Now today, i’ve got the real me watch 2 pro this one was released just about two months ago and today we’re going to check out all the features. Look at the specs and see how accurate this watch actually is now before we start with the video please leave a like and subscribe to. My channel also don’t forget to click the notification bell to always be notified whenever i upload new videos. Now, with that being out of the way let’s get started with the video, this mob watch has a huge 1.75 inch color touch display with a decent resolution of 320 by 385 pixel. As you can see, we’ve got a square case watch instead of a traditional round case, with one physical button on the side with which we can only turn off the screen or on and go back to the main screen. One big thing i mentioned about this watch is that it may be ip68 waterproof, but it is not swim. Proof so be careful as well as this watch has. Bluetooth 5.0 has an accelerometer heartbeat sensor, spo2 sensor, and it is available in two different colors, black and silver. Now before we get into some features, let me tell you a thing or two about the design. Overall, this watch looks great and it really doesn’t look cheap at all, but in reality we only have a glass front and a plastic bag and frame just to let you know. As for the features we get around 90 different sport modes with them, we have the most common ones covered like running strength, training or cycling.

We have a blood oxygen tracker and a usual heart rate, monitor a weather widget, which is shown as the current weather situation and a little weather forecast for the next five days. I mean you can just look outside the window and check out the weather for yourself, but if you’re living in a dark hole with no windows and you’ve never been outside, this may be the perfect feature for you, mr caveman. Well, i now had this watch on. For about a week or a couple of days – and i can tell you that the sleep tracker is working – just fine it’s, pretty much accurate on when i went to bed and woke up. It has shown us the deep sleep, light sleep, rem and away time, and it even shows us our nightly heart rate before we head to the battery life. Let me tell you right, quick that, unlike with a heartbeat sensor, which is tracking your heartbeat in 5, minutes 10 minutes or 30 minutes intervals, there’s not such a feature for the spo2 tracking. So you always have to measure your blood oxygen value manually and there’s. No continuous blood oxygen measurement. Now the battery life is awesome. Now, if you’re, looking for a smart watch with a long battery life – and you don’t – want to spend too much money, the real me 2 pro might be worth a second look now i’ve been wearing this watch for about five days now, and it only went down From 100 to like 60 65 and i’ve been doing two workouts with the gps for about an hour and i’ve been using.

This watch a whole lot. My brightness settings are like on 50 and, like i told you, i’ve been playing around with this watch a lot. Okay, let’s jump into the navigation of this watch and check out a few more features by swiping left. You get through your different tiles, but you can only have the sleep heart rate, weather activity and music player in the rotation. You may be able to kick some widgets out of the rotation or rearrange the order of them, but you cannot add any other widgets. If you swipe down, you see all of your notifications and even missed calls or emails, and if you give them another tab, you can open up the message and read it. Unfortunately, you cannot reply to any messages, and since you don’t have an internal microphone or speaker, you cannot answer any calls. You can only mute them or reject them. If you swipe to the right, you get to your quick panel, on which you have your dnd mode settings brightness and a power saving mode. But if you activate that the watch will only show your time and it will literally do nothing else. So your smartwatch turns into a non functional digital watch, which makes me think why even bother buying a smartwatch then but it’s up to you as for less. If you swipe up you get to your app menu over here, you will find your workout records, so you can always look at your past stats of your workouts.

You have an alarm timer, stopwatch your music player with which you can skip a track. Go back a track, play and pause and adjust the volume. But since you have no internal storage, you cannot transfer any music files to your smartwatch. Same goes with the watch faces, but at least we have a decent variety of watch faces to choose from in the realm link app. As for next, we have a guided breathing session between 1 and 10 minutes, the final phone feature and we can take photos with our smartphone through our smart watch. So there goes all the features, but how accurate is the heartbeat sensor and the built in gps? As for the heartbeat sensor, it definitely is on the lower side of things on average, i would say it’s like five beats lower than it should be, but overall not too bad. Now, as for the bit in gps, i was kind of surprised. First up, you normally do not get a built in gps with a lower car, smart watch and second, if you do get one, they are terribly bad, but this one is really not too bad. Of course it is not 100 accurate, but overall i would say that it roughly keeps track of where you was going. It may cut some corners and even though you’re only walking straight, it never tells you that you’re walking straight. But overall i would say that on average it is only like off by 10 meters, which is not too bad and that’s.

Basically it for the features. So let’s have a look at the realme link app and after the struggles of installing it. It is very basic. You have a clean overview of your health and sport status. You can change and swap your watch faces over here and do a whole lot of customizations like what notifications you want to receive. Add some workouts set. Some health reminders like high or low heart rate alerts, stand up, reminders or even drinking reminders. So you always stay hydrated now, i’m, not going to explain the whole app, but those were the major things to mention so now at this point, we’re, basically through with all the features. So what do i think about the redmi watch? 2? Pro i mean, i really cannot complain too much, it only costs 75 euros and we get a bunch of features like in inbuilt gps, which is rather accurate. We have an spo2 tracker over 90 different workout modes and a battery that will last forever. I mean you also have a big 1.75 inch. Color touch display, and actually the only track that is missing is a stress, tracker and i’m, not paying too much attention to a stress tracker anyway, so it doesn’t mean too much to me now. If you would ask me if i would recommend this watch, i would say yes, i mean there are definitely other watches in this price category, which are equally good, but there are not too many which are better now, folks, that’s it for the video.