This is a smart watch which is relatively affordable selling for under 80 bucks and gives you basic sports tracking, including heart rate monitoring, as well as sbo to blood oxygen monitoring. 18 different sports modes that you can take a look at as well as things like sleep tracking notifications and has a round dial. So the display here does look quite good. Has a 1.3 inch size and a pixel density is actually over ‘0. It is a ips lcd screen, however, as opposed to amoled, so it doesn’t have a always on display mode now, even though this is a pretty affordable, smart watch again under 80 bucks, it still faces competition from the likes of say, uma digi, as well as brands, Like amazefit that we’ve seen in the past now in terms of other specs, it has built in bluetooth 5.0 for pairing, with your phone. Obviously, it’s going to be water resistant and the battery life here is rated to be up to seven days before you need to recharge it, which is quite good compared to say, android, wear or apple watches, but for a more simplified os, it is kind of what We come to expect and one other missing feature here: is it doesn’t have built in gps, although just like most other smart watches in this price range it’s what we’ve come to expect? So if you want to track your route when running outdoors, you have to really bring along your phone and use your phone’s gps to do that.

Have just the watch on top and it does also use a cradle here for charging which is magnetic and has two pogo contacts which does work pretty well and also there’s, a quick user guide in terms of the construction, quality and design it’s. Definitely a highlight of this particular smartwatch. The vg3, because it’s very well built has a classic appearance with its bezel here, which has these markings for the time, and the glass here is even slightly raised, so it’s very easy to swipe and interact with the display. Just feels very sensitive and easy to use kind of reminds me of the original tick watch in that sense, where the glass almost is like a bubble on top of the screen gives it almost a immersive full screen view. The crown key here is also made out of aluminum, so it feels quite sturdy. However, it’s also not a bulky watch by any means, because it has a 1.3 inch display so compared to other smart watches, which are round like the mobvoid ticwatch pro there’s. A pretty big difference in terms of the thickness, as you can see here, so even if you have smaller wrists, the vernee vg3 still feels really comfortable because of how lightweight and slim it is here’s. Another size comparison with the amaze fit gts2, which you can see here. The thickness is also not too far off, including the sensor bump. Here on the back, the back of the watch, though, is constructed out of plastic.

We have the charging contacts, as well as the optical heart rate sensor. So we have a handful of built in watch faces that you can customize it with just by long holding for a few seconds, there’s a haptic vibration and then you’re able to swipe between these. To select a new style that you’re interested in it’s worth noting, though, that this watch at the moment, doesn’t support additional watch faces from the companion app, so, unfortunately, you aren’t really able to create new ones or customize it with your own photo with. That being said, you do get some very attractive, looking watch faces and overall shows off the vibrancy of the screen. Quite well. Everything is quite bright, so we have a good mix of analog and digital watches that you can pick from and overall pretty much. All of them are pretty neat. Looking there’s. Also, the motion of flicking your wrist to wake up the screen, as you can see there in terms of the navigation, there is maybe a slight moment of hesitation, sometimes so it’s not as again fast as an android wear smart watch, but at the same time doesn’t Really pose too big of an issue either in terms of regular navigation. Some of these again are a bit more simple, so you can choose between the ones that you like in terms of the watch style and other ones, are a bit more colorful playful or try to take advantage of the circular nature of the screen.

Otherwise, we can swipe over from the edge here to take a look at all the sports and activities that we’re able to track include running biking, walking some different sports modes jumping jack. Basically, during a session, it will just track your heart rate continuously, as well as number of steps. You’Ve walked your speed, your stride length, as well as estimated distance converted. However, again there is no built in gps. So if you want to track things like the route that you took, you have to bring along your phone and start the activity from the app on the phone’s side. Otherwise, we’re also able to swipe over again to take a look at our heart rate and do a quick test. Accuracy of the heart rate monitor seems to be quite good compared to a maze fit and some other wearables. I tried recently. It was right on par with what i got from those, so no complaints there pretty fast to get a measurement. The same goes with the spo2, and stress monitoring also worked quite well. It takes about 20 seconds to get a full measurement and then, finally, here we have a list of all the applications in this moving dynamic way: it’s a little bit funky. If you ask me, but overall it’s simple enough, you’re able to change things like the language, as you can see there, a compass and in this case also looks great on this round display. As you can see there, we can swipe back to go out of it as well as take a look at things like relaxation.

So this is just to get you to calm down by breathing and there’s a few different breathing guides that they give you as well. So you can breathe, along with the kind of inhale and exhale commands, as well as the haptic vibrations and kind of calm yourself down. Swiping again takes a look at the number of steps. I’Ve walked during the past 24 hours as well as calories burned, and the entire ring here will turn 100 after i’ve reached my daily goal, so it does look very good visually in terms of the ui to match the round nature of the display. This part is done quite well. You can also swipe down to take a look at the distance walked as well as calories burned in different points in time. I can swipe down to take a look at quick settings. Things like i do not disturb mode there’s. Also, a flashlight that turns the entire display white, so you’re able to illuminate some objects in the dark, which is a nice software function. You can also take a look at different things like change. The screen brightness right now, we’re in the maximum brightness and it’s, fully visible, even if there’s light hitting on it like sunlight, but it will drain the battery life, of course faster, and you can also turn it up or down. Even though there seems to be an auto mode, it seems to always just set it at halfway, so there doesn’t seem to be a real light or proximity sensor that can adjust things depending on your surroundings, it’s just going to put it into the middle setting at All times, based on my hands on so far, but still again, the display itself is pretty good in terms of the quality and the sharpness.

Otherwise, taking a quick look at the companion application and software, the application is also designed by them. So they’re, not just using a generic app like many of the other, cheaper smart watches, do and you’re able to take a look at number of steps walked as well as times you were active during the day. Things like that in terms of sleep, tracking, it’s automatic and works decently. However, it only tracks sleep at night, so if you’re trying to take a nap at noon, for example, it really won’t count that as sleep for more updates and goals that we can change in terms of how many steps we want to walk to complete our daily Activity, not the most extensive in terms of giving us recommendations, but overall works well enough and can save our info very quickly and we’ll be able to view it back later on at a quick glance, so that’s more or less it. As far as our quick review of the vernee vm3 overall, this is by no means the most comprehensive smart watch in the world compared to more powerful options out there. But again for this budget price, i would say the standout really is the build quality. The fact that it looks really nice also is made out of metal has a beautiful display that is really truly round. Has a nice, pixel density and overall attractive looking ui at this price are definitely worth considering. So you can check out more details if you’re interested, but for now that’s been our video thanks for watching here.