Take a look at the key features and all the pros and cons of this device, so you can decide if Sony Xperia Tan Mark 2 is worth your money. The design of the phone is quite a classic sony. Rectangular shape subtle, yet nice looking and comfortable to hold in the hand piece of kit thanks to the display, which is for some users, may look a little bit unusual at the first glance because it makes the phone quite tall. That is because the panel sports 21 by 9 aspect ratio, meaning that can watch most of the movies in their original format, without seeing any black bars. This aspect ratio also means that you need to scroll less to see more. Also, the multi window feature is more convenient used on its stretched out display, both in portrait and landscape modes. The panel itself is really good. It is really sharp. The colors are nice. The contrast is great, but sunlight. Legibility could be better if you use the phone with maximum manual brightness setting a maximum auto mode increases the brightness to 520 nets, which is good enough for reasonable outdoor use. The device looks and feels nice in the hand it has a sturdy gorilla glass on the front and back and while at the frame is made of plastic, it doesn't feel cheap by any means.

In fact, I like its matte finish, which is really nice to the touch here, is how the phone looks next to the flagship Xperia 1 mark 2.

It is smaller and lighter, but it follows the same design language. One of the highlights the phone is IP 65 and IP 68 rated for water and dust resistance, if usually reserved for more expensive devices. Other key features include a headphone jack that provides a really good audio, a well balanced loudspeaker that is implemented on the front bottom of the device, a tiny LED notification light and USB type c port for charging. Lastly, there is a hybrid dual SIM and a micro SD card slot which can be opened without a pin, but the phone Czar's every time you open it up and put it back in Sony, wants you to lie on a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner that is Implemented on the side of the phone, because there is no face unlock feature for some reason: a snapdragon 665 is at the core of this device, and it is coupled with a good amount of RAM and storage. Gaming performance is very good, especially considering. This is a mid range device. I had no issues playing titles like modern, combat Call of Duty, pop G or asphalt extreme sure you won't be able to play all of the 3d games on the highest graphics settings, but that's, usually the case with all mid range devices. The user interface of the phone can be described in a few words clean fast, yet filled with some features and customization options.

Sony'S site Sands is one of the highlights tap on the side of the screen to open up, frequently used, apps or use one hand mode for easier operation.

Most importantly, the phone feels smooth and responsive and immediately see it lag or stutter great overall performance. Now the cameras we have quite a standard, triple camera setup that consists of wide angle, regular and telephoto lens on the front sony used an 8 megapixel shooter. There is no optical image stabilization, but we do have electronic image stabilization or in Sony's terminology steady, shot for video daylight image. Quality is very good using all three camera lenses. I like white, accurate color, reproduction and uniformity across all focal lengths. Also images look sharp and detailed. The only complaint is that the dynamic range could be better in some shots, especially the ones taken with a wide angle. Shooter portraits, usually look nice with good background and subject separation, low light image. Quality may not be perfect, but you can definitely take some nice pictures, especially using he dedicated night mode and the main lens for the best results. The only complaint is that the night mode brings quite a lot of visible noise and artifacts. The night mode also works with a selfie camera, which leads to decent quality low light selfies in the good lighting the front facing camera performs well, especially when it comes to colors when it comes to video 4k. Footage is sharp and detailed, but it is very shaky.

Therefore, I suggest you use either a gimbal or switch to 1080p resolution, which has less detail, but it is more stable. You can also switch between all three camera lenses.

While you are recording the video in 1080p mode for comparison, the 4k mode allows you to use. Only the main or telephoto shooter also, you can choose a cinematic 21 by 9 aspect ratio in both 4k and 1080p. The quality is the same as in standard 16 by 9 aspect. Ratio. 1080P selfie video is quite good overall, but I wish the footage was attached. Sharper the sound recording quality is quite nice. The battery life has been pretty good on average. I could get about 6 or 7 hours of screen on time. If use the phone. Only for video and unload brightness setting, you may double the SOT time to about 15 hours. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to fully charge the phone with a supply charger. If you want to decrease the charging time to about one and a half hours, the phone supports 18 was power. Delivery fast charging technology, Sony's battery care tech makes sure that the phone's power banks capacity won't degrade past. When it comes to connectivity, the phone has performed well. That includes a call quality signal, reception, Wi, Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. There is also NFC for mobile payments. Overall, the Sony Xperia Tan mark to you is a solid, mid range phone. The main floors include the lack of face unlock feature and the display could be brighter for outer use, but that can be fixed using aura max brightness mode.

The last floor worth mentioning the phone restarts every time you open up and slide back in the SIM card.

Tray now the pros are why the Sony Xperia Tan mark to you is a greatman Ranger. I like its well crafted body. That is also water and dust. Resistant 21 by 9 aspect ratio displays nice and sharp, and there are plenty of software features to make the best out of it especially one hand, operation or multitasking. I also liked the overall camera quality, despite a lack of image stabilization in a 4k video mode. Lastly, great performance, clean user interface and good battery life makes the Sony Xperia 10 mark to a solid, mid range smartphone. Despite a few shortcomings, do you agree with me or not? Would you choose the Sony Xperia 10 Mark 2, or would you go for another mid range option? Let me know in the comment section down below also liked the video.