There are endless options in the market right now and how well the features function and is it worth the money so without further ado, let’s start the video Music first of all, we’ll talk about the design and display, and i have the black color variant with me And coffee elegant looking watch here for this price point, although i wish my past iv color variant, the main body has smooth flat sides and a single large button on the right side. Button is likely made of plastic but fit and finish metal kilogram at just 34 mm wide and 48 mm diagonal. Redmi watch is not large, like in many respects it looked fine after the design. Let’S come to the display or update 1.4 inch. Ips lcd display upper display partial 2.5 big glass cover that curves gently around the edges and it’s. The coffee premium feel milky hair display quality but it’s reasonable for the price, but colors aren’t as vibrant as they should be. Contrast levels come here and some of the more vibrant watch faces end up looking dull, especially higher brightness level, but major issue always on mode. The watch also turns off the touch screen when the display is off just come back here. You can’t wake up the watch by tapping the screen abj, but mostly it worked. Fine. The back of the watch has a small bump with the optical sensor for heart rate, monitoring or skin, though contact points for the pocket charger so which i find it better.

You know than the pin and tuck method the watch will go with most of your outfits and a pretty place cuz i kept a strap scope with other redmi watch straps they can standard 20 mm or 22 mm strap step exchange. These displaceable straps up neck unique mechanism here just happen to open so honestly, is really hard to open kaavi mehnathlagi. Also, let me tell you that the redmi watch is water resistant up to 5 atm and well swimming sessions. Now talking about how to use the watch when subsequently upgraded and then you can seamlessly connect your watch, this app is available on android and ios ios michonne via light kinam sayakumaligi, the app handles all the watch duties as well as fitness data up track, burned, work Out receptacles sleep tracking heart rate and also how long you have been standing up. You can also choose to start workouts from within the app mujer cafe well designed and easy to use. Luggy now let’s talk about the software and ui and copy simple and easy to navigate. Ui now let’s see swipe down up, left right, secure, honeywell and, of course you get the buttons you say press connect. You can see the app drawer now watch face home screen per you can swipe down to access your recent notification and swipe up to access a control center of sorts java, quick access, buttons, swiping, sideways home screen. Lets you cycle through the heart rate, monitor sleep, tracker, weather activity, monitor and music.

Where functions upside button press connection, you can open the app drawer functions technically, although there’s no animation when you swipe or transition swipes outdoor running treadmill, cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, walking, trekking trail, run, pool swimming open water and cricket Music, but not too bad. Now, coming to heart rate, let me just show you a demo also. You can see a summary of it. Watch me as well as in the xiaomi wear app in the form of a graph for maximum minimum and average heart rate, be technical about the very important feature part which is, of course sleep, tracking and that’s. Something the redmi watch manages very well up, could break down later on sleep cycle in the form of deep sleep, light sleep and awake time, air pressure, music control, alarm, stop, watch, timer, weather notifications, fine phone torch, qr code. In case you need help regarding the watch and finally, the settings settings with sub super have watch faces. Then comes brightness, just like six points technically from low to high and well auto adjust because the indoor and outdoor scenario worked. Fine next feature is dnd, followed by race to wake then there’s, heart rate, auto, lock, vibration, password system, settings, bluetooth about and last one is the regulatory features. Now we also got to talk about gps coffee cup options at this price with onboard gps and it’s nice to have when you want to go out for a run. I like a lockdown restrictions, keeper just say i can go out and show you.

Let me watch make feature missing here, which is the blood oxygen saturation monitor, alexa or some other assistant like its competition, which is the amaze fit bip you well. Whenever we talk about a smart watch notification, both important need and now let’s talk about it. Of course, you have rb, you can have your phone’s notification Music, you can either ignore them or just reject them all the muji self reject option. He decreated during my call notifications now it’s time to talk about the watch faces subsequently in the memory, though, you cannot delete and clean our custom slots xiaomi where app me, you can go and install additional watch faces. Xiaomi has done some great work and coffees are actually watch faces over 200 plus there are tons of fantastic looking options and probably one of the best sets of watch faces. However, colors of the watch faces won’t, look as bright or accurate on your redmi watch. Just jitney keyboard phone now talking about battery you get a mah battery here and, as per company claims, it can last up to nine days on a single charge. You can merely because uh my usage was very heavy uh brightness coffee zardathi, and i was constantly monitoring my heart rate, many coffees. For me, it lasted up to five five and a half six days and which is not bad at all, also it’s very easy to plug into the charger, and you get this animation thing when it charges a verdict.

Redmi watch is a rather good fitness watch good. Looking v here and it’s also well designed this large display, the software is also simple and easy to navigate and copy. Sorry watch faces, however, there’s no always on display the not so vibrant color reproduction is also a bummer and also no animation when you swipe or transition watch the price hitting hazardous price, it competes with the amaze fit with you so guys. This was all about the redmi watch case, like yeah specification, with your comments, and in case you like this, video then do like it share it and subscribe to our channel it’s a very simple tool, and you know it till then.