model and its a really great watch, so i really liked it its really easy to use pretty fast and has everything you would want in a watch in the next video. We will see how to connect it with android and ios, which apps does it use, and what options do we have in these apps so stay tuned for that so guys this was all for todays video.