Five new products, but wireless too birdsville, is too neo but skew to neo watch 2 and watch 2 pro. I have already posted the reviews of the birds wireless which you can check from the top right corner. Today is the time for the watch too. So lets begin first of all lets do a quick unboxing and then we will talk about the watch itself, so heres the shipping package lets open this up. Here we have the retail box. Now we are not going to read all the box because we will discuss all this in the later part of this video for now lets grab our knife and unbox. This we dont need this now. First of all, we get the useless stuff get out of my way. Next, we get the charger for the watch so thats that, and last but not least, we have the watch itself lets take this off. So, overall the watch is looking nice, but before testing it out, i think we should set it up here. So setup is quite lemony easy. First, you need to download the real me link, app and use your account to sign in here. If you dont have one, then you can also create now you could either scan the qr code shown on the watch or you can select. The watch from here tap on accept and you are done. Add all your details in the app and use the watch. One more step is there select all these bs permissions and yeah we are done.

Lets move to the review, starting from the design. First, i want you to appreciate the screen. This watch comes with a 1.4 inch 323 ppi display with 600 nits of brightness, which i would like to call very bright display. This was bright enough that i could use it in direct sunlight and its quite sharp as well. One thing that bugs me is the big bezel: if they could make this sleek, i would be really happy anyways. On the color side, we only get black, but there is one thing that you can do to personalize this watch and that is, you can change the straps talking about the overall belt quality. It is made out of plastic, but no way it feels like its going to give up also to make things durable. We have ipx68 water rating, so it can take all the dirt and water, but be careful. This is water resistant, not waterproof, so you cant go swimming or take shower with this on. I know very bad before talking about the features, i would like to show you around the watch so on the home screen. We have the time and steps now. First things. First, we have customizable watch faces, so you can choose any face. You like from the real me link, app or you can hold here and change now. Swiping down will give us the notifications and we can clear them all if we want to to the left.

We have some settings like dnd, brightness power, saving mode, raise to wake and settings now to get back. You can either swipe or you can press the button to the right. We have some widgets like first one. We have the activity which shows the step count and calories burned. If we swipe right, we get a live heart rate monitor better and, lastly, we have music controls from where we can play pause change, tracks and adjust the volume to access the full menu swipe up. First, we have the activities here. We can see all the details like step count, gel respond, distance, covered, etc. Lets go back. We have a heart rate, monitor no details here. If you swipe up after that, we have spo2 measuring pretty standard. A sleep monitor is also there. You can see all the details now. If you are a workout freak like me, you can tell from the bicep, then i have a great news for both of us. So here on the watch. We get 90 sports mode to track. Like pedmenton, crossfit, cycling, ropes, skipping just to name a few one thing i dont like is that you can only add up to 10 sports mode to the watch. If you want to add more, you have to remove some plus. There is no auto detect mode. So you have to start manually every time after we are done working out. We can check out the stats here on the workout record, below that we have the alarms, which will start vibrating the watch next, that we have weather where we can see all the details.

Now, after this, we have few standard features like stopwatch: timer, music control, camera remote and find my phone there is also breathe, which will support you in doing breathing exercises. Now. A great feature that could be found on this watch is the real me link control. So this allows us to control our iot devices like your bulb, earbuds cctv cameras from realme now, moving to the last thing in this menu, which is the settings from here, we can tweak few things we have watch faces, display settings for brightness, timeout and race to Wake then we have notifications for things like goals achieved, drink water, etc. Then we have do not disturb settings like smart mode and schedule. We have battery percentage here as well and we can also enable power saving mode lets, see what we have in the general settings. So here we have the option to power off, restart and reset other than that we have vibration, strength and app view. So if you dont like this list menu, then we can change it to the icons only which i personally like, and that was it for the tour of the watch and now lets head to the real mid lane cap and see what it has to offer. Pretty basic stuff we have battery up top watch faces, are here activities, data and other statistics right here. So first to our standards lets see activities by tapping. We can analyze all the data.

Now, if we tap on exercise, we can see the data of that as well, its quite detailed, and we can also start exercise from here like. If you want to go for a run, then we can select that from here it will pick up the gps from your smartphone and will give us accurate data based on that, we can also select if its running cycling or outdoor work goals are also here. If you want to set that as well, just like the activities we get, the data for sleep, heart rate and spo2 as well, so nothing to discuss here lets open the settings. So here we have watch faces, we can turn call reminders on or off how about app notifications. We can set that here. Health reminders from here we can see 24 hour. Heart rate monitor, stand up, reminder water reminder which is pretty cool thanks to this. Otherwise, i dont even stand up the whole day now. Next to that we have a workout, so here we can add or remove workouts. You can only keep 10 workouts, as i mentioned, and if you want to add some more, you have to remove some. We have other controls like music camera and find my phone so lets get that also setting our daily steps goal is here. Last but not least, we have firmware update and mac address, and that was it for the app so lets talk about the features i mean now that you have seen it all in the app but still lets go through it.

So talking about the features we have quite a few, but i found these to be a bit inaccurate. First, we get race to wake, feature pretty standard right, but on my watch sometime, it doesnt work. Also, there is no tap to wake settings or something. Second, we get heart rate and spo2 sensor, from which the heart rate monitor is quite accurate, but the spo2 is not now. There is also sleep monitor which works sometimes, but not always like one day i woke up at 5 30 to drink water, and then i woke up at 6 00, which is generally my wake up time, but the watch was showing me that i woke up at 5, 30 only plus it also doesnt record any naps. If you take some in the day for workout tracking, we have 90 sports mode, which we already saw in the app and thats pretty much it for the features. I dont want to waste your time repeating those things find my phone, music, playback control, etc. So lets get to the battery life. On the realme watch 2, we get 315 milliamp hour battery, which is quite powerful. It took me 1 hour, 46 minutes to charge full and then i was able to get it running for 9 days straight with live heart rate sensor and set to every 5 minute of the intervals and to the brightness. It was at level 20. So its quite juicy battery charge it and forget it coming down to the price of this, which i know you are already aware of, but those who arent it is priced at 3500 rupees, which makes it a stellar deal at this price.

I mean, if you are in the market, looking for a smart watch, then you should have a solid option, but the thing i would like to highlight before you go to the affiliate link down below in the description you have to go there, so i just want To say that, although this has amazing feature and good battery life, but when it comes to heart rate, sleep monitor and other sensors, please take it with a grain of salt. Those wont be accurate. I get it just a smart watch. You cant compare it with medical professional monitors, but when comparing this to other smart watches or fitness pants, this one is found to be a bit inaccurate, but not a huge deal. As you will be only using these features for a few days, and then you will be only using this watch for time and notification alerts, so dont worry hit the gas anyways. That was it for today. I hope sucked all your watch time.