Thank you, okay. Tanya. Are you curious to see yeah and bow reveal instructions? And, oh, my gosh dania. You have a smart watch yeah. How cool is that? Okay, so let’s see everything we have the box oops, we have the strap and we have like a protective case that charges the watch. Okay, so let’s take a look in the instructions i think yeah on. The back is in english. We have in german – and this is english. Okay, so let’s see how do we open this smart watch? I think we need to press here right and it’s open. Oh my gosh, so there we have it. Is it waterproof and heart rate health bracelet waterproof? Oh, my gosh that’s, so cool that it’s waterproof ooh dania. Do you want to peel it yeah? Okay, peel, that from the screen? Music? Okay, so clean? Oh, my gosh yeah! It does look super super clean and we have one on the back here. Also yeah Music and here’s green, oh my gosh! Ah you already put some fingerprints on it. Oh that looks super cool. It actually looks like a camera that’s, so strange right. Okay, so let’s see how to attach the wristband here awesome and now it clicked and it’s secured. Oh my gosh, it looks so amazing tanya. I can’t wait to see it on your hand: yeah, okay, but uh. How do we start it so once the wristband is strapped on, we can definitely put it back inside thanks to these holes here and you clip it and you can use any uh phone adapter to charge it or you can charge it to your pc, so let’s Plug it in and see so, this is how much battery we have.

So while we are waiting for it to charge i’m going to scan the qr code, whoa super fast, it says the fit, and here we have the app for it: okay, okay, so i’m, going to set this for tanya because she’s the one that going to use This next allow add bracelet to get more healthy information to add yes, so it’s not finding it so let’s try and remove it from the oh okay. So i think it’s on right, okay, okay, let’s see, if it’s going to find it now. So i think it found our device okay. So here we have some options: outdoor running blood, oxygen, ep, heart rate, sleep steps; okay, so let’s put this on tanya and see how it works. Okay, so i think it’s going to be maximum for tanya awesome. Oh pretty, look at tanya smiling! Oh you like it. Yeah super pretty and it’s matching your t, shirt, tanya yeah, how cool pink, yeah, okay, so tanya has it on uh. We haven’t set it or something so just take a walk, and i will see on the app if we can see your steps. Okay, okay, okay, take some steps; dania, no okay, so i went back in and actually it shows here, 23 steps. Okay, training measure let’s, see don’t measure loading okay. So now we are measuring tanya’s heart rate let’s, see if it shows us on the app, also Music. Okay, so did it show you that 94.

okay let’s see this one? I actually don’t know what this is. Okay, so look once uh it’s set here, then it will show up on the app how cool right then yeah, okay, let’s, see the oxygen blood oxygen, cool, that’s super fast right, yeah outdoor running. I don’t think we have this one sleep! Okay, it shows us here. Training walking running cycling, so let’s set uh running okay run running. Thank you. Come back, okay, i’m, not sure where we are. I think here, gps, okay, still running come back. Okay, let’s see what we have here. Okay, so it says 97 steps, uh, 084, bpm, 5 calories, 0.04 kilometers, awesome job tanya; yes, oh my god, exhausted and it’s actually perfect for school, because tanya is starting school. I look. You have a 193 steps in total since you uh started wearing the watch. Okay, so now you can pull this comfort termination exercise. Yes, whoo, okay, so it went a little bit higher. So what else do we have here? This is the watch weather message: shutter set what’s what’s the set mute, no brightness. I think it’s enough timer. You don’t need a timer switch reset power off okay, so the shooter button actually connects to the smartphone okay. So i clicked once and now the camera on the phone is actually activated. Click once on the smartwatch and try to do a picture. Click it three. Two one cool so message: i think if we will get a message, then it’s going to show up here weather.

So this is the weather we are having. Oh, my gosh, that’s, so cool. So this is uh. All that we have. We have more on the app and we have here watch faces notifications, alarms, shutter other upgrade. So if you have an upgrade, you will do it here, notifications, uh, you can connect it to facebook, instagram or so. The device can sync incoming notifications from twitter, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc. So let’s try and set the an alarm. Let’S say: tanya is sleeping with her kitty land toys, plushies let’s, see when the watch is going to ring. How will it sound? Is it vibrating, oh yeah? How do you stop it click it? Is? It done yeah, perfect, wakey, wakey tanya! Oh my gosh! This is such a fun. Fun watch guys. So we want to say a huge thank you to kitty lan toys again for sending this to us for free. We absolutely love it and i absolutely love the colors, so she can’t wait to use it outside or in school. So that’s going to be such helpful for her and if you want to get yours, we are going to put the link down in the description and you can visit and see more awesome stuff. They have there. Okay guys. I hope you enjoyed this video don’t.