U watch free gps smartwatch now one thing about umidigi products: okay, when it comes to smartwatches or smartwatch um smartphones – is that all the products are affordable. They’Re good priced and all the products have a lot of features packed into it. Now i’ve i have reviewed a lot of umidigi smartwatches, affordable ones, high end ones and the gt1 as well. All of them were very good, and this is called the you watch free gps that’s, because it has a built in gps into this one. It comes with a magnetic charging, cable and obviously charge at the back here. You also have a built in heart rate, monitor as well, and a really really nice secured strap as well. The strap is very stylish as well as you can see, got red inside with the red outlines here as well, so it’s very stylish. It comes with a user manual which i do highly recommend going through, because it tells you exactly what app to download, because it requires an app to download um it’s called verified pro app now. This works on android, 4.4 above or ios 8.0 or above now, when you download that there’s more features that you can control uh when you connect this smartwatch to that now, i’ve already charged this up fully. So i can go through some features. Now the screen size of this is 1.3 inch, full color, touchscreen and it’s, fully touchscreen as well so that’s another advantage.

It also has a built in 14 sports mode as well. So if you go to sports, you can slide down there’s all the sports mode built into it, and this touch the touch control is very smooth as well. On top of that, you can see you have the heart rate monitor there as well. You’Ve got the relax mode alarm there as well. It has music controller there, timer weather sport, a sports record and settings. If you go to settings you go down where you can change the watch face the way you want it and let’s go back again. Uh settings and then you go there. You can put the brightness up or put the brightness down. So if you put the brightness down, you save more battery life, even though the battery life itself is really really good. Um about let’s go to about. It just gives you some information about this watch and then you go shot down on the reset button there as well. Now, if you swipe this side, you got these options. That’S, like a motion control. So if you twist your um wrist and this the time comes on automatically so you’ve got that feature there and you’ve got the night mode you go and find my phone etc. All these options there as well, if you sort of swipe um downwards you’ve, got the um message, notifications there and swipe up. You call this, how many steps you’ve done, etc and obviously, if you swipe right or left you’ve, got all the all their features.

For example, you know controlling the music, timer, etc. But one thing i really like about this is the build quality is amazing. Um has a very comfortable, strap and that looks very stylish with a secure, strap as well, so it doesn’t come off and it charges up within two hours and gives you a long usage time now. It has 24 7 heart rate. Monitor sleep monitor as well; plus it has, it is a 5 atm water resistant, so a bit of water going on it, won’t damage it, and it also has ultra long battery life like i’ve mentioned um. A full charge would give you around 10 days of usage time that’s, depending on how often you’re using gear and controlling, etc but minimum. I would say, around five days, minimum and full shot um you, you will be able to use this watch with one full charge. Um he has 40 days standby turn built in gps and it has other features, for example, the sedentary, a reminder, calls and message notifications. He also has a female um health tracking as well stop watching timer, and the weight of this is not even that heavy to be honest, it’s really lightweight it’s made for um doing a lot of workout and stuff, but at the same time, it’s designed to be Casual as well, the design of this design for casual use or exercise or both and the weight of this is 180 grams. The dimension of this is 25.

5 times 3.7 times 1.16 centimeters, so that’s all the features that i can mention. I do highly recommend this it’s affordable, packed, packed with a lot of features and you won’t regret purchasing one.