Thank you mama. Thank you. Hi guys! Welcome back to our channel. I know it’s been a while, but we are really excited to be here today, because what are we celebrating today, we’re celebrating world braille day, and what do you think we’re celebrating on world braille day bill braille? We are celebrating braille and how it makes life more. Independent for people who have vision, impairments and are blind so i’m really excited to tell them all about it. Yeah so world braille day is celebrated every year on january, 4th and that’s, because it’s the day that the founder of braille louis braille was born. He was actually born in france in 1809 and that’s a really long time ago or isn’t. It yeah and he went blind at a young age and he actually developed the system of braille when he was only 15 years old, that’s younger than you, and so thanks to louis braille, we get to enjoy the accessibility that braille brings ruby and other people who Are blind today to celebrate? We are going to show you a really cool device for blind people, but first we want to tell you a little bit about braille, because i think that a lot of people don’t really understand it. So i think it would be great for us just to give a little information about braille. What do you think yeah yeah for starters, braille? Is a system of raised or tactile dots that can be read by people who have a vision, impairment.

The raised dots can represent a letter, a word, a punctuation mark and they are red using what a thing. Your fingers, a lot of people think that braille is a language of its own, but braille is actually a code and it can be written in multiple languages. Braille has three grades and grade one also known as uncontracted. Braille is typically the first type of rail that someone reads when they’re learning, braille and in uncontracted braille, each cell is actually a letter and so it’s very long, and it makes books really big. In grade 2, braille it’s also called contracted braille. We use what’s called contractions or shortened words or even some cells that mean entire words on their own, so it reduces the size of the braille needed to create like a book or whatever and so it’s a lot shorter and grade. Three braille is a shorthand version of braille that i don’t think we’re ever gon na probably know so when ruby was born. I didn’t know a lot about blindness or braille at all and to be honest, it really scared me, because i was just afraid that she wouldn’t have access to the proper education that she needed, but over the last 16 years, we’ve learned a lot about braille together. Haven’T we yeah, especially during distance learning when ruby has been home and i’ve gotten the opportunity to be part of her lessons, which has really helped me to increase my knowledge of braille as well.

When ruby was in elementary school, she had no interest in learning braille. You didn’t really like to touch it. Did you no? No. She just had no interest in even touching it, but we continue to expose her to braille through fun things like reading a tactile book or just you know, typing on the brailler for fun and gradually she started to accept it more and more and then a couple Years ago a new vision teacher came into her life and started teaching her braille again and ruby really caught on quickly and she started just learning so fast and you really started to like it. Didn’T you yeah yeah, and how many words do you know in braille today, 70., she knows more it’s, actually more than 70 words in braille and she knows a lot of the contractions um, which is just so helpful for reading in general, and you are just doing Amazing yeah i’m, so proud of you yeah, thanks for being such a hard worker. Thank you mama! Thank you and it’s been so great for me to, like, i said earlier, just to to be a part of her lessons and to experience braille on my own and i’m actually taking an online course in braille now, so that i can just know more to be Able to help ruby more and hopefully she’ll be able to go back to school soon, but it’s, just so good for parents to have basic knowledge of braille as well.

Over the years, i have been so excited to see new technology new devices coming out to help people with vision, impairments to lead more full lives, and today, we’re, going to tell you about a really cool device and what’s. It called a watch it’s a watch, it’s called the dot watch and they’re actually sponsoring this video, so we’re really excited to tell you all about it. This is actually the first braille smartwatch and it has a refreshable braille display with four cells on it. So you can tell the time the date. What time is it 154.? You can get notifications for emails texts, all different kinds of notifications, i’ll view it. It looks cool, see i love. It looks really good on you. It pairs with devices via bluetooth and it is so cool what’s your favorite thing about the dot watch. It helps me learn better. Yes, help me more independent yeah, so you can tell time all by yourself yeah. So here we have the dot watch package and from the beginning, when i we first opened this up, i was so impressed with the sleek design of just the package itself and everything is labeled in braille, so it has print and braille. Do you feel it yeah and that’s just so amazing, because from the very get go the packaging is accessible for someone who is visually impaired, so let’s open it up? Okay, we have the manual feel this it’s got like a cool design, which can you tell what that is circle, so everything is in print and braille and then the second page is actually a guide for how to learn the braille numbers and then over here, they’re Brailled, so a parent and their child could work through this manual together and learn the braille numbers pretty fast.

Okay, let’s open it up here. Wan na help me: okay, okay, let me pull all right. So here is the watch and already from the get go. I am super impressed with how light it is here, hold your hand out let’s feel it is that so light yeah, yeah it’s super cool and it has a super sleek design and it’s. Just really modern and cool. Looking it’s awesome. So you are, you read braille, with your left hand right so we’re gon na put the watch on your right hand. Does it fit you yeah? This is one of the first devices that i have gotten for ruby that actually fits her. That actually looks like something a teenager would wear and not a kid. So this is super cool um. The magnetic closure is really easy to use so we’re gon na quick pair it with ruby’s ipad and then we’re gon na come back and tell you all about it. Okay, so we synced ruby’s watch with her ipad and it was the easiest process we just downloaded. The dot watch app and it synced instantly, and then it walked us through a few steps to learn how the watch operates, and so we already have the time displaying. The watch has some really simple to use buttons on it. Um you can hit this button and it’ll tell you the date, the time and seconds. Of course we couldn’t have a video without charlie, making an entrance hi buddy.

There are lots of other really cool things that this watch does and we’re still learning them. But one of my favorite things that you can do on the watch is you can actually go to the app and you can send messages to the watch and it will display them in braille on the watch, which is super fun for if you’re just playing around And you want to like learn a new word practice. The alphabet practice numbers and you can do that together as a parent and a child which is really fun. And what word did i send you? Well, i sent you love yeah, and so you could send a love note to the watch. Yes, so we’re gon na explore and dig more into the notifications and all of that, but for now this is a really cool device for ruby to build, as she gets to no more braille. I think that this watch would make an amazing gift for a person who’s blind or for a person who’s lying to purchase for themselves. But i also think that it would be great for a parent of a child who is blind or someone who, just for whatever reason wants to learn: braille um, it’s, just it’s real at your wrist at your fingertips at all times and it’s. A very very cool watch, isn’t it yeah yeah. Do you love it yeah yeah me too. So thank you so much to dot. Watch for sharing this amazing piece of technology for us and we’re gon na put a link in the description box so that you guys can check it out, learn more about dot watch and please share so that other people can experience this amazing technology.

We are also super excited to let you guys know what are we doing to talk? We are posting more on tick, tock and we are having so much fun. What do you got there and what do you do with a brailler? What let’s show everybody how you write your name let’s go new paper moving over okay. What is the first thing you do when you type your name, six, a six is the key that shows that it’s capital all right go ahead: r, what’s! Next, you what’s! Next y r: u b y, we are posting a lot of really fun educational content. If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about ruby about blindness about using a white cane about a service dog, you should head on over there and follow us. Our username is what angie thank you guys so much for continuing to follow us on our journey. Okay, mama it’s time for me going to watch my ipad.