. We use wrist watch to check the time in daily life, whether the time is good or bad., And every one might heard name of Maxima. Maxima is a Famous and Reputed Watch Brand.. If you are using Wrist Watch, then you might heard name of Maxima. And Maxima has launched a Smart watch and not a wrist watch here. Recently., Which is launched along with very good functions.. We are going to explore its features and functions. Today., Hello, Friends, Welcome to Review. Fatafat., KNOW YOUR PRODUCT BETTER TO USE BETTER.. My Name is Anil and you are watching video on Maxima Watch Review., Yes, Friends. This Watch Model Name is Maxima Max Pro X2. This is the model name. And friends. This watch has one such function, which I have not seen in any other watch of this price range., Whether its a Fitness Band, Wrist Watch or Smart watch.. I have not seen in all of those, and I am sure you are also not going to see it., Probably in future. If any watch introduced, then OK, but in this range there is not any such watch made with this function. And if you want to know about this function, then be with me in this video up to end.. Ok, Friends Lets not delay the video more and Start the video Let’s start, the video. Friends. You will get it in 2, different colour., 1st one is Gold and 2nd one is Black.. Its case is made from the Aluminum Material.

. The entire case is made of Aluminum Material., So it will look elegant. And it design also look good, slim and slick., Plus its weight is only 36 Grams, so you will never feel bulky on your hand.. Like other wrist watches., You will feel bulky in other wrist watches, but here you will not feel a little bulky. And its glass is Tempered plus curved glass Due to curved glass. Its design looks good and all corner removes, so you will not have any risk of injury too. Due to tempered glass, your watch is protected from scratches. And its belt or strap is detachable. So when ever, if you want to change the colour, you can change the belt. through purchase a belt from online or off line market., And this strap is made from Food Graded Silicon Material.. So, on your hand, you will not have any risk of Infection or Skin Irritation. Realtek Processor is used in this watch.. It will give you high performance, accuracy and battery optimization, and due to that, your battery will consume very less. In it, like other band or wrist. Watch you will get Heart Rate, Monitor or SpO2 Monitor. And with it you can check the beats of your heart and you can check the oxygen level of your blood too.. You will get different 11 work out modes with this watch.. You can monitor them directly from your watch and control and track it through one application of Yfit, which you have to download and install in your phone.

With its help. The work out which you have you can track an monitor in this watch.. Through its Music Control function, you can control the music on your phone.. You can stop it play it forward or you can back ward it too., Plus through camera control function. You can control your phone camera too.. If you are an Android user or an iOS user, this band is compatible to both. And it will connect and pair to both through Bluetooth. And with it. You can read your phone notifications too, like message or email alerts. All those notification you can read in your band directly., You will get IP68 water resistance in this smart watch. Means you can wear and use it in Rain too, and while swimming too, you can wear and use it., Because there is a IP68 Water Resistance means. You will not face any issue or problem up to 30 meter water, deep up to 30 minutes.. This watch will get full charge in less than 2 hrs. And after getting is full charge once you can use it up to 10 days without charging. If your usage is Normal., If you use hear rate, monitor or SpO2 Monitor or Camera control or Music Control frequently, then you will get play time or running time up to 6 days. In this watch you will get a very good function which is not provided in This range other wrist watch. And it is Customized Face. Yes, Friends, customize face.

In many wrist watch or fitness band, you will get different watch faces and they are in built means you can use only those which are given in built in watch. Or you can use those also which add, with a version update.. But in this watch there is such function that your own face or image can be used directly in this watch.. So in other words, you are getting an option to use unlimited faces.. So this is a very good function of this watch, which is explored in this watch by maxima.. This is a very good function only for this function. If you purchase this watch, then your money will be recovered., Because it will give a separate happiness as your face or your family face or your favourite image. You are going to use in this watch. And you will need to do it with Yfit application.. You have to download this application in your phone. And through Yfit application. You can use customize face directly in your watch. And through this Yfit application friends, you can control, monitor or track other features and functions too, like Sleep Tracker and other many functions too.. So you need to download Yfit application in your phone. And you can control this wrist watch. Fully. Friends, you were watching video on Review of Maxima, Smart Watch How you like this video, please let me know in the comment section by commenting.. If you are going to purchase, let me know that too.

, If you love this, video, then like and share this video. And subscribe to my channel to watch such videos directly in your notification.. This video is up to here. Only leaving friends see you in next video till then wish you happy and delightful experience with Maxima Max Pro X2 Till then.