Guys welcome back to another review videos with any and on this video I will be reviewing on the redmi smartplant Music. Thank you, Music! Welcome back so, firstly, Ill start by unboxing the redmi SmartBand too whats your likely going to find inside the box of the redness. Smart Band 2 is the watch with its silicone strap. You also find the magnetic charger and a manual guide. It is selling for 23 000 naira for design. The Remy Band 2 is very different from the first generation. However, I cannot say that the redmi Smackdown 2 has a completely new design because it looks similar to the redmi SmartBand Pro and xiaomi SmartBand 7 Pro, like other smart bracelets. The ready Band 2 is removable and has a silicone strap. There are different um colors of strap that you can get for yourself, but when I bought my um unboxing it it came with just um the Black Strap. So if you need more colorful strap for your fashionable look, you can go online or probably look for it in a physical stop on the back of the strap is where you see the charging port and the heart rate sensor. It doesnt come with any physical button. So you can only operate the redmi SmartBand too, with its touchscreen ready about 2 is light. It doesnt have weight even with the strap, so it is light and comfortable. You can barely say if theres anything on your wrist, the redmi fitness bracelet has five ATM water resistance that is up to 50 meters, which is very good this evening, is that you dont, have to take off your band in a wet environment for display the Remy Band 2 has a screen size of 1.

47 inches and its using the screen resolution of 172 times 320 pixels. However, I have told you guys that the display looks like that of the redness people, but really Bantu comes with a TFT panel, while the SmartBand Pro is using an AMOLED screen. It has a tempered glass with anti fingerprint coating, which simply means that it does not retain fingerprint stains on the screen and it comes with four 15 minutes. Brightness thats. It lets talk about the outfit and the spo2 function, so the ready Band 2 helps to track your heart rate 24 hours in a day. So basically, what it does for you is. It helps to check your heart rate and also gives you a notification when it detects that your heart rate is abnormal, so theres an abnormal changes in your heart rate. It gives you a notification, so, yes, we all. It basically helps to detect the number of oxygen in your blood system, so, with the help of this health function, it basically helps you to track so many things about your health system. Im, sorry for those people that have health issues or basically, you just want to know how your system works for battery and charging the redmi smart Bank two comes with a 2010 mAh battery capacity, which simply means that, for typical usage is going to last you for 14 days, while for heavy usage, is going to take you for just six days, but if you turn on the ultra saving mode its going to last you for 20 days, how you charge the Remy band too.

So, first off you connect the magnetic jar to the charging ports at the back of it make sure the paints align correctly then plug the charger to an adapter. The charging indicator on the device will light up immediately. You plug it directly to light it takes about two hours to fully charge. The redmi band too redmi SmartBand 2 can work on your Android phone and also work on your iOS devices. So how do you connect the redmi SmartBand 2 to your device for Android users? You go to Play, Store, look for me, Fitness and download it first user. You go to your app store and look for me. Fitness and also download it to your device completion. The ready, SmartBand 2 is a simple fitness bracelet because it doesnt have the inbu GPS. Always on display NFC and other functions you can find on expensive devices whatever for its pricing. The Ready, smartbank 2 is a good smart bracelet because it comes with the high quality display, heart rate monitoring the spo2 sensor, 30 plus workout mode and Android watch faces.