Does it all i’m, not a fitness fanatic, so i will not comment on the accuracy of the calorie count or heart rate. Monitor i’m. Happy to know my daily steps taken be reminded to move when i’ve been sitting too long at my computer. No, my ticker is still ticking and receive kudos when i’ve reached my daily goal. First of all, this is a stunning piece of technology, very sleek and looks great on any wrist. I replaced the pale pink silicon band with a slim black leather one, so it looks very sharp and professional. The pink gold color keeps the watch. Looking slim not bulky, although the aqua black was intriguing and blends well, with most skin tones, i chose the 44 millimeters for better battery life. Yes, i get 3 days between charges. I also like the larger screen for easier interaction with the touch screen which, by the way, is very clear, bright and easy to see even in sunlight, love, love, love that i can receive and respond to texts and calls. I have found that the 30 foot maximum distance to my phone requirement is actually conservative. My phone has been further away from me than that and i still receive texts and calls i work in a showroom where i cannot have my phone with me. I can now react immediately when i’m contacted for texting. I can use voice to text and even edit my response after i have spoken it using my voice again or handwriting on the screen.

There are endless emojis i can reply with and i can send and receive texted images. I can answer the watch if my phone rings, there is a mic and a speaker on the active too, and the voice. Clarity is perfect. I can also reject a call right from my watch and send a text back instead like letting the caller know that ill call them back in a bit. The galaxy active 2 also gives you detailed quality of sleep feedback. It does a great job breaking down. Time spent in rem versus the other sleep phases and with the ability to fully charge in about two hours every three days. You can absolutely wear the watch to bed every night to benefit from that useful information. The watch is completely customizable. You can choose what notifications you want to receive on your watch and how vibration sound, or both with the do not disturb feature. You can also schedule hours at night that you won’t receive any notifications at all. You can arrange the widgets in any order, add and subtract apps and navigate by scrolling between them or use the digital haptic bezel. The digital bezel adds a bit of class to the watch and works flawlessly. It’S responsive and brings back that rotating functionality that the first galaxy active lacked. I have uninstalled the apps. I did not find useful to conserve battery life and added a couple including alexa, yes alexa. I added the alexa app called talk to alexa in the companion galaxy wearable app.

You can find it in the app section discover top watch apps categories, lifestyle top paid. I can ask alexa to answer questions things that i would typically google on my phone. In addition to finding out the weather, set timers and control my smart home right from my wrist, i have tested various requests using my active2 versus asking alexa in my home the responses were identical. The first photo below is of alexa ready to listen, and you can program her to launch when you double tap the home button.