Let’S get some start. Look at this camera at the top, so i’m just going to hold the home button just to plug it. To start it. This could be nice jingle. So we have the clock. There’S two clocks, so let’s press, the home button we have. The camera is their first app, so let’s press the camera just as a camera, so yeah so we’re, just gon na take a picture of me. She’S gon na take a picture of me. This is um. Take a picture of you guys. So if we go to the camera app, oh oops, i keep taking pictures like you’re taking pictures. Just let me go over here, which is go over here. A lot of pictures on this thing. A lot of pictures this this is my this is my view all right. What else do we have? This is um. What else do we have on this thing? Let’S see: uh a white picture. Okay, what else what’s this pictures? My my accidental pictures? Oh no let’s go back to the home screen. I have videos, hello, everybody right now: i’m recording on a kids, smart watch, and this is and – and this is my ipad – so yeah i’m recording on a kids smart watch – save that all right, let’s um go over here, go down to the bottom. Where is the bottom? It just never ends 16 right here. She i go to the clock. I should be able to change the volume come on that’s, not it that’s, not it there we go.

That was a little bit better. Let’S let’s. Do that video again just stretch much louder now here i should just i’m sorry. This is this is the reason why i turned that down. People are sleeping and i don’t want to disrupt themselves. Put it down. Just a little bit and let’s see let’s see, looks yeah anyone there, video, oh jesus options, play delete a second for the rest of the time he was gon na have low volume. Sorry i need i. I need low volume. Let’S go for two volume, all right! Let’S explore the rest of the abs here. What else do we have? We have this button? Have this alien invasion? The aliens are invading solve the equation to stop them all. Right. Let’S see let’s um, see see this gameplay five times, one five that’s loud, okay, that’s loud it’s, not so well because we’re moving to the next game. Oh geez, where am i where’s? Where did it go? Okay, let’s! Go for catch the dragon. The baby dragons are missing from the castle how’s the night catch all of them, memorize, where they are hiding to find them. How many? How many okay, i’m gon na catch, the baby dragon he’s hiding under clouds, which remember which cloud he was hiding under all right? Tell me which claw which clouded it it is in the comments. Actually there’s, no comments. Here we go oh geez, i didn’t even look i’m, just gon na guess here, uh wrong! All right! Let’S! Try this again up here, all right, it’s! Here yes, going to all right, so easy he’s hiding under the flames, all right all right, all right! Next game, that’s, good! All right! This is the last game.

We’Re gon na do ep spelling catch this fish. To spell the word in the sand, there were the snail all right here we go. Where is it that’s, the z? I thought it was an s. Well, i can wait all day for you here, there’s this. Yes, yes, i caught it and oh hey. Those are. Okay, l, i already got an a why i where’s the l there. Is it yay? Okay? Next we have more games, you have dodge balls, i mean i don’t want to play dodgeball with us. Let’S go for the zoo, i’ve done this before let’s. Just take the quiz, my nose, i know that’s a cow that’s, a cow Music that’s, a sheep Music that’s, a horse Music, that is a snake that’s, a monkey it’s, a monkey, Music and that’s a tiger pretty sure that was a chicken, a pig that’s, a rabbit Music that’s, a dog that’s, a chicken Music, all right next up a few here, what’s this one let’s turn it just like. What is this? Oh, what can you do in this app? Nothing to do. Let’S go for this book. Uh it’s, just a way to write to read little books. There once was marvelous let’s go for this little present stories. Okay, since copenhagen is going on how to wash your hands make sure you have a soap bar or hand soap, wash your hands push down the top until the soap comes out on your hand, load yourself around and sing your hand and sing a song for 20 Seconds turn on the water and rinse all the soap off dry, your hands with a towel.

Now your hands are nice and clean, pretty accurate for club 19.. This is a song. My music sing belongs the alphabet. Song let’s go okay. Next page, we got scooby doo select your background. Let’S just go for flowers, because that’s, because if my burgers seems a different background, he’s gon na scream go for the shoe. Come with me, start jump okay! Next! Next one all right! Here we go. Oh boys, everybody right now: i’m, making a voice sound on on a kids, smart watch saved i’m, pretty sure, there’s, eight, so hello, everybody right now: i’m, making okay let’s go for the flower ufo! Okay! Here we go calendar yep, that’s, yep it’s, the 15th. That looks like this is a it’s, a 2 but it’s a 15. flip. It backwards, it’s, 15., so yeah i’m. Sorry, if it’s backwards by the way, stopwatch yep that’s the stop, watch alright what’s. This thing oh it’s, an alarm, pretty nice put this out, put the volume up, put it down. No, i don’t want it. Okay with that, but pretty pretty nice once i have a timer, 30 minutes, let’s pause that all right next page all right. This is the last page, first date in case of emergency. Please fill in the appropriate information in case of an emergency name, beta breaker files using conditions, blood type number ice ice. How to download your photos all right here we go that’s step. Four turn off your watch, plug in micro, usb cable into your watch, connect the watch to your computer with the micro, usb cable click, the watch drive on your computer and then pull your photos and videos into your computer.

How to upload your music turn off your watch: plugin, okay, Music settings volume, brightness data time, advanced settings, memory and factory set. I don’t want to touch that about. Please visit us at techwearables.com so overall, i’m. Pretty sure this is a pretty good watch. Let’S turn it off Music, nice.