Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new s60 smart watch, as you can see in the first look at this really does look like the huawei gt2 pro, and this is one of the copies that we’ve we found in the market in today’s video. We will unbox this s60. We will see what we have in the solver and what we have similar to the huawei gt2 pro let’s go ahead and start unboxing Music. In reality, this watch doesn’t compare at all with the gt2 pro from huawei. But the look is the same that’s. Why we bought it and see what we have from the this copy of the huawei gt2 pro in this watch, the s60 we have 1.3 inch display. We have full touch screen different colors. You can choose to buy in the outside, look, we have waterproof and dustproof ip68 and we have 5.0 bluetooth and other options that we will see and the inside also we can make phone calls and a lot more options like we will see later here in the Box we have the charger itself very simple and the bands from rubber, also at the all the way at the bottom. We have the user manual with all the information that we need. So this is all that we have in the s60 package, as you can see in the outside. Look it feels really cheap is it has the look and the wallpaper or the face of the huawei, but it it’s not anywhere near the huawei.

You can see how laggy the system is. The theme is very old and it looks very cheap. You can see. These are the options that we have in the toast board press and hold to change the watch faces. We have different ones here. We can download more in the app we’ll, see the app in the next video. This one is one another watch face that we have in the huawei. We have here sport, sleep, measurably, training, phone measure, blood pressure, blood, oxygen weather, shutter player, others, where we can find stop, watch alarm, calm down, brightness phone on shake off. We have theater mode reset power off and about also the app qr code that we can find in the user manual as well, and here we here, we have an old game that we played a lot a long time ago. The floppy bird, but here it’s called the young bird down. We have the notifications in the right. We have the steps, hours and minutes of sleep. Heart rate exercises phone calls blood pressure, blood, oxygen and weather, so these are just a few, a quick way to go in the in these options. With the second button and the first button, you will shut down the watch, which is weird probably because, in other smart watches, with the lower button, you enter the sport mode or another option. Let’S go straight to the hard drive press, click and begin to measure. Our heart rate see how long it will take to measure and if it will measure correctly, we have some results already, which is a good thing, and this is the final result that we will have here in the training we have exercise.

We don’t have anything else. If you press it, which is weird, it says the play button, we have now walking cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football and swimming. This watch just keeps surprising me, which is a little bit weird. We have three second countdown. Now we can see the seconds at the top steps, kilometers burn calories and we have blood pressure. This is the first page and the main page we don’t have anything else. Let’S go ahead in another step which is phone calls. We will show you when we connect the watch, how to make phone calls in this watch. We have blood pressure now, which is starting to measure immediately when you click and let’s wait for the results see how it goes. So this is the result with the statistic at the middle of the screen, which is not too bad, but the theme is one thing that i noticed immediately. The solver of this watch is a little bit uh low and it’s. Not that good like it should be. This watch is not so expensive, so i didn’t expect a lot from this watch, but again for the price of it it’s working properly. All the functions are working which again is worth to buy in case. You want to have something like the gt a2 pro in the outside look not in lights off in the inside, though so guys. This was all for today’s video.