Multi sport watch hey. My name is leonard youre, watching the product reviewer and thats me. The poll advantage v2 has a bunch of features and a slick design, but lets start with some specs with display size of 1.2 inches. This watch basically fits to anyone. You may not have the best resolution with only 240 by 240 pixels, if you compare it to other smart watches, but actually for a multi sport, gps boardwatch, its pretty normal. Of course, you get an always on display mode, as well with an ambient light sensor, and all of that comes in at the weight of 52 grams. This watch is well protected in case you drop it to the floor or, if you bump, into a wall. Since you have gorilla glass as a swing protector, now, youll also get an anti fingerprint feature for the screen, but i cannot say that it works too well, but anyways. The silicon strap of the watch fits comfortable on your skin and you get a bunch of holes to adjust it to your wrist. So what else can this watch do? Well, it is water resistant up to 100 meters. It withstands extreme temperatures from 10. All the way up to plus 50 degrees celsius and, of course, you get gps, glonass, galileo and qzss for navigation tools. Now what i almost forgot, you can get this watch in a few different color ways. Now you can either get this one in this green black color in red or black or silver greenish, and all of that for a price of 500 euros.

Well, im glad i still have my two kidneys, but you might have to sell one if you want to have this watch all right with all of that being out of the way lets talk a little bit about the battery life and its actually pretty good. If you compare it to other sport or smart watches, the pod advantage v2 packs the same 40 hours run time in full gps tracking mode as the vantage v. But you now also get the endurance friendly staying power of the grid x with an extendable battery life. Up to 100 hours, with customizable, lower gps pulse rates, as with the grid x, you can customize gps power modes for specific sport profiles and you can change power modes mid session. In my test. The port advantage v2 lasted about four full days before i needed to recharge it, and that was with about 6 and a half hours of full gps tracking and with everything else turned on now, lets get to the sport profiles and the gps and health accuracy. Overall, you have over 130 different sport profiles which are customizable in the polar flow app over. Here you can change. The volume of the training sounds customize, your heart rate zones or the metrics that should be displayed during your workouts, like the workout time, heart rate, pace and so on. Overall, you can have up to four different metrics displayed at the same time, so choose wisely senpai.

Now, before starting an exercise, you can customize the battery life to make it last longer. You have backlight settings your training suggestions, race, pace interval, timer, countdown timer and your back to start feature, which is very helpful in case you get lost in the woods and you need the fastest route back to your starting point and all of your workout data getting Saved on your watch and on your smartphone in case, you want to look at how well you did. As for the gps, accuracy lets say its not the best, but its not bad. Either the lines are a little bit curvy and not 100 accurate. As i never worked straight lines, even though i did also the heart rate – accuracy wasnt the best as i was comparing it to my polar h10 chest band on average, it gave me a heart rate of 91 and a high of 114 beats, whereas the chest band Gave me 98 beats on average and 128 beats as a high. Only the burn calories were about the same, but overall im not that impressed with the performance of a 500 euro sport watch. I know the chest band is like the goal standard for heart rate accuracy, but i think the watch could have at least performed a little bit better. Alright enough of that so lets talk about the watch faces and what features we actually get with the polar vengeance. V2, the first watch phase is the time and date which is not that exciting.

Next up, we have our daily activity tracker, which counts our steps, burn, calories and active time. The great thing is that it counts the total amount of burnt calories, including your workouts, its just something. You always ask me. Next up we have the usual cardio load status, our heart rate, training, summary and a nightly recharge, depending on your ans charge and your sleep charge, it tells you how good your body recovered over the night. You can also look these stats up in a polar flow. App and even get some more additional infos over here, like your different sleep stages and how long you have been in these sleep stages during the night, you get an overall sleep score based on your sleep quality and your sleep duration. Of course. The next watch phase is our suggested workouts. What that does is it tells you, based on your previous workouts, what your next workout should be, either a supportive workout strength, workout or cardio workout. It even tells you the different exercises for that specific workout, actually pretty handy. As for the last few watch faces, we have the weather tile. That gives us a small weather forecast for the next few days. Our last weeks, training, summary music player compass and a widget that tells you when its sunset or sunrise, by the way, with the music player, you can only skip a track, go back a track play and pause and adjust the volume. And since we have no internal storage, we cannot download any music to this watch by the way we can navigate on a sport watch by either swiping on the screen, or we can use the five physical buttons on the side over here.

You can do some breathing exercises with serene. You have strava light segments fueling, which basically reminds you to stay hydrated and high on carbs during your workouts for best training results. You have your standard timers and you can change your watch face views, so you can customize what watch faces should be displayed and which not just in case you dont want to know when its sunrise or sunset and for last we have the test. These are different tests like the lag recovery test or the static test, sliding test, running test and a fitness test, but dont worry if you dont know how to do these tests once you want to start any of these tests, you get a quick guide: how to Perform these tests and what it requires and folks thats already it if youre interested in more polo videos, i will leave some links over here or down in the description below also smash the like button subscribe to my channel and click.