Looking watch sport watch from xiaomi and uh yeah. This is pretty pretty good watch guys. I would actually very very much recommend recommended for everyone who want to uh have something very, very budget. Like uh, very nice, very functional and uh, it has many perks like, for example, heart rate. You can monitor your sleep by hours and you can monitor many things over here, like uh calories, and you can connect your phone through bluetooth and play music straight away, and also the best thing about this is the: how easy is it to get to the widget? So you can just slide from down to up and get to the uh straight to the functions. For example, let me show you: if you slide down to up you, get this notification area where you can actually navigate through many things. One of them is twisting the wrist to open the watch or make the watch functional. We have some alarms and other stuff lock and setting also you can go to setting from here. You can choose the watch faces and you can choose. You know monitor the brightness as well so uh. There are many many ways that you can actually play with this watch. I find it very, very nice and it’s very good actually compared to other watches. For example, huawei watch uh. I find it hard to navigate compared to the xiaomi watch and also i found xiaomi watch is more appealing to the look.

Then the huawei will watch so yeah when it comes to android. I would actually recommend you to get the xiaomi watch now. I’M. Not comparing it to samsung or, for example, apple because samsung is in other another division. Okay, if you, if you’re a sports enthusiast, if you go to their app samsung you’ll, find many many details. So if you want to go to samsung there’s a huge leap when it comes to the functionality and the performance of the samsung so but you’re looking something budget compared to like between xiaomi and huawei, i would actually recommend this watch pretty much now. The good thing is about this bump over here: it’s, not that big okay, there is a bump, but it’s not gon na uh. I know you like, for example, that the older uh watches, for example, from uh garmin. They have this big, huge bump here that actually make your skin i’m, not saying that’s going to. You know, annoy or hurt the skin but it’s going to make some sort of um annoyingness. I would say in your skin that’s when you take out the watch. You’Ll see a square, for example. This is a kind of square you’ll, see a square in your skin and that’s that’s, not actually a good thing, um yeah. So how actually can you charge it? You charge it through this uh break over here, uh and with your usb, so unfortunately, no usb type c fast charging or any uh friendly user friendly charging way.

So you have to have this uh tray over here. You put it here and you just click. I’Ll put it on, you know the usb and it’s going to charge so not a big deal, but if you lose this one, if you lose the charger uh, i don’t know what to say: you got to get to you, get yourself a new or you. I don’t know try not to all i say: try not to lose it that’s it because it’s, the only one um so yeah that’s it i find the watch is very, very friendly. I would advise you to go and look at it. It’S very very nice watch for the price. Nothing compete with this watch. Nothing. I mean uh. Look at this. Even the sensors are really great um, yeah that’s it.