Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new real me watch 2 pro we unboxed the real me watch 2 before now, it’s time for the 2 pro, we will see what we have new in this device. What better options do we have and we will test all of the options inside of the real me wash too, we will talk about how this watch will work. If this watch is worth to buy or not, we will see all of that in the end of this Music, video Music in the new real me watch 2 pro we have ‘0 milliamp hour battery that will power a 1.75 inch display for 14 days very good Option for the battery and a larger display than in the real me watch 2.. Also, it has bluetooth 5.03 sensors health monitoring, sport modes, a lot of them watch faces and a lot of more options that we will see inside of the software of the real me watch too in the box itself, you can see we have the watch very good Boxing we have protected with case the charger magnetic charger and in the other side we have the user manual and the warranty card as well. So this is all that we will find in the real me watch 2 pro package let’s go ahead and peel off the protection plastic from the screen of the real me watch 2 pro and power on see how this watch will work.

So we have a larger screen than in the real me watch 2. We have here 1.75 inch like we said in the beginning. It powers on immediately very good display and good colors. We have here at the top of the notifications in the left. We have the touch bar with percentage of battery time date during the start: brightness power saving mode torch and the settings. Also at the top left. We have the bluetooth sign, which it says that it’s not connect right now and it’s correct press and hold to change the watch faces. You can see in this one that which is full of options and informations. We can change to something less information and less much simpler. We have here all day activities, sleep, heart rate, weather music control, which we have to connect with the link app and down. We have the menu starting from activities. Heart rate blocks engine sleep, workout, workout records, alarm, weather, stopwatch timer, music control, camera breathing, find my phone real me link and the settings where we can see watch phase display. We have brightness screen time out and raise to wake. We have fit notification to disturb battery general and about in the general we have application, display mode vibration, strength, power of reset and restart. So these are all the options that we will find in the real me watch 2 pro very good information, not too much, but again it has all the main ones.

Let’S begin immediately with some tests here, starting from the heart rate, as you can see immediately, we have some result also. We have some statistic in the middle and down below we have highest and lowest as well, very good information. Only in the watch also, we have more in the app. We will see that when we connect the realme watch 2 pro next in line, we have the blood oxygen. As you can see, the circle is filling up. It won’t take too much time and we have some information and now this is the final result. After the blood oxygen, we have the workouts. We have outdoor run outdoor, walk outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, strath, training, football, basketball, jump, rope, badminton, rowing machine, elliptical, yoga, free training and we have the max test for the breathing. So, as we said, we have plenty of the sports. We are trying now one as you can see at the top. We have the time. Second done. We have the heart rate seconds distance space and we have here a few other information that are very helpful. These, i think or enough you don’t, have to know anything else than these. We saw other smart watches with less options. But again we have to appreciate that we have these. Now we are trying the breathing exercise with that. We are trying one minute breathing exercise. As you can see, we have here the average heart rate duration and breathes how many breaths do we did so guys.

This was all for today’s video. I hope you find this video interesting and helpful. I think that the real me watch 2 pro is a very good device to use i’m using it if in daily basic and it’s it’s filling all of my needs.