I am going to review this real me. Tech life watch s100. So this watch is actually a fairly cheap watch all right, but it is packed with features um software, basically um and quality. All right that is, match matchable and comparable to a two or three hundred dollar smartwatch out in the market right now so um, so im gon na review whats the features it has and why is it so cool, and why do i love this watch so without Further ado lets do a quick unboxing and my first impression of it and after that were gon na, do talk about the features and so on so um now lets do a quick review and unboxing and see what we have inside this box, all right so ill. Just quickly unbox open this thing up all right, so im, im, im unboxing the first time with you guys so um. I have no idea whats inside this box, so lets pull this thing. Lets pull this tab right out here. All right as you can see. Okay, so the box inside is empty, as you guys can see all right. So lets put this aside, especially in this one site: okay, so um. We got us accessories. First, all right and we get a manual, so we got menu itself and we have. This. Is the um, the char, the charging device so um at the charger all right and this off is inside the box as accessories and now we can see.

We have the watch here itself and this is the watch itself, so um first impression, this watch is really really lightweight all right, um and lets open this up and see: okay, so its come with a rubber strap and this rubber strap feels really smooth but really Premium in hand its not like those cheap, rubber, straps all right, i think this rubber strap can. Last you quite long. Usually im used um this. I think this is a different type of rubber that they use right. I have used. I have um all kinds of wash uh im, actually im a watch collector and actually um some of the rubber straps that i use on the watch right. They are those very cheap quality rubber straps. They either leave stains on your on your wrist, all right or you know it cracks, um in hot weather or humid weather, or even sunlight right, but this is a totally different rubber and it feels very smooth to the hand so im pretty sure this rubber can. Last you for a long time, all right, so this is a very nice strap all right and also one thing is that this this watch right here you have interchangeable, strap. If you can see, this is a close up shot as you can see, um uh. This is an interchangeable strap, so you can buy this aftermarket strap in the market. If you guys want to change up your style, maybe a metallic, strap and so on.

So its changeable all right so lets do lets peel this off and um lets. Do a closer look at this, this wash itself all right lets get this thing off all right, and the wash itself, though, looks like an apple watch from afar, so its really nice, because i really like the round rounded edges of the watch all right. It just feels um really premium on your hand right and it is. It works nicely on your wrist all right and as well as the the body itself, is like a metallic aluminium im, not all right, so its a very durable um case, all right. Its not like those cheap plastic case that youll find out there in some of the smart watches so um. First of all, its a very premium quality feel all right and um. It is. A glass is glass on the um front and behind we have the heart rate, monitor sensor the blood pressure oxygen sensor, everything behind the back, all right, so its pretty technically what you get in the smart watch itself and at the side we have a power button. All right and the power button is the only one button which is the power button on the side as well. All right so lets turn it on uh, first impression, all right so im. Actually turning on so im going to do a setup process or im gon na show you how you guys can set it up and connect to your phone.

All right and um were gon na go through with the features that it has um on this watch itself, all right, so all right so now, im gon na show you guys how you guys can connect it to this smartphone paired with a smartphone, so theres qr Code and you have to scan with your mobile devices there we go so you bring it to download the app itself, remember, fit, go and download it and then, after you can pair with your watch itself this there you go click on pair and you have solid Fully packed your watch with the phone itself, so although they have firmware upgrade automatic firmware, upgrade Music all right, so you have been connected to the watch itself. As you can see right, you can see all the batteries, the address version, everything and you can control it. All onto your phone from your phone from this realme fit app all right. You can select the dial that you want all right, theres tons, a hundred different type of tile that you guys can choose from right, and this is the first setup of the watch itself. All right so now lets talk about the um technical specification, all right so um. This watch is rated ip68 water and dust resistant, so you can use it on for outdoors. You know washing your hands, you know or just actually dropping it into the your toilet, bowl or whatever all right um. It is able to resist all these things so um and as for the display, all right, it is a 1.

69 inch color display so um yeah. You get um, you dont, basically like a mini display and its a fairly large display on the smart wall. So you can see view all the notification um. You know look through all the stuff on the watch very easy and and its easy to select between different apps that you want on the watch itself, because the screen is very large, so you can easily touch on the screen itself, all right, all right and um. On the back, all right, heres um theres a lot of um sensors behind all right, so um. Let me just go through what it can read, so you can receive your um heart rate, all right, your um blood, oxygen level, your skin temperature, so on and so forth. You know to to stay to keep track of your. You know your heart rate. You know your oxygen level make sure that you know they are well so um yeah, so this can be used if you are running or what so its very helpful as well right and all right. This watch can last up to 12 days on a single chart. So you trust for one time, and you can last you close to about two weeks of usage as well, so um yeah, so its really cool, so you dont have to keep charge charging. You know thats one of the downside on the smartwatch that you guys will have to constantly charge it, but this one just charge one time and it can last you about two weeks uh without the need to charge again so its really nice uh features on on This watch, and as well as the um other features that you have you know in the typical smartwatch.

Like you know, you can adjust your clock here. Adjust your play, different, adjust your music, you know, adjust your volume, you know, i mean control the weather. You know um control, the camera. You know, find your phone stop watch time, also and so forth. You know all the basic functions of the smart watch right. It has in this um smartwatch itself, so yeah and um. It fits quite well on my wrist um as because i have a quite a tiny wrist. You can see on the camera right here right. My wrist is kind of tiny, so um. My wrist is about six inches, all right, its very small, and it fits very well on my wrist. So if you have a bigger wrist or smaller wrist, i you will look great on both as well so um yeah. They have all those like um built in gyroscopes um. You know also accelerometer as well so um like if you tilt your watch to your face, all right, you will uh on the screen automatically. So this is one of the power saving modes. So if you are not looking at your watch, it will try to um conserve as much battery as possible thats why it can last up to about 12 or more days on a single charge, so thats amazing as well, and this watch all right. Um uses bluetooth. 5.1 connectivity so um its the late is the latest um bluetooth technology so um.

It basically connects to any phone and um. It is um, very sturdy all right and has a very strong connection, so you wont um. You know scat that you dont want um the uh. You will disconnect your phone randomly, sometimes all right. It happens on the other few smart watches i own so um this one. Actually, it stays connected to your phone all the time right so um. You dont, have to worry about interference or disconnection from your phone anytime from this watch and this strap all right. Uh can be used. Um during my unboxing video um, i said about this cheese trap. Interchangeable other strap right so, basically its its not like the other strap after market strap. That is specifically made for this smartwatch right. You can use basically any um strap all right that uses a 20 millimeter, lock wave so um any 20 millimeter strap that you can see outside there right it all fits in this wall, so its pretty amazing all right. So, in conclusion, would i recommend this watch or, if youre out there looking for a smart watch that is cheap and affordable? What i recommend is real me, s100 smartwatch. I would highly recommend it because first wait for the price. All right, you are getting extremely good quality material overall, all right, good, rubber, strap, good casing all right: a glass, um, glass, uh screen all right and as far as you know, all these amazing features like a four point.

Uh one point: six nine inch, uh color else display all right as well as a water resistant and so on and so forth that you usually get in a more expensive smartwatch itself, so youre, basically having all all the um. You know, um pricey smartwatch functions. Everything inside this one tiny package, which is cost less than 50 us dollars so uh, which is really amazing, all right and um, the the curve, design, everything or tons of features that ive explained in the video itself. So um, you basically get all the small features. You know all these additional features, the quality everything all in one for a very great price thats. Why? I highly recommend this watch and its very lightweight as well all right so um yeah. I recommend you guys im getting these watts if youre looking for smart watch. Alright, this watch can pair with any android devices uh out. Then you just need to have download the app and pair it with your phone and thats all you have to do and um yeah so uh. If you guys, are interested im getting this watch. Do click the link in the video description down below go ahead and check that out check this watch out all right and um yeah, so um thats all for today, guys if you find todays, video and helpful, do let me know in the comment section down below If you do like this, video give it a thumbs up all right and if you guys want more review of um cheap, affordable gadgets like this all right, let me know in the comment section as well: i will do more video for you, guys and yeah.

So thats all for today guys um uh. This is j force gaming. I shall see you guys in my next video peace out Music.