Its gt series to the third generation and gt series has been such a strong product in the market for so long and we cant wait to talk about how this one is going to perform. We have been testing it for around two weeks, day after day, using all kinds of functions and testing with the new features it feels like that by far this is the best android smart watch that we have tested so lets dive into it. Instead of continuing the sporty design of gt2, the gt3s appearance looks closer to the huawei watch 3.. The new appearance indeed looks premium and classic accompanied by a leather strap. The decently built stainless steel dial, no doubt made the gt3 stand out from other smartwatches. Unlike most electronic devices, smartwatches are not only very useful for their smart features, but also act as the fashion accessories and huawei is one of the very few brands that brings a sense of fashion to the smartwatch, whether you wear a really decent fancy suit or some Casual sportswear: this looks really good on all different kinds of style, and that was the reason why i loved it. So much at the first glance and the watch is unexpectedly lightweight only weighing 43 grams, but know that it features a 46 millimeter dial with a metal frame. The narrower bezel is slick and leans outwards without an extra edge, but on such a narrow, bezel huawei still adds the marking for the minutes.

The bezel is not rotatable, unlike traditional sports watch. At the same time, the watch comes with an upgraded 1.43 inch. Amoled display the interface is much smoother than we experienced on most android watches on the side. Theres a textured crown with the customized button below these classic details, make it better for daily wearing as it doesnt look too sporty. The watch we have is a 46 millimeter version. Apart from it, the gt3 also comes with a smaller variant, with 42 millimeter dial, which shares the same performance and features at the larger dial model. The 42 millimeter version is less obtrusive when wearing on the wrist, which should be a wiser choice for female users. As it looks more stylish huawei offers various types of straps for both variants. Apart from the included leather strap, there are colorful rubber, straps and premium steel. Straps as options it has speakers and microphones at the two sides of the watch. So if youre gon na get some bluetooth phone calls its gon na work, just fine. The phone quality is so clear and loud, but note that the gt3 doesnt support independent calls through mobile networks, but it still makes sense, since some users, like me, basically prefer longer battery life on a compact watch. Instead of adding some barely used functions, the gt3 runs on a brand new harmony, os 2.1 and it allows third party applications too, but it drains the battery life a little bit more.

But still this watch is the first watch. Ive used that i dont need to worry charging it for one whole week. The usage involved 24 hours wearing with constant heart rate, tracking sleep, tracking blood oxygen tracking around two hours per week of running tracking, with the gps on and other functions, enabled like having bluetooth calls and playing music and three weeks. I only had to charge the gt3 once in total, specifically after wearing it for the whole week, there is still 28 percent to 36 percent of power left on the watch. Speaking of charging, the watch supports wireless charging. Here we suggest you to use the original charging pad, because some third party chargers, probably gon na heat it up a little bit and that might hurt the battery life. Well, probably youve noted that the gt3 doesnt support other connectivity like ltd and wi fi capacity. However, personally, its not a deal breaker for me, im, not a fan of features like ltd and wi fi on watches, which basically do nothing but drain the battery life. But on the other hand, it means that you have to link it with the huawei health app. Also, we couldnt find nfc on the gt3. As we mentioned. The wall gt3 is the second huawei watch that runs the harmony os in our review of huawei watch 3. We already learned how efficient the os was in our day to day usage. The gt3 covers almost all the key aspects of a smart watch like constant heart rate sensor, accurate gps location and does an activity tracking with the most specific data, and it also calculates stress levels and blood oxygen levels which also offer data support for activities.

Tracking and good news for users having huawei devices like huawei phones and earbuds, is that the watch could connect instantly and stably with these devices. But everything else needs the huawei health app for proper initial setup and compared to its previous generation. The harmony os brought a smoother interface with further functions. In addition to the features weve mentioned above, you can find all the app bubbles that you install from the health app pre installed. Apps like the scan thermometer and the barometer are already well known among outdoor enthusiasts. The app gallery is usually different in different parts of the world, so in your area, probably, there is not going to be many options, but the system is still very new and we are pretty sure that you will have more and more options in the future. Speaking of the applications and if youre not interested in the bubble grid, you can have the abs in a list form and roll it by rotating the crown theres. Another reason why i like huawei, wearable and fortunately its not exclusive to huawei phones, but its also available for both the android and ios platforms. The software does an excellent job of offering a proper analysis of the collected data and you can personalize. Your watch with everything you want to set starting from a wide selection of watch, faces all the triggers to activate health tracking to app installation and accompanied by all the collected health data. The app also provides various exercise courses and diet guidance like a life assistant, helping boost your life quality.

So technically, this is not an independent watch like huawei watch 3 series, but still it still has all the key features that a well functioning wearable has and the battery life is way above average. I wouldnt say that this is the best android watch for this price point, but still i recommend this the most personally, especially the software. I love the software so much that its actually having some impact on my life. Now i am getting more aware of my body status im, paying more attention to my health and related things. That is actually changing me in some ways, because after all, this is what is most important at the moment, and this is going to be all for todays review. Please leave a like if you have enjoyed the video and you can comment to. Let me know what you think about this watch.