This is the fossil gen 5, which was just announced. Of course, it runs. Wear os and yeah, i really am excited to get this thing on the wrist, so what we thought we’d do is unbox it. We first look tour all that stuff we’ll even do a little bit of a comparison to the fossil sport. Since i know a bunch of you have that, and then this is the mont blanc summit, two so we’ll compare that just so you can see size and things like that, but uh yeah this this. This could be the smart watch for uh, for you, big, wear os fans out there like me, so let’s get into it. Let’S unbox it. This is the fossil gen five. So to recap a little bit here: fossil gen five. There are two models: the carlisle which is this and the juliana, which is, i guess you could call it the female version. If you want to they’re the same size, though same specs, they just look different. This carlisle comes in three different versions: there’s a couple of black versions. Then this is sort of the steel uh stainless steelish version also comes with a stainless steeler metal band. I will probably swap that out for something like a sport band or a canvas band, as i have on these other two, but this is what it comes with. Um the uh, the juliana comes in three colors. Most of them have some sort of gold or rose gold in there and some embellishment or bedazzling around the uh, the bezel so anyway, uh wear os by google still an operating system, even though google doesn’t seem to do much with it.

So packaging um not much on the back, does run through some of the specs nope. Not really just says that you need android 4.4 in order to do it so um let’s open this up, i will run through the specs now, so this is if i can figure out how to get this thing open. So this is uh. The second smart watch from fossil to run the snapdragon wear 3100, which, as you know, is the newest from qualcomm there’s a look inside the box. If you care about that so snapdragon worth 3100 same thing as in the sport and also in the mont blanc summit too, so that’s, why i’ve got them there um before i keep going let’s just show you what else is in here, so it’s got the uh Fossil’S been doing at least they started this at least they’d. I guess i should say they have this with the sport uh, this sort of magnetic charger, it’s, actually really nice there’s a ring around the back of the watches that these pins need to line up with, and so you can slap it on this thing in any Direction as long as it’s centered on there and these pins will charge through the ring, so you don’t have to like line it up perfectly like you do with the mont blanc, which is kind of nice. So anyway, here is the single lone charger um. What else is in the box that appears to be it here is the watch.

We will just uh see if we can figure out how to get this thing off of here, um. So again, good lord! Oh there we go just pulls apart, um, okay, so back to specs, snapdragon, wear 3100 uh. You have a 1.28 inch circular full circle, whatever you want to call it amoled display here. Obviously you have three buttons here. This is a rotating crown it’s, also a pusher. So you have two pushers rotating crown that also pushes um, eight gig storage, so that’s a bump up from most watches, most wear os watches that four gig says eight and also has one gig ram, whereas most watches have either 512 or 768. This has a full gig and i’m telling you right now before i even turn this thing on that one gig is going to make a huge difference: uh the ticwatch pro 4g lte that was just released had one gig and the snapdragon wear 2100. So an old chip, older chipset that one gig really really helps with that watch. I can tell you that the mont blanc also runs really well has a gig, and so that ram bump is really going to be nice. Uh has nfc, for google pay has untethered gps, so you can go for a run with this thing and not have your watch. Handy has a microphone. This watch has a speaker, so you can actually get audible. Google assistant responses. You can hear phone calls, take phone calls, get notifications and those can all come through as volume, so it has a heart rate monitor on the back as well.

I guess i could try to show you here some of this back stuff before i get this case off so on the back here um. This is that that ring. I was talking about see the two piece ring here. So when you line the charger up, all you need is the pins from the charger anywhere on this ring and it’ll charge it, which is actually really handy and then there’s that heart rate sensor uh also has water resistance up to 3 atm. So you can take this thing for a swim. The case size is 44 millimeter, so it is not the smallest watch but that’s. Also not the largest either um could be a good middle ground. I love that 42 millimeter size but 44, not huge uh, 12 millimeters thick. There is a look at the thickness, not super thick. What i can tell you, though, is if it wears anywhere like the fossil sports. It will sit nicely even with that case size on there right on your wrist, so that’s, a quick walkthrough. Let me uh get this bad boy on the wrist all right. So, while off camera there, which you didn’t see, was that out of the box, there is a massive system update, so it actually took probably 20 minutes or so to get an update then installed then uh, some bloatware side loaded, which i’ll talk about a minute. So there’s there’s a bunch of stuff going on, but out of the box big update, make sure you grab that um.

I did think i thought i did think i’d show you um that charger a little bit that i’m talking about then also um, the 22 millimeter straps, which i for failed to mention initially so 22 millimeters here, quick swap, you can put any band on there. You want, with, like i mentioned i’m gon na, take this thing off um for those that are curious. This is the smoke stainless steel version uh. This is what it looks like on wrist, uh it’s, not bad. Looking the band feels a little bit cheap, but this is, you know a 300 watch, so i get it, but this is what it looks like if you do buy. You know a metal band like this you’re, probably gon na need someone to fit it for you. Um, i have the tools and stuff in house to do it. If i want to but i’m not gon na bother uh. If you do buy this, you may want to uh open it at the fossil store or something like that or take it to a watchmaker to uh, make sure you get it sized properly and you can do it pretty easily with some simple tools at home. Just doing that so anyways let’s just show you so to get these off. There are just little pins um, so you can see there. There are two little push pins. Two little push pins there, you just squeeze those in and it’ll pop right off.

So i’m gon na take those this off all the way throw on a different strap. Just so you can see it um here is the watch, though um back side, i hadn’t, given you a really good look at that, yet so there’s the back side. So heart rate monitor um. There are those rings where i said you can throw this charger on anywhere and it sticks see. So i can rotate this thing all the way around it’ll charge in any of these positions, because again those little pins just match up to those lines, so it’s kind of a cool little little way to charge um. So this watch is a metal case. So, unlike the fossil sport, which is mostly a plastic case, this thing is going to feel a little bit more premium in hand. It’S definitely got a nice watch weight to it, uh, which is often important um. So i tend to use these canvas straps you’ve, seen any previous reviews of ours so i’m just going to throw this thing on here. Real, quick and i’ll also throw a link below for those who are interested in this, so 22 millimeter strap. These are supposed to be easy to just get right in there and, of course, whenever you’re doing it on camera, you fail there. We go so one piece on there and uh get this second one on all right, so that is on there now. So this is what it looks like with my own strap.

So again, this is that smoke stainless steel version. There is also a black version, a couple of things to note. I mentioned bloatware. So when you do get this watch fossil created uh number one. They created a whole bunch of battery modes which are actually important which we’ll talk about, but they also threw in some bloatware. So after i installed the big system update, i did get some additional apps installing, so cardiogram is one which i think is going to be a really important one it’s going to monitor heart health and your heart rate and all that stuff in a much better way Than most wear os watches have, in the past, it’s also going to preload spotify. So if you’re, not a spotify user, you can try to uninstall that it is also going to install nike run club in case you’re, part of nike, run club and then noon light, which is, i believe, some sort of home safety type of app. I actually don’t. I don’t know. One thing i want to point out is: it does have a rotating crown if you’ve used the fossil sport, you know the rotating crown isn’t great. In fact, mine actually sticks in most of the time and is mostly broken. This one is very, very sensitive to any minor little adjustment. You can see it scrolls. It is a really really nice rotating crown and again it’s. Also a push button, so i’ve got the watch up.

This is uh, wear os. It is the newest version um that has tiles in it, so you can swipe over here to get into tiles. It’S got the google assistant over here. It’S got swipe down for some of these shortcuts and you can see there is that icon for your speaker. So if you don’t want sound to come out of your watch, you may want to turn that off and then you can swipe up to get into your notifications. So these are those blower apps. I was talking about that installed, said it’s set up complete by installing those four. Of course, you can go into google play and get more stuff, so yeah that’s kind of a quick overview. Um let’s talk about those clock modes, though. If i swipe down from here there is this battery saver icon. So if i tap on that, it lets me choose between different battery modes, so there’s daily extended custom time. Only if i hit this about and actually the first time you you you tap on this it’ll walk you through, it says make the most out of your battery quickly switch between modes. So i go next says what’s daily mode. Your watch starts in this mode. It has the most features enabled to keep you connected in every way. Extended mode starts turning things off uh, just to make sure it extends the battery further there’s a time only mode which is, as it describes only time and then custom mode where you can sort of turn things off and on to create your personal experience.

So i will for sure play with all of these individually right now. Mine actually is set at custom, even though it would say, it’ll come with daily out of the box. Um, so let’s see just what that says. So daily is always on speaker’s on wi fi. On demand, location on demand, bluetooth on button to wait, touch to wake tilt to wake off nfc on demand. So this is probably about how i would do it. I think mine switched to custom because i turned the speaker off, so that must be why it was set to custom, which is totally fine, so you can play with these battery modes extended. I will point out, should still give you well button to wake and it does still give you notifications and vibrations, and i believe it also still tracks your heart, but you can see like touch and tilt to wake are all off and the speaker’s off and wi Fi is off and they’re always on the screen, so should extend battery um quite a bit. It shows bluetooth is only on during a set schedule, so kind of cool um. What what i find fascinating here is this is uh the first proprietary set of software, that uh fossil went ahead and put on a watch, and mostly because well, google just fails to update, wear os consistently and so fossil went ahead and did all of the work For them so um watch faces, i haven’t showed you yet and let’s talk about those, because there are a bunch, so i’ll just go to the phone for this.

So in the phone app you can see, there is a substantial list of of where os watches here from fossil i mean, if i scroll all the way down, there’s got to be 30 or something in here, probably fossil’s always been pretty good at building out watch Faces, i believe many of them are new, so right now i’m running this one which i believe is new to the gen 5. It has that google assistant shortcut also does notifications and does your heart rate. I mean you’ve got the google fit ones and i promise i haven’t sideloaded. A bunch of these were all just included there’s like some goofy mustache ones. Things like that this next gen quartet looks kind of nice let’s tap on that oh yeah. That looks very nice as well. It’S got a google assistant shortcut, so that’s a cool watch, uh there’s a whole bunch of watches in here, and, of course this is where wes you can install uh just about anything you want. There was one other cool one. I want to show you this one. This one also looks very, very snazzy, let’s, wake that up kind of a cool one right um, so i think that’s about it. I was going to quick show you a comparison to some of these watches, so here’s the fossil sport side by side. So the fossil sport, i believe, is 43 millimeter case this is 44 millimeter. They are not much different in terms of size.

Uh wait: you’ll notice it just because the fossil sport is, i believe, all plastic, and this is a metal case um, but that is what they look like next to each other, they’re very similar in styling. This is just metal and has a little bit sharper. Look to it, whereas this is more plasticky and maybe sportier, or something like that let’s flip over to the back, so you can see the back cases are almost identical, looks like a slightly different heart rate. Monitor, although i cannot confirm that and then here it is next to the mont blanc and i believe the mont blanc is a 42 millimeter case, so 42 versus 44 there. You can see those side by side, similar styling uh in terms of being all metal. The mont blanc is slightly thicker, possibly and obviously a thousand dollar watch, which you probably shouldn’t, buy uh. I think we’re good long, video on the uh fossil gen, five very excited to uh get this on wrist. As my daily watch, you guys know: i’m a i’m. A big wear west fan, even though uh wear os doesn’t ever seem to get fun updates or anything like that. Uh we’ll have more we’ll, have a full review. All that stuff uh we’ll have links down below. If you want to buy this thing or any of these watch straps or any of that stuff uh, let me know if you have comments questions. We are droid life, peace, Music.