This android watch is fully waterproof yep. Not only that you have complete control of the screen as well. You could go anywhere. You want don't touch the buttons when it's wet, but you can go over here and even do activities if you'd like to yeah a little bit of water on the front. But there we go okay, which one is this well let's find out greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at Introducing you today to a brand new android standalone 7.1.1 smartwatch from roguebit. Wear me embrace the world. Indeed, it's called the brave the rogue bid brave. We will be looking at that, but first check out the watch here. You go. We remove the cover and reveal something you have already seen. Yep don't change the channel just yet because i got some more information for those of you that already own a roll me s08, which is 100 identical to the rogue bid brave i mean right down to the watch, faces uh yeah, spoiler alert. I won't spend a lot of time on it on the video, but i do want to show you something that might interest you either way. Whichever watch you've got first, this particular one comes from tomtop you're not going to find it everywhere. The rogue bit brave 4g lte smartwatch, with the three gigabyte 32 gigabyte configuration and yes, ip68 waterproof, the only one. Well this and the s08 that we've seen that really are uh what they say they are uh are waterproof and people are diving with them.

We'Re getting comments back going it's the real deal. So if you want a waterproof android watch this is it i've got the spec sheet here for you and i'm just going to let you read it on the screen. Freeze frame it if you want, because i really want to move on to the next page, because power is – is really important for android, smart watches and, as you know, these things come with a little power dock. But did you know that you can buy an extra one you ever heard of these guys, probably not they're in the background but that's the company that makes all of this stuff curing the sharon official store lists. The 200 200 milliamp hour charging dock available for only 30 bucks, so yeah in the box. You get one, but if you think you're going to need more than one you're planning that big camping trip out in the wilderness – and you really want to take your watch with you at 30 – bucks. A clip i'd stock up on three or four of these puppies and then you're really good to go, get them all charged. Take them with you and have fun all right. You can leave now unless you want to learn a few more tricks about these android watches, and this one in particular i'll be giving you stuff. You have not seen in the s08 review. However, if you do want to see all the workings of this thing inside and out check out the s08 review for the details, but then come on back and pick this puppy up from um from tom top, if you'd like to because yeah you saw it here Right, okay: in the box, we have got two charging things.

This is a charging cable here that you can put directly on the watch and charge it from any usb uh connector anywhere, which is great, and then you've got this charger with it's a standard usb to um micro, usb, not usbc, that's, going to be used to Charge, i know i'm hiding something to charge the dock and the dock is in here, and it looks like this and that's the one for 30 bucks it's branded got raw bread rogue bit in the in the center of it. The little alignment pin is there for the little pin here. All of that is available and uh works, and yes, these are interchangeable with the s08 as well, and that thing that thing you see in the other video is what we use to remove the back of the uh. The cover the sim cover on the back of the watch with the suction cup that, after you turn it wow, it really sticks cool. I can hang it on a close. Sorry, oh well. Yeah. I tend to treat my stuff rough anyway. Uh let's turn it on. Shall we i've already charged it up? No need to like clear everything. Did you want to see the manual okay while it's booting we'll go through the manual there's, a chinese side, there's an english side and 13 14. holy cow, wow where's? The pages start? Okay. I'M. Looking at page numbers here – and i think they go straight from chinese page 12 to english, page 13 and it goes across so we will pick up right here – the user's manual and uh page through it and oh yeah.

I should freeze frame it. So it focuses and that way you can come back and read it at your leisure. I know this is about the time everybody bails out or scoots forward, and i understand i would too, if i'm not interested in this, but believe me that one time you're going to need the manual you're going to be glad to remember that mr tix just Search on the little magnifying glass for the watch that you want to see the manual on and it'll be there guaranteed always yeah, okay, we're done with that we're booted up. I love that watch face it's. A custom watch face that's been available on the web, and this watch has several of them in here, and i don't know that they've done it legitimately with working with the developers but not much. I can do about it other than tell you that they are here. They'Re all the same ones on the s08, as well as on uh, the brave um, so nothing new here custom faces are available. We showed you a lot of al rods faces in the past. You can create your own now. I don't generally cover this, but you can create your own watch face here. I can go into the camera. I can take a picture of my hand. There you go i'm going to select that one. I can position it around. My fingers. I guess like so and check that and there you go now and i could move that around someplace else.

But now i got to watch face of my hand. So those of you who got pictures you'd like to make into watch faces really simple process to do. When you're set up and you're on the internet, uh, which i am you can hit, that little plus sign at the very end of all of these and it'll go to the chinese server that feeds all android. Smart watches and it'll show you a download uh list or view of all kinds of watches, there's the coronavirus ones they put up recently there's christmas themed ones, and when you find one you like all right how about that person leaping over the the bar? You just tap the download arrow and come out of it and there it is with everything the way it was, as you saw it and, of course, my custom face should still be there too, and there it is so there you learned a couple of new tricks. Already works on all android watches and, of course, on the s08 and on the brave got it good. Okay. So when you swipe down you get that little thing: um, bluetooth, connection sim card – if you have it in there this page, you get that bluetooth connection, uh wi fi by the way, a little trick about wi fi and the google play store. Tell you about that. When we get to it clean up everything all that's, the same music player, one more is the weather, and then you back to your watch, face notifications.

Up this way is your step count average or bar chart per week. Today'S steps, distance calories burned all the same. Over here is the app drawer from contacts swirl, swirl, swirl swirl, all the way down to the app store which is different than the play store and then swipe. Over and you've got your fitness stuff and just like the s08, it does connect to the um gps. So you got gps on it and everything we've covered that we've covered that i want to go to uh i'm, not going through everything like i said. You can see every one of them individually later, but i do want to pop into the play store just to tell you an issue that has been plaguing all kinds of android watches, including yours. If you have another one, if you do a factory restore, it restores the original version of the play store and google made some switch internally to a thing called the google play services and it kind of messed things up when you go into the google play store And, of course, i can press and hold and touch that come out of that, and it puts it in a square instead of a circle. You know that trick right um, when you normally would have gone into this. It would come up with a it, cannot connect to server on the play store and you were basically screw screw stock, stuck without being able to use the play store to download apps.

But there's a bunch of different ways of fixing it and one of them is you tap on the sandwich, of course, after you've logged into the play store and everything, and you go down to my apps and you just leave it kind of running there and that's? How i fixed this one, it wasn't working – and i just went down to looking at my apps – to see if there was anything to update and it found and it updated play services in the background. And then that updated the google play store. And then everything is working, just fine, so just a little heads up that when you're playing with the google play store, if it doesn't work for you right away, don't freak out don't mail, it back. There is a fix. There will be an over the air update. Eventually and we'll show you how you check that by going to settings going all the way down to about come in here and make note of your kernel version and build number the dates in here monday may the 18th 2020 come back up here to wireless update. You got to be on wi fi, of course, check for an update and, if there's one waiting, it will be downloaded and installed on your watch and that'll fix the issue that has come out related to that play, store and maybe other things um related to the Watch if there's any bugs they want to take care of.

There was no update on this. It was all um up to date, but i still had the play store issue and it was fixable through that little uh that little trick of going over to the hamburger and selecting about you know my installed apps okay system, optimization you're, gon na know in here About um, the uh uh system work mode, here's, where you can select normal or performance if you're going to be using like youtube streaming or game playing, but that's going to eat your battery. More we've talked all about that kind of stuff before and other things there's. These different clean tasks, the battery saver stuff that you can do on and on and on um and it's all the same in all of these watches. So when you look at any of the other reviews of android 711 watches you'll find all of that information there. As well across the board, when we come into fitness, you've got the three dots at the top dead giveaway that we have support for gps, but you need to go to the third tab and turn it on okay. You need to get back to your watch, face and come down and turn it on over. Here. Okay, do all of that stuff and then my recommendation has been to go in come back here, select an outdoor event like a run or a walk or something and go get it started before you even begin now.

That was really quick. You saw the little arrow attempting to grab gps and it apparently got it and it's running, but sometimes it'll sit there and and freeze okay by turning on the scanning app. Okay, not sure what they're telling us there. But anyway, my advice for you is to go ahead through the whole process of creating an event before you start your real event and make sure that you get gps to lock up that you get its timing and everything is working and then bail out of here. Long press it come in here and delete it, and now you're set gps is updated. Gps is locked. All the proper permissions are done now. When you do it and you hit, you go it's going to kick in properly, but do the do the the preliminary work, while you're stretching out to get the watch in good condition, save all of you guys a whole lot of time. We got removable bands. These are tpu bands, uh easy to replace um you can put in metal ones or whatever you want, because the antennas are no longer in the bands they're actually inside the watch and of course it tethers to the y watch 2 app. Oh yay don't. You guys just love that app. I know i know but it's the only game in town for the android watches, so you're pretty much stuck with it. So you got to learn to love it, but some of the features that you can do in that app now that you couldn't do before are transfer files back and forth from your phone to the watch or backwards.

The other way you can take pictures you've done and send them over to the app over bluetooth. Of course, you can connect it with the uh, the wire connectivity, this one here with the four pins to the watch and plug it into your computer and transfer things back and forth that way as well or use a third party app like airdroid, i use commonly Put that in here on your computer and you can transfer things uh wirelessly over wi fi too easy to do. Oh yeah! I want to show you one more thing, because i know not all of you guys read the tips and tricks that i've got in here. So see the power save that you got to by pressing and holding here. If i come in here the screen kind of dimmed and it went to these three things i hit cancel and now i am in a long term power saving mode. The watch is only displaying the time it doesn't turn on when you twist your wrist. It only turns on when you press the button. It shows you your power level and an x to get out of it, but it's a really nice high contrast white against black. You can easily see pretty much in any lighting and it gives you watch capability, but saves your battery when you exit out of here you're right back to where you started from okay, to get back into it again. Press and hold hit power, save cancel and there you go.

Okay. Are we caught up? I kind of think we are not much else other than diving in and showing you all the stuff there. So let me remind you that the rogue rock bid, the road made brave, is available from tomtop and check the pricing that's a really decent price right now. Compare it with the s08 check our review on that, whichever one you decide, they're, pretty much identical, literally uh right down to the watch faces that are on them. So uh your choice, uh tomtop's, a great company to work with we've, had them here before and a lot of good reports on their service and whatnot so up to you. But if you want to buy from these guys, please use our link in the show notes that helps us out and we'll be able to get more watches to show you in the future. You'Ve been watching us here at smartwatch ticks, and we appreciate your subscription and uh. Of course, your likes on our video help out too. All right, we'll see you again soon. Well, let me leave you with this. A lot of you guys are wondering. Is this thing really waterproof? I mean they profess that you can dunk it under water swim with it. Even right, let's find out bring over to guppies hi guppies, get the stopwatch ready start it up here you go guys, have fun whoa, look at that! It switched to the timer that's: okay, let's switch back over there.

Okay, the screen is a bit sensitive when it gets wet, but once it gets wet, it's, okay, so a couple of things uh. This is not. You know like three meters under water, but it's a decent uh test to get it wet and if you remember the beginning, the ending of this video is at the beginning. We run it for about an hour and then check. It also make note, in the show, notes down below i've, got a couple of clips to some of the company produced videos where they actually took this thing out and with a professional diver went way down. I don't know out of sight: i don't know if they went 50 meters at least 30, i would say, and of course it's it's, fine, so uh yeah there.