I am james and today we’re going to be taking a look at the cardio and that’s c, a r d. I e o fit pro smart watch, so it takes your blood pressure. You can send text messages, uh, regular text, messages and social media. It tracks your steps and your sleep. It has an egress protection, 67 certification, that’s, also waterproof up to three meters. So this is what you get. This is the watch i kind of already took off the screen already the protector, but this is the watch itself so by you turn it on by long pressing. This button right here for two seconds, one two what’s up let’s, set that to the side. For a second, you get the wristband, the wristbands that come with the watch. These are a polymer plastic type material. This is kind of like aluminum Music, and this is your charger. You place the watch on the dock, like so Music, aligning the metal, the two metal prongs with the two metal backs there that you see they are gold, snap, it together and, of course, plug it into the wall or your any usb port on your laptop or Computer and it will charge Music simply snap it off to disconnect also comes with the instructions, is all right: let’s assemble the watch Music. Now this end make sure goes at the top of the watch slide it in it might give you a little bit of trouble, but it does slide a little bit too far.

Just give it a push back Music same with this one. Now, if you see the indentation the kind of feel uh in the band here, that’s how you know, which way is up if the phone is able to sleep you’re going to hit the side button once turn to the side, to give you guys a side view To tap it again gives you your menu, so i double tap, gives you the manual, so you would have different settings say if you wanted to play tennis if you wanted to play volleyball or if you wanted to play. Let’S need your music from your phone there’s. Ups and crunches also gives you your accessibility to your text messages as well: um, badminton, um, cycling, anything that you want to do on the go. This would track those things so let’s say if you wanted to do your uh track, the velocity of your swing and when you’re playing tennis, you select that icon – and this is what comes up. I went too far that’s what comes up other than that. That is the home screen. You get to change that and we’re going to i’m going to show you an app that you download, which would be the uh fit pic now fit pro app. Forgive my uh mispronunciation now you’re going to want to download or sync the app to your phone when you’re doing that you’re going to download this app, it is called the fit pro.

Can you see it there? It is right there when you open it up. This is what it looks like let’s see if you can do a little bit better with this light a little bit better. That is the fit pro our fit pro smart watch app once you sync it you are able to uh, get your heart rate on the fly uh. It tracks your steps as well. Through your phone um let’s say: if you lose your watch, you can hit find the fine button and it will make your watch vibrate and sound off.