This is realme watches, so i will leave the link in the description for this watch by the two people also can purchase. I got this in a steel deal uh for it uh four thousand, that is three uh triple nine. Only so you can see what are the features available right now in this watch is that you get auto brightness touch screen as well as a heart rate, monitor and you’ll get blood, oxygen, sp02 and you’ll get 16 sport modes and long battery life, and it will You’Ll get a ap 68 water resistant as well, so on the box uh it has written that the price is uh, seven triple line, but uh. We got it for a steel deal and you’ll get uh internal uh, polymer lithium battery as well and it’s a ‘0 mh battery. So this is how the box looks like the box. Uh looks in a very neat packaging, so let’s unbox this. So this is how the watch looks: it’s very light in weight uh, it looks it looks bulky so guys, uh on the back, you’ll get a heart rate sensor as well as spo2 sensors and the charging dock as well. So these are the charging ports uh and what all you will get in the box. Let’S keep this watch aside and let’s check it. So inside you’ll get user manual as well as this charging dock, so you will not get any charger with any smart watches nowadays.

So you can charge with your uh mobile uh charger uh. So by that uh you, you have to connect this to your mobile charger and you can kind of charge it. So you can. You have to place the watch on this pad by that it will charge and you get manual as well. So this is how it looks. Let’S start the watch first. So this is a boot. You have to select one option: scan the qr code to download app or bind please scan qr code, so guys you have to pair this with the real milling cap after scanning the qr code, or you can download it from play store as well. So after pairing uh you’ll see the menu these are the watch faces. You have to press long press it on this skins. By that you can change. Those watch faces as well. You can see these are different watch faces available and you can download uh a new watch faces as well. So this is how the watch looks like. Overall, the watch is very good and it has got uh, spo2 and heart rate sensor as well, and it will monitor continuous heart rate uh as well. So when you toggle from uh top uh, you will see the messages and, from here you’ll see the step. Calculator and from here you’ll see the battery and wrist wake up and automatic, brightness and other settings, and the bottom uh you’ll see all the menu as well, so let’s check, uh heart rate and spo2 in this and the remaining features, as you all know, uh.

Those are the features available in every smartwatch, so you can change and you can customize the straps as well so from here they have provided a pin. You can unlock that pin and you can use the new straps which are available in the market as well. So let’s uh check heart rate and spo2 levels: first, it’s a measuring heart rate. You have to wear skin tight, otherwise it’s, not measuring. You can see it’s measuring the heart rate and it has continuous heart rate feature as well. So i will leave the link in the description guys for this watch. You people also can purchase it so let’s measure spo2 as well. You have to wear it tightly and you have you should not uh move here and there by that it will measure. So you can see the readings it’s showing 97., so this is how you can measure both heart rate and spo2. So this is the best watch available in the market uh to measure this and uh the best affordable watch as well and in looks and feel also it’s, very good. The strap quality is good, so for the price this watch looks uh. Superb so hope that guys you like this video, i will leave the link in the description for this product. You people also can purchase so hope that gets you like this video, please comment and subscribe for my channel for more tech and not related updates.