com, the premier site for smartwatch specs, new san reviews. Okay, we have here one of the latest, okay, fashionable smartwatch in the market. What we have here is the y22 smartwatch okay, it is a unisex smartwatch with a trendy design, good features and hardware so lets check this out. Lets have the unboxing of the ui 22 smartwatch. So if you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop a comment below and we will try to answer your queries. Okay, so heres the box packaging here. So it says here we have message sleep monitoring as well as stop clock or okay or timer all the activity tracking. We have weather okay, music player here, brightness and heart rate monitoring. So we have here some details, so 1.7 inch, tftl cd, 235 mh battery and ip67 waterproof rated compatible with ios and android platform. So it says here its using the daffit app okay, so lets check. Okay, so yo lets have the unboxing of this wearable okay. So we have here: okay, a screen protector seems like this is becoming a standard norm or a norm for smart watch as it it always comes with a free screen protector or sometimes the jelly case. Okay, especially for the cr7, just like this one, okay, its freebie. Okay lets check so we have the smartwatch. What else do we have here? Okay, lets put it aside first, so we have the smartwatch the magnetic charging cable here and we have some instructions whats this a quick guide: okay, so here the user manual, so cricket for charging the wearable and, of course, the qr code here and the user manual.

Okay, so we have the docket support app and some ui here y20 gt, so this one is y22, so its also applicable, so this user manual is also applicable for the y20 gt. So lets check okay. So we have the smartwatch okay, so heres, the the design lets have a closer look. So theres a way to it. We have a metal body, okay, beautiful looking wearable. Here we have. The physical button here looks like one of the amaze fit model smartwatch. So we have the power connector and the sensor for the strap. We have a silicon strap with a quick release, pin feature okay, pc back back cover here. I think its a metal button. Also here i dont know if its here rotary button, but anyways were going to check the overall features of this variable again for these specifications. Let me show it to you so y22. 44.4 by 36, by 10.2 millimeter. We have a zinc alloy. Tft 1.72 inch screen display 320 by 385 pixel resolution rtk8762c, okay, its a real text processor, and we have bluetooth 5.0, with 200 mah battery for the battery life. We have by 5 to 7 days for normal usage and we have a standby time of 25 days. Ip67 waterproof, it says here the application is t band. Okay, there are some version of this version of this wearable that you said uses the t band support app for our version here it is using the adapted support, app.

Okay, so lets remove this one and check for the screen display. Okay, i didnt, like seems like the screen display or the screen protector, is not that very clear, so thats why i am going to remove it. Okay, so lets check beautiful screen here: 2.5 d. Okay, so get the speaker here. Okay, so lets check, lets, see the screen display here. Okay, so thats it very fast switch or turning it on very fast, and the screen display lets check. Can we change the okay seems like its not a rotary button. Here you see power on and off, okay lets change. The watch face here lets speak for brighter, okay or all our dark color watch faces. We can really. We cant really check the uh, the bezel here, if its slim, or not, due to the very black color. Okay, lets check okay, so this one okay, you see it here. So do you see the bezel here? It is much wider on the bottom part and slimmer on the upper and left and right side. Okay, see this is a bezel layer, but oh okay, the color is very good. Very sharp black here lets check whether details here, okay, so okay, we have a much clearer display here. Okay, so we dont have a white background. Anyways overall seems like its a very good smart watch: okay, very responsive screen. Here we have a lot of view, features here. A lot of functions, okay, so were going to check more on its menus and features of the y22 smartwatch, but so far first impression it is a decent smartwatch, a available and in different color options.

Very responsive screen, as you can see here, and it has a lot of features – were going to check on it later on, especially in the sports function. So this one, the current button here, okay, seems like its not working, you see rotary. Oh, it doesnt have a function for scrolling in and out, okay or switching through menus. It is just a power on and off button and, of course, for static purposes. Only again, this is smartwatch