So it has gps, bluetooth and all of those usual things that you would expect in an lte enabled smartwatch in this year, and it also has some other unusual things, such as dual cameras and other things which i’ll be going through so first off. Let me tell you a little bit about the company, so the company is a chinese brand and they focus on making smart watches of different types. This one priced at 260 dollars is their flagship model and compared to other lte smartwatches. It sits in the mid tier. So this watch was first launched back in march and it’s available to purchase currently on amazon in the us, and i think in other parts of the world, on amazon or aliexpress, depending on the region you’re situated in alright, then so let’s go ahead and unbox. This bad boy and i’ll tell you all about it as we open the box. Okay let’s go in so the box itself is cardboard and, to be honest, it’s a little flimsy but that’s kind of expected with these chinese brands. Okay, so let’s put this little manual that we have aside and let’s look at the watch itself wow. So the watch is a ceramic watch and, as you can see, it looks quite nice actually uh. It has a nice weight to it. It has some silicone straps and the body itself is made of ceramic, which does make it a little weighty, but i suppose some of the other watches out there are also a little heavy.

I mean, depending on what you’re buying, of course right. So i know a lot of people are not fans of the silicon strap, so actually in the box here we have got an extra pair of straps, which are leather all right. Let me just put this here: let’s get that out. So there you go. You have some black leather straps in here and i do believe you can order extras online they’re, nice you’re, pretty standard. You know leather straps. I think. If you are a person who prefers leather straps, you know it’s nice, that they have included that looking at the watch itself, uh, you can see that it has two bezels on the side and noticeably you can see a front camera on the watch and another camera On the side now, i’ll come back to this in a bit. Let’S put the watch aside for now and let’s just go through the rest of the contents of the box. So there are two smaller boxes in here in the box itself, all right so let’s let’s start with this one. So one of them has a carrying case and the carrying case is for the charging station right. So the charging station itself has a 2200 milliamp hour battery and you can see there are little pins here where you can place your watch and charge it it. It has a micro usb port, which is a little dated i would say. Unfortunately, the watch does not support um key wireless charging, so you will have to charge it through this there’s.

No other option right apart from that in the other box. Here i think right. Okay, so here we have two cables. One is a usb a to micro. Usb cable, a little screwdriver i’m guessing this is to open the back plate to insert the sim into the watch, and we have another table here which has these little pins, and i believe this is where you will plug it into the watch and there’s a usb. A cable, sorry usb a port, so you could just uh. You know, connect your watch directly to a pc. If you wanted to transfer stuff now, i’ll tell you later on why this will come in handy let’s get over what we have here, some standard wipes and lastly, oh you have a screen protector, pretty standard, all right, so let’s put all of these things here aside And move on to the watch itself now all right, so the watch has a 1.69 inch. I believe, ips lcd, yes, 1.69 inch ips lcd screen. It has ip68 waterproof rating uh, waterproof and dustproof here’s a better view for you. You can see the design. So, apart from the screen, we have a front camera and on the side, as i said before, there’s another camera, which is pretty unusual, so you get dual cameras in this. The purpose of this camera is to take selfies face time. It supports face unlock and i don’t know about the secondary camera, but i suppose you could try taking pictures with it i’m, not too sure about how they would turn out.

You know considering the weird angle and placement so the front camera is an eight megapixel camera and the right side. Uh the side mounted. Camera is 30 megapixels. We have some nice red rotating bezels on the side. They add a little bit of style. Personally, i really like how the watch looks. I mean if i were to place it on my hand. It does look a bit chunky. I think, because i have small hands but um, i think for those who have larger hands, it would look quite nice right. So let’s come to the juicy bits of the smartwatch right, so this smartwatch is very unusual because it has a helio, p22 chipset inside that’s right that’s, an entry level chipset for smartphones. This is essentially as a wearable smartphone. So apart from that, well because of that, in fact, it has a whopping 4gb, ram and 64gb of onboard storage. So you can store a lot of stuff on there, and this also means that the phone, the sorry, the smart watch or wearable phone whatever you want to call it supports android 10. And you can. You can actually install a host of apps because of that that’s. That i think personally is really interesting. I mean putting on four plus 64. You know memory specifications inside a watch that’s a little crazy, but it’s also interesting right. So let’s go ahead and turn this on. So these two buttons uh. Well, they don’t just look good.

They also have functionality, so this one here, the first one on top, i use that to power the device on right. While the watch turns on. Let me tell you a little bit more about it, so the watch actually has speakers on this side. There you go. You heard those speakers nice right, so you can. You know you don’t have to connect bluetooth, headsets, just to listen to audio or answer calls or listen to music, while you’re working out. It also has ecg support. It has a huge 1600 milliamp hour battery, which is apparently supposed to last three to five days, but because of you know, all the connectivity in here, like you, can put a sim. You have gps bluetooth, you know it’s a 4g smartwatch so i’m guessing this is going to take a lot of battery and it runs android 10. I mean, if you’re, putting the specifications of a phone in something so small with a 1600 milliamp hour battery. I don’t think that’s going to last for very long well that will come in later. I will be testing all these features out. Stay posted for my full length review, which will be published on our website all right, so you can look at the screen actually it’s. Quite nice, and because they put android 10 in here, it has a ton of features, so you know always on display. Yes, you can do that uh, you can literally see it.

Has all the features of a smartwatch so it’s going to count your steps all that it has fitness tracking um? You can listen to music. You can see the weather all of that connect to wi fi and you can do more. You know you can answer. Sorry. You can answer calls directly, you know you can put your contacts on here. You can answer messages and, of course, as i mentioned before, for security, this has a face unlock, which is really great. There is a watchway store where they have hundreds literally hundreds of watch faces a lot lots of things to choose from. Actually let me go ahead and open that and show you, so you just download them and it’s really customizable it’s. You know there are a ton of these. I actually went through them before and you know you can find something to suit you. So you you can see. You have something called desktop settings browser camera gallery. Oh a lot of things calendar. So here we have the heart rate: monitoring app. So yes, you do get that with this, but there is no blood blood oxygen readers, so that’s a little disappointing. I have to say i mean for 260 dollars. I would have liked that in there, but well, that is a bit of a premium feature. It would have been nice but it’s, okay, if that laden added in there. So there we have music recorder there’s. A lot of things in here i’m really excited to be testing this out.

Now, as you can see, we actually have two app stores, while three counting the watch face store. There is their internal app store and the google play store. So you can download a ton of apps from the play store and their own app store as well. So probably the apps that you get from here will be you know more customized and optimized for this watch. Yes, so now we have come to the bit fitness tracking mode, so you can see that they have a ton of options here as well. You know walks runs playing a basketball riding a bike, lots of things in there rope skipping, so you can keep track of all of that. So, if you’re on the go, you know you’re going for a walk or you’re going for a workout session. You don’t have to worry that’s the point of a smartwatch, so it’s good to see that it has all these features, so this watch is actually compatible with android and ios phones. You can pair it with your phones and you can. You know change the watch face with your phones. You can do a bunch of things. You can transfer music, i believe i’m, not sure about streaming music. I haven’t yet to try that so that will be coming in my phone review as well and – and it also has ip68 rating – i do believe i mentioned that before and i think that’s about it: gps, bluetooth.

There are loads of features in here right. So, to sum up, this is a 4g smartwatch. It has a bunch of features and what they have basically attempted to do is take some entry level smartphone specifications and put them in there in a watch, and you know it’s completely experimental. We have some two cameras over here, it’s, going to be interesting to see how this plays out right so that’s it that’s it for the unboxing video. For today i do believe i have covered everything. I hope you got a good look of this personally i’m. A fan of this you guys, please do. Let me know, do you like this design? What do you think of the rotating bezels? Is there anything else that you would like me to tell you? Please do let me know – and i will try my level best to answer in the comment section below alright guys. So please stay posted for my full review to find out whether all these features do pay off pay payoff. Sorry payoff out to find out whether these features actually pay off. Is this a device worth buying? Would you really spend 260 on this? Is it worth it well we’ll find out.