Yeah today is the 37th day, and i think this is the correct time to share my honest opinion about this smartwatch. This one is from riversong this one is motive. 3S. I, like the name motif actually a few months ago. One of my friends asked me that which smartwatch should he buy because he only can afford to buy a smart watch within 50 us dollars. So i have done some comparison by myself, because i have a few smart watches, which costs around 50 us dollars and ive also bought three other new smart watches, which costs less than 50 us dollars. This one is one of those and yeah. I think this one is the best after using this for 37 days, along with a few other smart watches. I prefer this one. This one costs around 49 us dollars, and i think this one offers a very good value for money. Well, as ive already been using this smartwatch, that means i have already opened the box, but im gon na do the unboxing one more time i have placed all the things back into the box lets start from unboxing, but before that, if you end up liking this Video, then please, click on the like button yeah, the like button and subscription button is over there please subscribe to this channel because i always share honest review and honest opinion with all of my subscribers and regular viewers. Yeah. The brand name is riversong innovation.

Inspired good at the back, it says: motive: 3s. After you open the top lid. There is your smartwatch waiting for you underneath there is a charging cable and a user manual. Okay lets put all these aside. This is our reversal. Motif 3s. After you turn on the smartwatch, it will say: download the verified application to your phone from the google play store or the apple app store here is the very fit application i have already downloaded. The application has already found my smartwatch. This motif 3s click on this one device is pairing with phone. Please tap on the device to complete the binding bound successfully. Okay lets talk about this display panel. This is a 240 by 280 1.69 inch tft lcd panel. I think this one is gorgeous this. One goes very bright and in darkness it can go very dim. You can select erase wrist to activate screen. You can also select dimming level screen on time and automatic brightness control. This is really a very good feature because most of the sub 50 us dollars, smart, watches doesnt come with this automatic brightness control. If you swipe up from the bottom, then there is: this: do not disturb mode. There is an option to enable or disable raise your wrist to activate the screen. You can also select brightness by yourself, and the fourth option is to find your smartphone simple, but very useful features and everything is integrated with care. You slide from left to right.

There goes your step counter, and then here is your heart rate. Monitor this heart rate. Monitoring is really nice. I mean there are many other smart watches i have used, and i mean i have used many other sub 50 us dollars. Smart watches and most of those dont offer very accurate and real time heart rate monitoring, but this one offers accurate and real time heart rate monitoring. Another thing i must mention this: one comes with a very good haptic. Motor haptic feedback is a very strong after the heart rate monitor you slide one more time. There goes your stress level and after that there goes your exercise options. If you slide from left to right, then you will find all the options in reverse order. If you slide it down from top, then there goes the notification in verified application. There is notification management. You can enable and disable the options you want. You will also be able to set alarm clock from your application and yeah. I have enabled call alert if you dont want call alert. You can disable it. There is more settings in more settings. You will find do not disturb mode intelligent exercise. Recognition, sports type, find my phone music control, lift your wrist to turn on the screen. Weather push screen, brightness and shortcuts. If you want to add shortcuts, then you can add it from here like i have added weather music control and i dont want last training.

Now you will notice a change, yeah step counter. Is there heart rate monitoring, stress, measuring and then i have added weather, so here goes the weather, then its music control and im back to the homepage one more time. This is a very compact, yet all the useful settings, all the useful data everything is included in this application. You can also change your watch face. There are a lot of watch faces well, new arrivals, practical doodle photo simple festival. There are a lot of smart watch faces. Wow, amazing, okay, lets see this new arrival install downloading installing wow. This looks nice. I really like this lets. Try another from this practical. Okay. I think this one looks much better yeah. I like this one more now lets talk about outlook, appearance and comfort in hand. This one really feels so comfortable. I think this one looks very nice. I like this design language its a bit different than those other generic smart watches for 50 us dollars. I think this one is the most unique one that i have ever used and on my wrist, this one provides me comfort, especially if i use cheap tpu silicon straps, then i feel a bit irritation, but this one isnt like those this one, provides comfort and i Feel altogether for outlook, appearance and design, this one should get 8 out of 10., very simple, yet elegant design, and this one is so very light only 38.8 grams amazing.

This is crazy. If i compare this one with my other sub 50 us dollars, smart watches, then definitely this one is way lighter than the other ones. Now lets talk about build quality. You cannot expect 500 us dollars build quality from a 50 us dollars. Smart watch, but considering its price, this one should get a plus for its build quality, very good, build quality. But if you are the one who always likes to change your smartwatch belts or watch straps, then its a bit different. The design is a bit different, because this is proprietary and you have to get those proprietary watch belts, but there are two things very good number one. These watch bells are very nice, very comfortable, very light, and the second thing is: quality of these watch belts are not like those generic watch belts. This is a very, very good quality watch wells now lets talk about charging yeah, they have provided the charging cable and the magnet wow its more than strong. It takes around 118 minutes. It depends if you totally drain it to zero, then it will take 118 minutes to get charged from zero to 100 and offers almost 9 days of usage on the box. It says typical usage time 8 days, but i have managed to squeeze 9 days of usage time so before we finish one more time very good display quality, very good, build quality, very light offers comfort and provides accurate data.

Health rate monitoring sleep time, monitoring, stress, measuring everything is so perfect and accurate for this price. I dont think you will be able to get anything better than this. It will be a challenge. Well, i will leave a link in the description box below if you are interested, go ahead, check the product, but before that, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and subscribe to this channel lets go. Let me spend everything that you see something i invent and its only a percent im gon na take shots. If i miss off, forget it ill. Take a fat loss just to learn all this in it im taking snapshots learning how to fall and get it im. Getting back up always stand tall im sweating.