A smartwatch buy a garment that promises a host of new functionalities, but how well does it deliver lets find out Music. This is the new garmin epics a premium multi sport, smart watch, the second generation epics has been launched in india at a price of 98, 990 rupees or around 1300. The unit that we got to review was the black titanium model. We spent some time with it and put it to different tests. Music lets begin with the design made with a sapphire crystal lens and titanium bezel, the garmin epix looks premium and the build quality is top notch. It goes well with both formal and casual clothing. The 1.3 inch always on bright amoled display is eye catching its vibrant and easy on. The eye text appears to be crisp and the graphics are sharp, even under direct sunlight. The watch is easily viewable, like with other smart watches. You can choose a different watch face. Every day and match it to your look or mood, not just that you can customize other intricate details in the interface the watch comes with a silicone band which is comfortable to wear even for long hours, Music, the touchscreen is highly responsive and the interface is intuitive. The button controls that help you navigate also work quite efficiently, Music. First, a look at the features the pulse oximeter sensor uses light beams to estimate how well your body is absorbing oxygen. The wrist based heart rate, constantly samples your heart rate and alerts you if it stays too high or too low.

You can get a full breakdown of your light and deep sleep stages. You can even log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. The watch also comes in handy for gauging your performance during different activities based on your running history and overall fitness level. The visual race predictor provides an estimate of what your pace could be for the distance you want to run. It comes with built in sports apps for activities like running swimming biking and hiking. You can track and manage your exertion with the real time. Stamina feature. This could prevent you from burning out. I used it for resistance training in the gym to find out how detailed and accurate the results are. I started with setting up the watch for strength training. This mode lets you time each set by starting a timer before doing a particular exercise. After finishing each set, you are required to stop the timer. It then starts clocking the rest time until your next set starts. This helps you manage your training time effectively. A drawback seems to be that on certain occasions, while exercising using the arms, such as bench presses and bicep curls, the sets are counted, although not accurately, Applause during certain exercises that involved the use of legs, the watch was not recording any reps at all, while most Of the measurements were correct, the epics sometimes miscalculated traps during workouts by either missing them completely or counting too few. A good thing about this watch is that it closely monitors your movements and other health and wellness details and generates detailed health metrics, along with its health and fitness related features.

The garmin epics manages to impress us on other fronts too. It supports multi band frequency and multiple global navigation satellite systems for better and more accurate gps positioning. Another thing i appreciate is its long lasting battery. It offers a battery life of up to 16 days in smart watch mode. Other key, smart features of the watch include the ability to receive notifications for incoming calls text messages. Social media updates and calendar reminders.