Smart watches, and i definitely look forward for a long term. Partnership with realme and weve previously checked out a couple of earbuds from real me, and some of them are even more expensive than this smartwatch. To be honest – and i think from my experience they do make very good products, so lets see if todays watch is any different, so this watch today was provided for me to review by real me, and although these were sent over to me, there were no money Exchange hands and this video is based, on my honest opinion, experience with this watch, so this watch retails for a very budget friendly 28 us dollars and thats about 119 malaysia ringgit. Honestly, sometimes i think these prices in u.s dollars are really cheap, so i can just imagine, like malaysians, buying a smart watch for 28 malaysia, ringgit and thats, even cheaper than some cafe food, so anyways. If youre interested in getting this smart watch do check out, some of my links in the description below so todays watch is really quite a budget friendly one, and we have to go into this with the mentality that this is a budget watch, so throw away the Preconception of an apple watch or samsung watch and lets look at this objectively from a budget smartwatch angle, so the s100 is a very small size watch very suited for those with smaller hands. I personally prefer bigger watches, since i do have a bigger size wrist.

So this watch does look really small on my wrist, which im not a big fan of so the display youre gon na get here is a 1.69 inch. Lcd display no amoled. Unfortunately, at this price point with a resolution of 240 by 280, which gives you a pixel density of about 218 ppi, so its not a sharp watch to be honest, and if you look even at normal viewing distance, you can clearly see the pixels and the graphics Dont, look too sharp as well. So another thing that i think could improve on this watch is the bezel size, although they cleverly hide the display under a piece of glass, tilting it at an angle, and you know pointing the light at it. You can see how big a forehead as well as a chin, that the watch actually has so from normal viewing angles. Youre not going to see this bezel or too much. But you just know that youre not using the full rail estate here. So at the side of the watch, youre going to get one button and one button only to control the entire watch, so this is for you to go back home or to turn off the display so below that youre going to get some charging contacts right. So this is where youre going to charge your watch up and honestly. I dont really like charging pins like this, because it is very difficult to align theres only one way to align it and to charge it.

It might come loose in the middle of the charge and i much prefer it to be a cradle style that you know sits on top of the sensor at the back here to hold the watch in place, magnetically and charging them so thats a better design overall. So, underneath here, youre gon na get a ppg heart rate sensor and a blood oxygen sensor and also a metal plate that is quite unique to this watch, which is also used to measure your body temperature. So lets see how well that works later on. So real me also gives you a nice 20 millimeter band, which is made of an extremely soft silicone material which very nice to hold and touch but a little grippy to wear. So what do i mean by that? If you have your watch here – and you want to put it into this slot here, its not the easiest fit because you can see its very grippy, the rubber just holds on to each other, and you can see how i pull it. So i personally dont really like grippy silicones like this, but this is what you get so another thing that i like here with the quick release. Pin is that real me actually cares to include a 20 millimeter markings there. So you know what size band youre dealing with if you want to swap out the strap – and this is very convenient because you dont have to go online and look look it up.

You know, after a couple of months of owning it and forgetting about it. So you can just take a look at that 20 millimeter branding there and you can just use the quick release, pin remove the strap and youre good to go so battery life. That real me claims is around 12 days of use and from my experience i can say that this should last more than 12 days so ive been using this watch for over a week now on and off, i use it to sleep while testing with other watches. As well and its actually quite lasting so reason being, this is not a very complicated watch with lots of sensors or lots of features or tracking going on, and the ppg sensor is very low powered and if you dont have too many notifications coming in, they actually Dont use too much battery, so let me just give you a context right. I started using this watch around starting off this week and now its saturday and i started the battery at about 86 percent and now its about one week in and i still have 73 and i did not charge it and i use it to go to sleep. I use it to track my heart rate 24 hours a day, so thats the battery life youre gon na get so its about six days in now. So i think this easily lasts you more than 12 days charging the wash up takes roughly around two hours.

So i think, were pretty familiar with these type of budget, smart watches and their generic operating system. This is similar from the halos to the sound peaks and all of them pretty much runs the same type of os honestly, nothing too fancy and in terms of its features, they are pretty basic as well so youre going to get a generic bluetooth. 5.1 chipset here for all your syncing needs, and i noticed that this is slightly faster compared to the 5.0 watches, especially with syncing watch faces and also with your health data. So the 5.1 just sends data a tad bit faster compared to 5.0. So the watch is also ip68 rated, so youre going to be able to use this watch for swimming. So unfortunately, swimming is not part of the exercise list in this watch. And finally, although real me rates this watch at ipv68, but they only say that this is okay for you to wash your hands while wearing the watch, so thats kind of odd. So the s100 doesnt come with any gps technology and basically tracking your workout duration and health information. Only so no location tracking and if a gps watch is what youre looking for probably check out the redmi watch 2 lite that we review, which is a budget gps. Smart watch so in terms of phone call notification, theres no feature to pick up calls from your watch. So all youre going to get is a large x to decline.

The phone call – and you cannot even pick up the phone call from your watch so not very handy feature there. So as ive mentioned earlier, this watch runs a very generic watch, interface and weve. Seen many of this and all the smart watches that weve previously checked out before so from the home screen, if you tap and hold on the screen, so you can swap out the watch interface here. So if we press and hold so inside here, youre gon na get about three presets that come with the watch right. So this three are the presets and you get one custom watch face that you can download from the app and sync it to your watch. So, every time you download a new watch face it overwrites, the previous one, that you have stored on your watch, face and youre only gon na get four to change with inside this watch so swiping from the top. This is where youre gon na get your notification. So if you have notifications coming in this is where it will be pushed to your watch, so swiping from the left gets you to your command center, so if swipe from the left gets you to your command center, this is where you get to toggle your. Do not disturb your brightness setting your race to wake feature a flashlight mode and inside settings youre going to be able to control some of the same things so theres. Definitely some repetitions here so swiping from the right lets.

You access your widgets and these widgets are not customizable, so the first page itself youre going to get your activity rings right. So if youre active youre going to fill this up and in the second page, this is where youre going to get your body temperature widget. The next one youre going to get your sleep widget, the next one is your heart rate monitoring and the next one will be the weather. Once this connects to the phone and syncs up, then youre going to get the weather here and also, lastly, its a media control. So if you have music playing then this is where you can: control them and thats pretty much it and swiping right somewhere. You dont get back to the home page. You can either press the button here or swipe all the way back. Finally, swipe from the bottom and youll be able to access the menu and theres two things you can theres two ways. You can view this either in a list view like this, or you can also view it in a grid view with, without all the wordings, so thats pretty much the watch interface of this smartwatch. So the app here is also like generic templates. For most of these smart watches and on the first page itself, youre gon na get your health details. So your activities, your sleep tracking, your heart rate, monitor your body temperature, as well as your blood oxygen. So, of course now you dont see anything because i havent been wearing this every day.

So, but if you go into like, for example, sleep right, you can actually take a look at your past weeks, performance or couple of days ago. So if i were to scroll in here, you can see. I use this for tracking all my sleeps and it gives you quite a lot of details right, although weve seen this before its pretty nice, but you know its very generic and most xiaomi watches. Also, look like this, your halos. All of them look pretty much the same, so thats how you can track your health activity on the first page. So the second page is where you get your sports tracking and if you want to run your workouts with gps, you can start your workouts from here and you will use your phones, gps to start tracking, your workouts so under devices. This is where you can change the watch face, or your watch under this dashboard manual right, so they put it inside here and inside this down center. This is where youre gon na get quite a bit of watch faces around so youre gon na have to go through and search for what you want. Pretty much all you get here so scrolling down. You can adjust some of the settings for your watch and also to update the firmware of your watch so thats. Basically, all the features you get with the rail mickey app. So i think sensor accuracy is pretty decent here with the typical one or two bpm variants.

In terms of heart rate, when compared to my oximeter spo2, monitoring is also pretty accurate here. So one thing that is new here is the body temperature sensor and i think the skin temperature is accurate since its reading directly the wrist temperature of your hands, but im not too sure about the body temperature since its like guessing and sizing up your body temperature Based on your skin temperature, so if i really have a fever, this is not the place ill rely on by checking my temperature. So i know that this watch is pretty basic and frankly its supposed to be at this price point and were not really seeing or expecting any innovation more like a company trying to hit it big with the current trend, using templates and softwares that are kind of Widely available in the market right now, so, even if i say that this is worth it, it doesnt really say much since most of the budget friendly smart, watches out, there offers same exact features and same exact price point as this watch. So, if youre in the market for a watch at this price point, it really doesnt matter which one you get since they are all pretty much the same. So that is it for this review.