Me me: bro, air smartwatch. This one is an affordable 50 smartwatch over here in germany, with all the basic functions and a few more so lets talk about all the features and specs. This budget watch has to offer, but first off hit the like button right, quick and subscribe to my channel. If you are new, that would really help me out a lot and this channel all right lets start off with the unboxing. So the me bro air comes in this black box with the mi bro signature on it, and all of its features are displayed on the side of the box. If you slide that open, we get a small watch, of course, a charging, cable and a tiny instruction paper. Now, in order to use the smartwatch, you first have to download the amiibo fit up from the app store and connect to your watch. It only takes about a minute or two, since you only have to scan the qr code that is displayed on your watch and after that you are set and what features can we expect from this watch and hows the navigation on it? I mean simply by swiping right, you can scroll through your different tiles and you can even add some more or kick some out of the rotation by long pressing. The screen swiping up will lead you to your messages and down to your quick panel over here. We have only a few key features like the dnd mode battery life, brightness and final phone feature.

Regarding the brightness settings. You may have a problem reading the screen in direct sunlight. Even if you have the brightness settings on max by long pressing on the home screen, you can change the watch face by default. You only have three to choose from, but over in the me bro app you can download tons of more watch faces to suit your style over here. You can also do things like target on what notifications you want to receive on your watch and which not you can get notified about all of them, but you got whatsapp instagram, gmail youve got calls and instagram so thats enough for me and now back to the Watch if we swipe to the left, we get to all of our features. So, as i already said, you have all the standard features covered on budget smartwatch, such as a timer stopwatch and the current weather situation, but we also have a sleep and heart rate tracking. A music player with which you can skip a track and go back a track and play and pause so theres only some basic features right here and as for that, we have a remote camera, shutter button and 12 different sport modes. Now this watch is ip67 waterproof, but i wouldnt suggest women with it, especially since you do not have an integrated swimming mode. You only have running treadmill or thread meal, probably walking football, badminton, tennis, stocking tracking basketball, elliptical machine, yogurt and free training, and on each you can set a target for the time and burn calories.

Alright, spec wise. We are talking about a 1.28 inch tft display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels now in comparison to a high end, smart watches. They have a resolution of 454 by 454 pixel. We get an aluminum case with a plastic back and a smooth silicon strap that has a quick release feature, so you can swap that one out anytime, you want to for another 20 meter. Silicon strap as well as it only has one physical button on the side to turn the screen off and on it weighs in at around 40 grams, and the bezel was kept pretty classy. To give this watch a more premium. Classy look even though this watch only costs around 50 bucks and as last, this watch is compatible with ios and android smart watches. Now the battery life is always an important point when it comes down to your smart watch and this bad boy right here lasts about 5 days on normal usage with about one sport mode for about 30 minutes. I got quite a few messages here and there and i had the brightness settings on medium now. Five days, isnt bad at all, especially when compared to other smart watches like the foster gen 5 or the guys you watch for. But these smartwatches also offer a lot more features, and the operating system is a lot better. This one right here seems to be lagging quite a bit every once in a while.

If you like, for example, turn the app wheel or, however, you want to call it or if you swipe up and down on your sport modes, now some more things that you really have to know before buying this watch. If you want to buy it, you do not have wi fi, nor do you have nfc payment, it does track your workouts, but you have no bit in gps. It is using your gpf of your smartphone. You have no mic, you have no speaker and you cannot reply to any messages. Just keep that in your mind, lets talk about amiibro fitup for a second, its, a pretty basic fitness tracking, app that tracks your sleep heart rate, steps, your fatigue and your effective activity. A little fun fact, i think the english on this device is the greatest, since every time it has to buffer a new page. It says that its desperately loading. Well, if i tap on the equipment button, we can download the watch faces from the store toggle on notifications, set an alarm, take photos and small things like that and folks thats. All i have to say about the amiibo airwatch now. What do i think about it? And i cannot say that its the best budget smartwatch out there – i think you probably find enough budget smartwatches in the same price range which are better now. As for a starter smartwatch, i think its okay, maybe im just spoiled a little bit with all the high end, smartwatches that i have on my wrist all the time and that im testing.

But who knows and folks thats all i have to say and ill see.