I wanted to make a quick unboxing video um. I don’t typically make these videos, but i place my order for this watch. Well, first off i heard about this watch back in at i think: it’s ces it’s a big technology conference um and i was really excited about it um. I i put a pre order in on amazon and it just shipped to my house uh yesterday, so i thought i would make a super quick unboxing video uh. Just so, you can kind of see what the package looks like um yeah and i almost i almost opened this last night, but i wanted to do it on camera. So, first off the box, it’s actually it’s. Actually, pretty small sized box it’s got this really nice kind of rainbow lettering here, um, just some technical information on the uh on the back here, um and then also there’s. This um, i don’t, know if you can see that it’s a nice little um kind of a thank you for purchasing card. It says hello, new, amazefit, owner, welcome to the amazfit family. Yada yada need help be sure to reach out yada yada you’re, not on your own, so um yeah, it’s kind of a satisfaction guaranteed nice little um yeah a nice little kind of welcome to the family type uh, yellow note here on the side so let’s open It up um just a little bit of just a little bit of like tape right here on the top.

Let me refocus here, okay, so i did pre cut the tape just so i can make this a little easier. Okay, so i’m, just gon na slide this out, so we don’t need that anymore. Okay, so we have uh this little box on the inside nice little amaze fit logo right. There it’s also got kind of that rainbow shiny letter, look to it, uh, which is actually really nice, um, so that’s, the inside of the box. Nothing there we’ll just put that over here. Okay, so the watch itself there you go just kind of tucked in right. There there’s a sticker right here, uh if you can see it it’s kind of stuck on the the front of the watch there. So we’ll just peel that off just like that there it is so we don’t need that sticker anymore. We’Ll put that over here and we’ll, just kind of just slide the watch out just like this just kind of pops out and that’s a really nice. It actually feels really nice i’m surprised, um. You know i’ve seen. People complain about the quality of the watch, strap um, but really i actually kind of like the way it feels it does not feel cheap to me um. It is he’s, quite big it’s, a big watch um, which certainly i’m not afraid of i’m, a big guy. I wear big watches i like that style. This is about the size. This is close to the size of my fitbit ionic, it’s, definitely slimmer and smaller than some of garmin’s watches.

I have. I have a garmin fenix 3, and this is definitely thinner than that. I also have an old tsunto watch, but you know it’s quite old, and that thing is huge, so this is definitely much slimmer um trying to like. How can i give you an idea of size here’s, my um? This is a oneplus phone uh. If you can just kind of see the thickness between the two there so that’s my oneplus 6t, with a with a case just to kind of give you an idea of the width of that so it’s, really not bad um let’s see first impressions. It looks like it looks like the watch has kind of this a similar back side. As most of these fitness watches. Do you can tell it’s got the optical uh sensors on the back, so you can um. You can kind of tell here that the back has a couple magnetic spots: um for i’m, guessing the charger that clips in there. So we’ll keep on boxing here. You know quick note about the case. It is kind of plasticky. Let me just zoom in so. You can really see this here. The case is kind of this plastic rubberized material um. I think it looks pretty rugged. There’S uh there’s four buttons on the watch, two on each side, um and then here’s a close up of the back here. The back side of the watch looks like the watch. Band itself is kind of connected to the head of the watch by the sort of bolt like screws, but you know i think.

Overall, it looks really nice it’s a really nice looking watch. It is quite big, but uh that’s, definitely my style. So let me zoom back out here and let’s keep unboxing um, so this was the uh. This is kind of where the watch was sitting right in there, so we’ll, just we’ll, just kind of take this out here. Oh looks like there’s a tab up here that i was supposed to pull, but that just kind of comes out and then uh. We don’t need that anymore. So the box here, oh that tab, was to open this top part. So in this uh looks like in here we have a little manual. Let me just zoom in so you can see that a little amaze fit manual. It is so tiny. Look at this little cute manual, it’s, like a it’s like a little book. A mouse would read: um looks like a whole bunch of different languages. Um yeah, i mean the english the english section on this is is i mean it’s only is only that thick right there, so um. So really. The rest of this is the rest of all. Of this over here is other languages. Okay, so we’ll put that down uh. It looks like there’s only one other thing in this box and it’s this uh, this charging cable here so we’ll, pull that out real quick but yeah it’s interesting. I don’t um it’s, really similar to my garmin watch.

Um looks like the charging cable here, i’ll zoom in so you can kind of see what this looks like um right right there yeah. So this is um. I think i’m guessing magnetic so let’s throw this on the back of the watch here. It’S even got. I don’t know if you can even see this it’s really subtle, but it’s got a little amaze fit logo on the back side of the charger here and then obviously the um, you know the other. The other end is, is your standard usb? So it looks like this probably just goes straight onto the watch with the amaze fit logo yeah that fits really nice. So if you can kind of see how that works, um just clips straight on and it is magnetic – so you can kind of see it. You can kind of see it pulling itself back to the watch. I can imagine this might be a little finicky um. You know if you’re sitting on your your bedside table or something and the watch moves a little bit. It might stop charging um, but yeah. Really nice form factor uh the cable itself. Let’S just give you a little wider shot here. The cable itself is not terribly long. What is that like three or four feet so um yeah i’m? Not that’ll, be fine, i guess uh. So, okay, so there you go! The boxing of the maze fits uh, the unboxing of the amazefit.

The package is really nice on this thing, uh some really nice logos on the outside of the box um and the watch itself just looks great i’m. So happy i’ll give you one more um one more really close up view here of the watch, and it really reminds me a lot of kind of those outdoor tactical watches totally. My style and i’m really excited to put this through its paces. Just see how it does we’re in the middle of a blizzard where i live right now, so i can’t run with it outside or i would throw it on and take it for a run test out the gps and some other some other functions. So i will post a review uh later i don’t know if it will be um a video or, if it’ll just be a written review, but i am so happy with this, and you know i think gosh i just i’m. I just don’t think i would complain about um i’m. Just not gon na complain about this watch track actually for fun. Let’S just throw it on real, quick, so i’ll leave the camera zoomed in so that way, um you can kind of see what it looks like on my wrist, so the um. It feels really soft. The watch strap does and it’s really flexible by the way um. So there you go that’s kind of what it’s uh what it looks like on my wrist let’s, even maybe zoom, in a little more yeah, so that’s kind of what it looks like um, there’s kind of the thickness.

If you want to see that um, but yeah it’s, a big it’s, a big watch but i’m, not afraid of that, so all right, cool, i’m gon na end, the unboxing video there um thank you for watching um i’m super pumped. To finally have this uh. I will post a longer review at some point: um just kind of demo after i’ve demoed the watch for a little bit.