com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have here another smart band. We have the q8 fitness tracker or skewed fitness; okay band, so it’s; a beautiful smart band; okay, very light and sporty okay. So we have it here: okay, there’s, a version for this one, an upgraded version. I think it is that is the q8s fitness tracker or q8s smart band. So what we have here is the q8 fitness mark band. Okay sporty. I love the color here. Beautiful strap. Two tone strap sporty body: okay, metal sidings here, okay and curve; okay, slightly curved display here. So we have the specs on our website. Okay, q8. Fitness tracker, so smartwatch check out the website below okay, so we have powered by nrf51a. We have 70 mh standby time. Okay, 0.96 inch oled screen touch button, key very lightweight 22 grams. Only okay, i think we have a mistake here: it’s not powered by android wear, but rather powered by proprietary operating system; okay, bluetooth, 4.0; okay, 30 meters, waterproof heart rate and pedometer, with features here: okay and available in red and green color compatible with android and ios. So let’s go back to this fitness tracker. I think it has. The body is available in black only with different, strap here. Okay, i don’t know if it’s interchangeable seems like it’s, not okay, but anyway still it looks, durable. Okay, you don’t need to replace it. Okay and it has a beautiful sporty looking smart band – 4d charging cable – i think it is.

It is using a charging clip, although i’m not a fan of this one but still it’s, okay, hey! I can manage just clip it on like this and that’s your charging clip 40 q. 8 smart band, okay, for the support app let’s check on the details here, so it is compatible with android and ios. So it is using the fit cloud app okay, available in ios and google play so let’s check on the design of, or rather the menu features of the smartwatch. Again, if you have any questions regarding the smart band, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay. So if you have any questions regarding the smart band, the specs and features, please drop a comment below okay, so let’s remove the screen protection here. Okay, shiny glossy, i don’t know if this is glass. Okay seems like it is: a glass tempered, glass let’s check it there’s. Still a battery left on the smart band. Okay, so that’s it. It is activated very fast. Small display screen. Okay, so we have here the steps. Let’S have a closer look. Okay, we have the calorie the distance, the sleep, the training, okay, let’s check on the training here: okay, very good, animation. Okay, again, let’s go back again. Steps calories, sleep, training, okay, so we have the walking here. So it is monitoring for the heart rate, calories and distance. We have the running. We have the climbing. We have the swimming and it’s it.

So very few sports functions here: okay, hey! I wish they could have added more us, okay, maybe it’s in the support app – and this is just the default okay let’s check on the support i play on our next video. We have the heart rate. We have the blood oxygen monitoring, okay, very good. We have the blood pressure, also, okay, message: notifications: we have the timer, we have the find and i lost feature and that’s it: okay, so that is your q, a fitness tracker or smart man; okay, so far, it’s a very simple device: okay, very affordable fitness tracker With few good features, okay, such as sport and help okay, so here on the watch face okay on the dial. We have the steps: okay, the battery the date and the time beautiful sporty. I like the look, okay, let’s check and let’s; try it on okay. How does it look? Okay, i like the this. I know this one i like the color beautiful device, beautiful screen very bright, and i like the metal sidings here left and right okay. So this is your q8 fitness tracker, so let’s check more on the pictures here. Okay, let’s focus: okay, oled touch button, key okay, here’s, a cool looking sport man for those who are looking for the latest fitness tracker with a cool design and equip with heart rate, monitor and, of course, we check it. We also have a blood pressure and blood oxygen 0.

96 inch oled screen with touch button key operation. The q8 smartphone has two toned breathable sporty silicone strap with stainless steel buckle, okay under the hood, okay that’s, the hardware. The sportband is powered by nrf511 processor and features a heart rate monitor as well as speedometer. Okay. It also has a multiple tracking features like running swimming badminton and basketball. Okay features include okay, although it’s, not here, maybe it’s, on the support app. We have sleep, monitoring, sedentary call and message notifications, alarm, calorie counter social, app notifications, 70mh battery, with a standby time of up to seven days. It is using the charging clip, but if you want a more advanced smart band, okay, but you want a design like this. Go for the q8s fitness tracker it’s, a beautiful fitness tracker also the same two tone: color, almost the same design, but more advanced features for this smart band. Again, this is the premiere site, 4 smartwatch specs news and reviews.