This is the second generation model of the gts series from amazefit that was first introduced about a year ago, and it offers a more premium smartwatch experience compared to the ultra affordable bip line, including the new bib. U that we just saw about a few weeks back. In contrast, the gts2 has a more high end, construction that is inclusive of a aluminum metal rail compared to plastic used on the bip series, as well as a larger 1.65 inch, amoled display, which has more punchy and vibrant looking colors. In addition to a always on display mode after a few seconds, the brightness of the screen will go dimmer. However, you can still make out the time and it’ll be continuously there as you’re wearing the watch. Aside from that, the gts2 and the gt r2 by the way which stands for round the s stands for square. The only difference between the two is just the shape of the watches. This one again being a rectangular slab compared to a circular dial have identical feature. Sets inclusive of a built in speaker as well as microphone that you can use to answer phone calls when you’re connected to your smartphone as well as use it for some smart assistant tricks. A question that some of you guys asked is, even though the microphone and speaker here is revealed, is the watch still waterproof and the answer is yes. The watch is 5 atm waterproof. I was able to use it while showering while going for a light, swim, and it would still survive, also comes with more sensors on board compared to the bib series.

For instance, this one here comes with a integrated gps chip, which is missing on the bpu. That means you’re able to run outdoors, for example, and you can trace your route back when looking at your activities, and you can see kind of the path in real time and when you sync the data over to your phone, it can also allow you to see More data like exactly where you were, as you were, running along. In addition, the gts2 has built in wi fi, which the bit is also lacking. That means you’re able to use it to sync data over to the cloud as well as transfer music into the watch’s built in memory. A few other sensors on here, including a compass, a barometer for measuring pressure, which are also lacking on the bip. U, which again, is a nice, upgrade that we see here and technically yes, the gts 2 also has built in nfc that can be used for contactless payment, as well as for entering different buildings as a security path for bus passes. Things like that. The unfortunate thing, though, is it doesn’t, seem to work with, say: google pay, which requires either android wear watch or the software to be more open source. So at the moment, the nfc, if you’re using it for payment, is only compatible with alipay, which is widely used in china, regardless before we take a closer look at the software as well as talk about the performance after using it for a few days.

Taking a closer look at the design again on the back here, we do have an array of sensors for optical heart rate measurement, in addition to things like sleep tracking as well as sp02 blood oxygen monitoring is also built on in, as well as the charging contacts. The charging system is exactly the same as the one used on all the current generation. Amazfit wearables. These magnetic pins can snap pretty easily onto the back and quickly top it up in around an hour and speaking of battery life, the gts2 is rated to last. Roughly seven days, however, that is only if you are doing a few things include turning off wi fi, as well as limiting the always on mode in regular usage, where you’re also activating all the sensors, including gps, as well as raising the screen brightness. I personally found the battery to be a little bit closer to around three days before i needed to recharge it again, which is still better than many android wear smart watches, as well as the apple watch. However, it is something to keep in mind or, if you hop into the eco mode and really reduce the amount of tracking that’s going on, it will be able to get you through even more than seven days and then the crown key here is also slightly dipped. In to make it harder to accidentally press, if you hit it against something, but still very tactile and responsive, you use this key, essentially to act as a navigation to bring up the list of applications on the watch, as well as double tapping to instantly bring you Into the list of all the activities that you can start tracking on the watch, the screen itself is quite bright, easy to read as well sensitive to touch coded and protected by corning gorilla glass 3 for some added resistance in terms of the interface here again, very Simple style, we’re able to long hold to change the different watch faces and by the way the gts2 has over three gigs of built in internal storage, which is much more than the 64 megabytes on the dip series.

That means you’re able to store more watch faces on the memory as well. Essentially, any watch face that you like from the application, which there are over 50 ones, which are included in their app. You can push over and save onto the watch without worrying about the memory getting full, which is pretty neat in addition, that three gigs of memory can also be used to download and share music into this memory itself. So you can use it like a dedicated mp3 player and then you’re able to connect this to wireless headphones when you’re running and use it to playback music without bringing along your phone. It also allows you to have some customization, like other smart watches, on a mace fit’s new generation of their os. You can customize all the elements of a watch face, including what you display on each module here, whether that’s going to show you notifications, sleep patterns, pedometer weather, so and so forth. As expected, the fluidity of the watch is really smooth. It is using one of the fastest processors available, and so everything in terms of flicking and animations, as we can see here, is just very fast happening. Buttery smooth, as far as the refresh rate of the display is concerned, and just as a quick contrast, the bib. U is also pretty quick, i would say overall, but the frame rates are definitely a little slower. As you’re scrolling, you can see slightly more jumpiness, sometimes versus again.

The same list on here just feels buttery, as you’re gliding along gts2 actually came out slightly earlier this year compared to the bipu which just came out about a month ago, and so that one has a slightly uh, more updated software, which hopefully amazefit will also push Over to the gts2 soon using a software update, but at the moment there are still a few elements which are different in terms of the visual style between the two, for example, you’re able to see your activity for the day in terms of your heart rate as Well as your score, however, you can’t really see additional data on the watch itself for the past seven days, for example. However, overall it’s still pretty easy to understand and use. You can start a manual heart rate test. You can also take a look at your weather information for the past week. All working quite well and then coming over here to the music control is where you can play back some music Music. So just pausing things there overall takeaway is the speaker. Quality is better than expected, i’d say for something so small on your wrist. It actually gets louder than i was thinking, also using as a speaker phone when you’re answering phone calls, as well as for alerts and notifications it’s more than loud enough to get your attention. It doesn’t really distort, which is a surprise, although it doesn’t have too much bass either as expected for something so tiny.

However, we have the ability to go into a shortcut list of different types of activities that you can see at a glance all in one screen, which is by the way, something that you don’t have on the amazefit bipu as well as coming back here now onto This main page watch does also have a auto detection for the brightness. There is a proximity light sensor, so, if you’re pointing at something brighter, it will turn up the brightness of the screen. And, alternatively, if you are in a darker environment, you can see that the brightness here will automatically drop to conserve on battery there’s, also some auto detection modes on here, including automatic workout detection. If it’s a knowing that you’re starting to run, for example, it will start to track it as a session for you automatically, as well as the ability for you to customize what the crown key does in terms of tapping once or tapping twice. If you don’t want to bring it to a certain application, you can change it to do something else that you may use more frequently now. Finally, coming over to the voice control, basically, by flicking your wrist and afterwards you’ll be able to launch into the voice assistant. Even an offline assistant which isn’t smart but can still do certain things like lower or raise the volume and when the voice assistant is activated, you’ll see a small icon pop up down below volume up and you can see it’s registered our voice and right now it Raised the volume one bar higher as far as these sports are concerned, there’s quite a few modes that you can track on here, including outdoor running walking, cycling, treadmill swimming since again, it’s, waterproof, climbing free training and additional sports as well that you can further find under More obscure categories can all be found here in total there’s, actually over 90 different sports.

It will turn the heart rate monitoring on continuously, so it will keep on measuring your heart rate fluctuations. Second, to second, as well as uh, take a look at how many steps you’ve walked, converted to your speed as you’re performing a sport. Finally, a new feature that is in beta mode at the moment is also the ability for it to measure your breathing quality. In other words, your spo2 measurement can also be taken sporadically even at night. It will give you a sleeping breathing score at night, which you can view back in the companion. App i’ll show you guys that later on, in this video, pretty good results. As far as the overall accuracy is concerned, so it didn’t have too many issues in this regard, uh the pedometer i did find to have a slightly lower number of steps, which are sometimes counted compared to uh when i was putting it side by side with the Amaze fit bip? U, which was interesting. This one here would sometimes count, i would say, five percent less steps. Overall, i would rather for it to be on the conservative side and say: you’ve walked, maybe one or two steps less than over counting steps. Otherwise, the heart rate measurement was very sensitive and accurate uh compared to other wearables. At least it was pretty much right on par with what i got from some huawei honor smart watches, as was amazefit’s own watches and bands i’ve tried in the past.

It was pretty much giving me the exact same measurement. Sleep tracking was also pretty good in terms of giving me the amount of time i’ve napped, even during the day, which is a great improvement actually compared to past wearables, which emitted this precision. It can only track your sleep at night, for example versus this one, which you can even count naps that you take during the day. However, one thing i will say is that data is only available when you sync it over to your companion app. So speaking of the companion, app let’s take a closer look at it. It’S called zep again showing you your heart rate pattern throughout the day, as well as the aforementioned sleeping score in terms of rem, as well as other stages of sleep, light sleep when you’re awake. When you’re in deep sleep and giving you an evaluative score out of 100 for your quality and how to improve in terms of different elements of your sleep as well as to fall asleep, you know earlier waking up earlier as well. It will tell you those things and you can also tag your mood to the day that you can then easily search back when you are looking through your history. Um, and here is the aforementioned sleep, breathing quality score which tells you how well you’re breathing at night. If you’re sleeping in the correct posture or not now, one thing i want to mention here is under your profile: settings you’re, also able to add different quote, unquote, accounts, and this is where they should have the ability to tie in the amazon, alexa integration.

So you’re able to log into your amazon account, for example, and what that does is then enable the smart ai assistant. However, you’ll notice here, at least on my particular version of the app amazon, is not a choice of a account that i can add at the moment. What that means is the alexa integration is currently still in the pending stage. Some users have reported that they’ve already got it, but for others it’s still a software update that will be here in the coming days. It is something that they’ve already shown us before, as well and their other wearables, and also on the cheaper mazefit band 5. So i would imagine it works in exactly the same way but again it’s a matter of when they push over that software update that’s, just something to quickly keep in mind here at the current status. At the time of this video review, so that’s more or less it as far as our hands on review of the mesfit gts2 smartwatch it’s, definitely a more polished version of the amazement bip that gives you more sensors, including the again compass, the barometer, the built in Microphone and speaker system, as well as a more premium construction with the metal that they have compared to plastic on the bib. So if you want something that feels a little bit better and looks a little nicer on your wrist, this could be worth taking a closer look at definitely has more tricks up its sleeve.

With that being said, of course, it’s not perfect it’s, a software update away from being even better i’d say giving us the new ui that allows us to see data from the past week. Our sleep data from the watch itself would all be really neat to have, in addition to a few other tricks again, unlocking the functionality for the alexa supports. So, if all you need is something that’s lightweight but looks very premium and feels very sleek, this could be worth a closer look.