Music Music. The watch to like is a watch version that were checking out today with pretty much all the features that you expect from a smartwatch today. So lets see if this watch is worth your money. Welcome to a review of the redmi watch, 2 lite hello. My name is sean and welcome back to my channel if youre new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing, and if that is something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video as well share This video to all your friends around and with that said, lets get on with the review of the redmi watch. 2 lite, so todays mystery box is sent over to me for review by xiaomi and its always exciting, to see what you get inside the box, and this slime is the redmi watch, 2 lite. So, as usual, although these were sent over to me, there were no money exchange and everything here is solely my own experience and opinion. So the watch 2 light retails for pretty budget friendly 60 us dollars and about 191 million ringgit, and the main reason is that this watch is so appealing is because it comes with gps. So, if youre interested in getting a gps, smart watch do check out my links in the description below so comparing it to the smart band pro. The watch 2 light may appeal to more users, as it now comes with a size that is more typical to smart watches and comes in a nice square design vaguely resembling those old sony smart watches.

So the display you get here is a 1.5 inch tft lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 360, and the key difference here is that you dont get amoled display that you get with the smart band pro. So the weird thing here with redmi is that their cheaper pro smart band has amoled and the more expensive light version of this watch comes with tft display, so i guess youre paying mainly for the screen real estate here. So, although these are dft displays, the images are still plenty sharp, with very good pixel density and looking it directly youre still going to get pretty nice blacks. But if you tilt them to the side thats, where you start to see the black turn a little bit. Brownish typical to most lcd displays, so the watch comes with a button on the side here and it doesnt really support the tap to wake feature. So if youre used to any modded smart watches, now youre probably accustomed to just tapping the screen for the screen to come alive. So if you tap on the watch too light it doesnt come alive and you have to press the button or use the race to wake feature that you have in this watch. So since this watch is priced below the 100, us dollar price point. So its still pretty understandable that we dont have that feature, so the band here can easily be removed, but also uses the proprietary redmi quick release here.

So if you want to change up, the strap were going to wait for third party strap makers to make one for this watch. The band here is also very soft feels nice on the skin, although its a little bit grippy when putting the strap into the buckle. Once they do get in its pretty much stays in place so behind the watch, youre gon na get a large sensor surface. So this entire black part here is the sensor surface and inside here, youre going to get your ppg heart rate sensor, as well as the spo2 sensor, and the same magnetic charger for the smart band. Pro can also be used here for the watch 2 light. So the battery life here is pretty decent and redmi rates this to have a 10 days battery life for normal users and, if youre like me, who likes to turn on all possible sensors, the 24 7 heart rate sensor the spo2 monitoring when youre sleeping then the Battery life is realistically around five days long, so i have this for about a week now and you can see if i look at my battery life its about ‘. So this is without any notification push to my watch, so you can expect somewhere around five to seven days of use. If you use gps tracking on this watch, redmi says that you get around 14 hours of continuous gps mode, which is not the longest but pretty decent. So charging the band takes roughly around two hours to charge up so feature wise.

Nothing too fancy here, no qualcomm snapdragon wear here, but you get a modest chipset that supports bluetooth 5.0 for syncing the watch to your phone, but this is not the fastest chipset around, so you do get a little bit of lag using this watch. So the watch here is also rated to be 5 atm, which is the same as the mi band 6, as well as a smart band pro. So you can bring this swimming up to 50 meters. Deep one area where the watch 2 light is better than the smart van pro is that it supports on board gps tracking using standard gps constellations such as glonass, galileo and beetle. So these are just the gps satellites used for different regions, so typical sensors found for this watch includes the six axis sensor. Three axis accelerometer, as well as three axis gyroscope, the ppg heart rate sensor that weve mentioned earlier, as well as the spo2 blood oxygen monitor. So sleep tracking stress, monitoring, breathing exercise and female health tracking are all standard features found in most of the smartwatches today. So comparing this to the smartband pro the watch 2 light doesnt have one critical feature, which is the ambient light sensor. So once you set the brightness, you really got ta commit to it unless you want to go into the settings to change it every time. So i personally think this is a deal breaker because imagine you have it set at level five brightness, which is the brightest, and you go into a dark room.

Then its going to be so bright and if you set it too low for night time use and if you go outdoors its going to be too dim, so i think for any future smart watches moving forward an ambient light sensor is a super important feature to Have with any watch if you want to be competitive, so the watch interface here is very familiar if youve used a redmis interface before so from the home screen. Here, if you tap and hold for about three seconds on a watch, you will hear a vibrate and then here you can choose any of the watch faces you want so early on. I mentioned the chipset isnt fast enough and you can see how leggy it is here so thats, one drawback of having a cheap chipset that isnt its not fast enough to handle the watch. So you can also download various watch faces here into your watch from the catalog online and they have quite a number of it, so you can just choose whichever that you like, and you can select them so lets just choose the original one that came with the Watch so swiping from the top. This is where youre going to get your notifications. If you turn them on, then it will be pushed into your watch here and swiping from the bottom. This is where you will get your command center, so you get to toggle. The do not disturb so the first one like a moon is, do not disturb the second one is race to wake.

So if you flick your wrist, the screen will turn on the third one is to set your alarm. This one is to go into flashlight mode. This one is to turn the screen on for five minutes, and this is your settings so inside the settings. This is where you can adjust your brightness, your watch faces and various other settings about the watch so thats how you control the watch. You can also swipe to go backwards and it will go back to your home screen. So swiping from the left and right is the same thing and you get a various types of widgets. So these widgets can be customized inside the app itself and you can enable or disable them up to seven widgets in total right. So the first one i have here is my heart rate monitor, and you can see that inside here that you cannot scroll. You cannot do anything, it basically just tells you some information about your heart rate, so the second one i have is the spo2 monitoring. Then i have my wear this. This is to start a workout, so inside workout is pretty cool, because if you choose your workout and lets say you do an outdoor run. The first thing it will do is search for gps and you can see the gps counter is actually flicking at the top and its searching for gps signal. And if you get gps, then you can just start. If you dont have gps, then you can just start without gps as well.

So the next one youre gon na get is your sleep tracking, and this is tracking my sleep yesterday. So i had about 7.6 hours of sleep um, not really sufficient. But again you can scroll uh from here you can really scroll, so you have to go into the menu for that which we will look into a little bit later. So next, this is your stress monitoring. So i havent been testing my stress monitoring and then you go back to your homepage, so thats, the widget. If you swipe from left to right the next one that we want to check out is the menu and if you click into the button here, you will go into the menu. So this is very similar to the smart band pro that we looked at. You can either choose this to be in a list view or grid view. So what i have here is a grid wheel, so if you have it in list will tell you the name of the feature as well so inside here there are more things that you can explore. So, for instance, if i go into my heart rate monitoring here, youll get the same thing that you saw inside the widget there. But the difference here is that you can scroll and you can see more information about it, and you can also start measuring your heart rate and it will tell you some information about how to do it and once you do that and lets try to see.

If we can get it to light up and if you strap the watch to your hand, you will start measuring your heart rate there. So there are quite a lot of different features that you can play around here. You have your music controls. You have your camera. Camera control, so this is just a remote. You can have your various clock features and thats pretty much the entire interface you get with the redmi watch 2 light. So the watch 2 light here also uses the same app for xiaomi smart watches and uses the xiaomi wear app for all its app control and if youre on android, you can search for the android wear and if youre on ios search for xiaomi wear lite. Okay. So the first page here is where you get all your health information, and this is where you can deep dive into your health status, to check your sleep status, your heart, your blood oxygen, your stress level, and many more so, if you scroll around, you can see My sleep pattern yesterday, so, if i click into it its quite a lot going on here and it tracks every single thing that you usually get inside here, so it tells you whether you have deep sleep light sleep, whether you wake up in the middle of the Night and let me see the spo2 yep and here it plots out your to throughout your sleep, because i turned that feature on its also, probably because of the tightness of your watch that it may not be as accurate.

So do strap them tight enough. But not too tight, so thats, all the information you get from sleep and same as heart rate, your blood oxygen, if you click into any one, that will tell you more information about them, which is cool. So the second page here is where you can track your workouts. Of course, this watch 2 light comes with gps. So if you want to use only your watch for uh your workouts, you can also do that. But if you want to start it from your phone itself, you can also do that. So this is where you can track your workouts and the last one. Here is your profile and theres a lot of things that you can do here. You can sync your watch and every time you sync your watch, you will also check whether thats the latest update so lets. Try that so, if we sync that you can see theres a new update, that is here, which i will update later so at the bottom. Here this is where you get the catalog of watch faces. So if i click into here, you can see. I have my local watch faces that i have synced to my watch. I can also go online and you can see that there are abundant of watch faces and which you can also click into, and you get a long list, not very long. But you get a list of watch phrases that you can choose from, which is pretty cool, and if you go down here, you can also select to have app notifications but for privacy purposes, usually ill.

Just turn off app notification, doing reviews, and i will also have the ability to check my health monitoring and everything inside here is something that you can adjust right. So, if youre going to heart rate, you can see what are the things you want to adjust. Continuous heart rate active heart rate: what is the maximum value to alert you if youre going to sleep, you can also check whether or not to have advanced sleep monitoring to track your rem, sleep as well, rem, sleep, your blood oxygen, how frequent they track your blood Oxygen when youre sleeping your stress, monitoring, idle alert and so on so forth below that you also get to track your weather updates for your local location, uh, workouts and below here. This is where you can adjust your widgets, so your widgets, you get to choose up to a maximum of seven. So here you can pick whichever that you want. These are all the things that you can track, theres, nothing else you can add or remove. So these are the seven that i have so below that you can also choose your app layer, which is now in grid view. I can also choose it to have a list view. So if i click into my watch now, you can see its now in a list view. So if i go back out, i click. I click on grid view and now its in the grid view, so it works pretty fast and it syncs pretty fast to your watch, so thats, really nice.

You can also have race to wake from what time to what times and below that. You can also check the user guide check for updates and information about your device, so thats pretty much all the controls you get with the xiaomi watch app. So from my test with an oximeter, the spo2 and heart rate, monitor is almost spot on, so i usually get about one or two bpm variants for the heart rate and for my spo2 for the most part i the spo2 reading was always spot on. So if i get 98 on my oximeter, then its probably gon na read 98, so its pretty much spot on most of the time so which in this case is pretty good. Since now you have a convenient device that you can wear every day that monitors your vitals, so i think this is pretty nice, so all in all, i think for 60 us dollars. This watch is a very budget friendly watch and it comes with all the features you expect from a flagship smartwatch should have so it even comes with gps for this price, so theres, really nothing to complain about. My only complaint here is that the chipset used in this watch is not fast enough to handle the ui and, if youre, okay with a laggy ui – and you dont really like play around with your watch – a lot then its a pretty good deal here. However, i think that redmi should consider using a higher end, chipset charge a little bit more give users a better and smoother experience, and that would be a fantastic smart watch.

So that is it for this review.