My name is donovan and in today’s video i want to talk about what i like and what i don’t like about the brand new fitbit versa, 3, after using it for 72 hours, Music, all right. So, as i mentioned in this video, i want to go ahead and talk about what i like and what i dislike about the fitbit versa, 3, after using it over the past 72 hours – and the first thing i want to mention is probably the biggest feature that They’Ve included in the versa 3 versus the versa 2, and that is gps built on board onto the watch, which really nice to have. You don’t have to take your phone with you anymore and let’s. Talk about the accuracy of that gps, so i’m going to go ahead and show you – and i showed this in the initial video that i made about running with this watch um. But you can see here. This is the run. I did today, 11.14 miles 643 pace. Average heart rate of 162 beats per minute, so i also ran with my apple watch at the exact same time, apple watch on my left wrist and the fitbit on my right wrist, and you can see here the same one had 11.24 versus 11.14 on the fitbit Uh heart rate 159 162 over here and then the pace 640 versus 643. that’s a lot largely uh, due in part to the difference in the distance that the two had so um.

What i want to point out here is that, basically for every single run, i’ve done so far, so obviously in the 72 hours i’ve done one run each day, so by the way that aerobic workout was playing ping pong with my son. So i picked that up automatically i didn’t actually put in a workout there, and then these are the three runs i’ve done with it and in every single one of these runs all three days. It’S, basically been 1 100 of a mile um. Even on this day, where you can see, basically i went pretty much just straight out. I mean i did a few jogs there, but mostly straight out straight back pretty much every mile, it’s 1 100 of a mile off from my apple watch and then, as far as the heart rate, it’s almost always very consistently about three to five beats per minute. Off from my apple watch, always higher than what my apple watch is saying, and so some people in the video when i first compared these two i said well, why is the apple watch, your you know the one you’re always comparing it to and that’s, because, honestly, I’Ve used my apple watch next to a ton of other watches, like my garmin and it’s, always very consistently dead, on, with other watches, also that route that i showed you right here, that’s all straightaways. Every mile marker is actually marked on this trail and my apple watch is always dead on with those mile markers, so i know it’s consistent.

I know it’s accurate and for that reason uh the fitbit to me. You know the gps is maybe just a little bit off um, but i still think it’s. A great addition. 1 100th of a mile to me is pretty darn good now. The second thing i like is the music storage. However, i will mention, and the other smart features that they’ve included, not just the music, but one thing i will mention is the fact that some people are a little bit upset and they’ve mentioned this in comments with the fact that you can no longer just store Music from your phone onto the watch, so you have to be a premium subscriber to one of the music companies that basically they support so it’d be dieser, pandora or spotify. Now i will mention with spotify you can’t, actually it’s, just a controller here um you can’t! Actually download music or playlist from spotify, so you either have to be a premium subscriber to pandora or deezer in order to actually get music to the watch. So if you are a premium subscriber to one of those two, you can actually get music directly on the watch. You won’t have to bring your phone with you to get music out on the run so that’s nice to have. Obviously, though, a little bit limited there. Other smartwatch features that i like so in the initial video. I actually thought that the spo2 sensor wasn’t on this watch um.

Obviously you can see that i’m wrong here it is um. However, you can’t do it on demand, like you can, with the new apple watch series 6.. So this is actually the sc. It doesn’t even have the spo2 sensor, so that’s your blood oxygen levels and here it’s, just measuring it overnight. How accurate it is. I don’t really know, but you can see that it gave me a 93 and it varied from 90 to 97, while i was sleeping so you’re supposed to be over 85 to be in the healthy range. So it looks like i’m, okay but it’s nice to have that also you can go in depth in a lot of fitness areas, so that’s, obviously, where this shines. So you can see here sleep and it gives you a sleep score kind of gives you an idea of what you could do to maybe get a better sleep score. So that’s really cool, also talks about. If you go in here, it tells you when you were sleeping when you were getting deep sleep versus light sleep and uh. Hopefully um you know knowing this information. The information that you have here can help you get a better night’s sleep um. You can see i’ve already talked about the exercise, the heart rate sensor, obviously, with the steps it’s giving you reminders so um, i set it at 250 steps per hour to actually count. You can see only seven other 14 hours, i’ve been awake today that i’ve actually hit that and then you can.

Actually, this is kind of cool. I don’t know of any other app that you can do all of this in, but you can actually log your food and water here as well. I think samsung does have, i know for sure, water and coffee and things like that, but i don’t remember the option to i think in samsung health you can actually log your food, so i guess there is samsung that you can do that with as well, but Yeah, just basically every kind of fitness information you would need is available here on the watch. Obviously you can set goals. You can obviously compete against other people, which is really cool, and i think that’s one thing as far as the community that you get with fitbit that you don’t necessarily get on a lot of other watches, and i think the community on fitbit is far more robust Than you get on other watches um all right, so you can also accept tax. Now you can because there is a speaker, the speaker there. It is and the microphones um you can actually speak back a response. If you are connected to an android phone, you can’t do that if you’re connected to an iphone, however, obviously with the app watch, you can do that you can’t take calls directly on the watch, but you can actually like accept or reject calls with the watch again. If you’re connected up to an android device, so that’s cool but again a little bit limited um, you know assuming that you’re connected up to an android device, all right so now we’re going to talk about some things that i’m a little bit more neutral on.

Maybe things i don’t necessarily love don’t hate and the first thing is um going to be uh the battery life. So if i go over here, like i mentioned 72 hours um, this is actually after 48 hours of use. You can see i’m down to 22 percent. That’S with two long workouts already mentioned on here, when i show you those workouts, i was using gps on these two workouts, so i went for an 11 mile run. Today. Did some ping pong with my son last night and then 10 miles the day before so that’s a lot of gps there so between those two, probably like three hours of running and so that’s, a lot of gps and it’s down to 22 percent so i’m? Not going to get 62 or sorry six days of battery life like they say but i’m still getting at least two days with 22 left, so obviously i’m going to need to charge it at this point. So you know just the magnetized charger pretty easy to charge. It up and uh go from there. They say that with um 12 minutes. I think it is 12 15 minutes. I can’t remember, i think, it’s 12 minutes of charging that you can get a full days of battery life, but obviously they’re, saying six days: total, which i’m not getting so battery life i’m kind of neutral on um. The next thing, i’m, a little bit neutral on, is the processor.

You can see that there’s a little bit of lag. I mean in comparison to like an apple watch. Yes, it is definitely a little bit laggy when it comes to opening things up, but really it’s, not bad i’m kind of neutral on it. I don’t really necessarily love it or hate it. It’S, not super laggy for me, but it’s also not super fast either. So, as far as the processor goes i’m kind of neutral on that one, the spo2 sensor that’s another thing: i’m, a little bit neutral on it’s nice that it’s available it’s there, however again it’s only there, while you’re sleeping now let’s talk about things i don’t like So there are no physical buttons on this watch. You only have this one over here: that’s, not physical, it’s, basically just a haptic feedback system, so it lets. You know that you’re pushing it with that vibration motor. However, i would just prefer honestly just me personally to have an actual physical button there um just so there’s at least one physical button on the watch. I just i i mean honestly. I prefer more buttons like two buttons or three buttons, but um yeah at least one would be nice, but yeah. The haptic feedback obviously works. Okay. Sometimes you have a little bit of a hard time finding it because that’s not always the easiest thing to find, but overall it’s not been bad it’s just i would prefer an actual physical button.

The other thing i’ve already mentioned. This is the heart rate sensor. For me, i’ve already mentioned that you know it’s about three to four beats off per minute for uh. For me, while i’m out running so it’s a little bit worrying, considering this is a fitness watch, that’s specifically what this is made for, it would be important to know you know. Calories burned, be able to track your heart rate during a run or during cycling. It should be right on and i’ve found so far when i compare it up to my garmin when i compare it up to my apple watch. It’S always just a little bit high it’s, not terrible three to four beats per minute off, always high, but still something a little bit concerning for something that is supposed to be uh, a fitness specific watch. The last thing i want to mention that i don’t necessarily like are some features that are supposed to come that aren’t here yet so, for instance, we do have alexa and they do say that you’re going to get google um but that’s late 2020 is what they Say for that one honestly, um, the limitation of the apps that are available for the watch are also um a little bit concerning there. Eventually, there will be more apps that are available and i actually spoke specifically with a app developer for fitbit and they said that part of the reason why there’s fewer apps is because they’re using a new platform to build the apps on.

And so there just haven’t been as many companies out there making them quite yet but they’re on their way. So a little bit of a limitation because of the new platform.