Now in todays, video were going to be checking out a brand new smart watch that i just received. This is the take watch pro 3 ultra gps, so this watch just came in and ive been trying it out for a couple of days now so in todays, video think of it as more like a quick preview rather than a full review, so were going to Be going over a couple of key features for this tech watch. I know some of you guys out. There actually really love this brand, but were going to check out what this take watch pro 3 ultra gps is all about, so were going to move on to the desk here to check it out now. First up lets just check out very quickly the box itself. It is actually quite simple. Uh very important thing here you should note is that this is a wear os powered by google. That means you can connect it to your smartphone very easily, and you can take up calls and reply to your messages so right here. I do have the take watch pro 3 ultra gps again. The name is very long here, but i believe the reason why they went with that name is because it has a very strong gps on this watch right here. So first up lets talk a little bit about the price for this. The watch right here it is uh retailing in malaysia for rm1’9 and if youre in other regions of the world, that is approximately us 330.

So definitely not a very cheap watch here, but its also not too expensive. I would say its quite acceptable for the kind of features that you get with this guy right here, so were going to start off very quickly, first and foremost by taking a look at the design and build quality. Now you can already see that this watch here actually looks a little bit more simpler compared to previous take watch versions. I do like the fact that we have this very nice round face over here uh. You cannot rotate this outer part here of the rim, but yes, we also do get two buttons one at the top and at the bottom here this one actually goes into the list of applications that you have and it also acts as a back button. But these are not rotating down, so you cant actually rotate these buttons right here now, moving on switching to the back right here, we notice that we have a couple of sensors at the back, and this is this particular corner here is actually put your charger, so You can charge up the tick watch uh pretty fast over here now. Overall, this is a very nice build watch right here. It feels expensive. Everything is made to look very premium, but it is also very durable according to tick watch. This watch here is rated at the military standard 810g. What this means, basically, is that its very suitable for you in harsh environmental conditions.

So if you like to go like hiking, rock, climbing or maybe youre working at a work site or construction site, or something like that, then this watch here actually might hold up to all those bumps and knocks against the walls. You can drop this watch and it shouldnt hurt it too much as well. So very, very durable and strong watch right here now were done. Talking about the watch itself. Lets talk a little bit about the straps here, because theyre actually very comfortable as well. These are one of the most comfortable straps that ive actually checked out on a smartwatch, now bear in mind that these are still silicon and that basically means its rubber, but, like i said it feels very soft to touch it and its very smooth against my skin. So definitely have no issues with these straps over here, but these are 22 mm straps by the way – and you do have these tiny latches at the back that you can use to swap out the straps. If you need to do that, all right. So lets move on to the front of the watch here and check out the display itself, because this again is one of take watch unique proposition and what i mean by that is that we actually do have a dual display 2.0 right here and what that means Is that you can probably already see here that we do have an lcd panel on the top and if i just press the button it activates, the amoled panel thats sitting at the bottom here now bear in mind.

The size of this display here is 1.4 inches. So its fairly large, i would say very, very standard here, but again the ability to have this low powered lcd panel on the top here uh allows the watch to show you the time at all times and the brighter the environment, the more clearer you can actually See the clock here: it is 604 pm right now, all right so thats, just in terms of the display again, it gets very bright when im outdoors the extra layer of lcd on the top here doesnt really affect the visibility of the amoled display at the bottom And so far, im very happy with the image quality coming out from this watch right here. One more thing that i should also take note of is that this particular glass panel here is corning gorilla glass. Now i dont know what version that is, but basically it would provide some kind of protection to prevent it from getting scratched or cracked easily. All right so now done with the display and all that lets talk a little bit more about the functions that you can expect from this watch now, like i mentioned earlier on, this watch here is running the wear os, so youll be very familiar with that. If you are already using a wear os smartwatch um, but this guy here is being powered by the snapdragon where 4100 platform, so basically that means that this smart watch here is going to be very powerful.

Everything is going to launch very fast and, of course, you can see here. Everything is fluid, smooth on the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps, right here – very, very nice stuff that we have here again. If i just browse through here, you can see that this is just like any android wear os smart watch. If i drag down from the top here, you can get into a quick shortcut and if i swipe up from the bottom right here, this is where im able to enter my notifications. Of course, it will show almost every single notification, because this is running on wear os and, if youre, using an android smartphone. This will work perfectly with your smartphone. Of course it works with ios as well all right. So if i just swipe from the other side here, this is where i get into my quick assistant and if i go the other way, this is where i can see my widgets here, which is again very, very easy to use, and you can just add new Widgets in using the app itself now, the next point i want to highlight here is in terms of the gps, because this watch is called the ultra gps and for that it basically means that it supports five different satellites in terms of the gps. So if you always on the run, if you go hiking and all that, you should be able to get a very strong signal on your watch itself, so thats definitely good if youre, that kind of person.

Apart from that, in terms of the fitness items that it tracks here, it tracks approximately 20 different activities. You can see from the list right here im not going to go through the entire list, but basically it covers your basic stuff. Your outdoor runs your walks. Your cycling, your swimming, and all that everything that all the basic stuff that you can imagine is actually covered here in the watch itself, so very good stuff there now, in terms of the health items that it tracks here again, this watch is actually quite strong here And what i mean by that is that it actually supports your heart rate tracking all day. Heart rate tracking is also tracking your sleep here, very quite accurate. Actually, i would say – and it also has your all day – spo2 for your blood oxygen measurements right there and yeah. It also tracks your stress levels and you can actually use a couple of these apps here to actually help you to try and reduce your stress. So everything that you can expect in a typical smart watch today, you can also find it on the take watch pro 3 ultra gps right here now. Last but not least, i should also mention that uh one of my favorite features here is actually the spotify. Now, with spotify installed onto the watch itself, im able to download the songs that i listen to all the time, so i have it inside the watch, and that means i do not need to carry my phone with me when i go for my runs, i can Just wear the watch and it will play the music.

I can just connect it to my bluetooth earbuds and it will work flawlessly very, very good stuff there for this take watch itself now. Last but not least, lets talk very quickly about the battery life. For this guy now, uh thickwash is claiming that if you use it normally like how a normal person would use it, you should be able to get up to two to three days of battery life on this watch right here. But if you want to go into the essential mode and that basically turns off almost everything, you can go up to 45 days with this watch, but i would say that two days sounds more realistic if youre planning to use all these features on the take watch. Pro 3 ultra gps, all right guys, thats pretty much. What i can say here. This is just like i mentioned earlier on a quick preview of the take watch pro 3 ultra gps, its a very, very long name. Here again, this is going for rm1′ here in malaysia us dollars, if youre in from other regions of the world and yeah. I hope you find this watch interesting. Let me know what you guys think about this kind of smart watch. Is this something that you might consider buying? Is this what youre? Looking for? Let me know down in the comment section below and last but not least, i do hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.