This watch also don’t forget to obliterate, destroy and smash, and everything on the like button and let’s jump into this unbox. So now let’s see what’s in this box. Nothing i’m! Joking is here: okay, so uh let’s put this on the side and uh this as well, and let’s check the watch. Okay, let’s put this one on the side for now uh. We don’t need this. The charger and a small manual – and we don’t need the manual now we don’t need this box now let’s check the cable and nice and soft cable. It might work with this one as well, so let’s check really quickly let’s check if it charges this one. If at least fits there, one thing that i struggle with this uh rubber bands is when you try to take it off just it goes in another hole, it’s very hard for you to grab it and take it out just here that’s one of the only things I found that i don’t, like with the rubber band, so let’s, see now it doesn’t fit, because this one appears to be bigger. The magnets are placed differently. I just left this one on the side now and let’s see this one as you can see, it’s a square square watch, heart rate detector, really easy to put it to charge and now let’s take this off. You can clearly see the square display it. Doesn’T seem to have battery let’s, try to turn it on.

Maybe there is no battery on this one. I will charge it first and then we’ll see what features it has seems like here. It has a fake button, which is weird: where would you like a fake button? Yes, as far as i can see, i don’t like this square display this wheel. I don’t know doesn’t seem to go smooth. The thickness is okay, everything else is okay, but we’ll, see after we charge it, how it looks so now this smartwatch is fully charged. Let’S see how it looks it. Doesn’T look bad actually, even though i don’t really like the square display. If you go up, you can see messages anything else. No one. Nice thing! You can also see the watch here. Okay, going up, you have some settings, no settings that way the brightness okay search. I don’t know what for and info elephone wf6 going back. I’M back i’m. Back on the side we have system find stopwatch messages, training, a lot of things and if you’re going right, they’re the same thing, can you change the face? Oh, yes, you can interesting very nice, but i see you only have a few faces. One two three faces that’s about it. Does this button do anything else? I don’t think so. No okay let’s see some settings system there’s, not too many settings here. Let’S see how we can connect this to the phone. Okay, so i’ve got my phone here. I’M gon na put this on my hand, i’m, not exactly sure how this is working, probably something like this yeah, no it’s, not bad.

Now i’ll take my phone and we have a small qr code on this instruction manual user guide. So small and let’s see camera camera camera Music going in the app nice and easy. Oh i’ve had this before apparently open. Okay, allow to access okay back to the app let’s use the apple gon na connect, with my account okay. So we are connected and let’s do this: okay, whatever whatever okay? Now we need to connect the device searching. We found the elephone. You can see the signal, strength, interesting it’s, taking some time what okay so yeah. We don’t need it to connect to the server now let’s see bpm 75, 25, 24, 74. Okay, it’s connected apparently and now, let’s see what other functions do we have here what’s this in the corner. It doesn’t do anything: distance, okay, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, what’s, this okay, everything, sport mode, okay, uh, not right, now upgrade settings phone; yes, okay and we’re. Going back messages up interesting, not facebook, messenger, gmail, what’s up that’s about it yeah. This should be fine light out. We have light up when we do this, but we don’t have always on which is uh bad, because i really use always on quite a lot interesting settings here shake to take pictures. Okay. So if i shake this interesting feature, okay, enough firmware, update newest version find the device it vibrates twice display timeout five seconds interesting, interesting that’s about it. I also have the profile which you can set a goal, how many steps you want to do on a day? Third party service and we can connect to wechat or link to apple health, interesting other settings – yes very good now other than i would say this square display that you can clearly see if this one is off like this it’s, not bad.

This strip is okay, although i don’t like square watches, i like more round ones like this one. Thank you for watching. I hope i helped you this video don’t forget to click the links in the description below.